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Guest Post: Survivor Blood V Water And The Winner is….

So it’s here, everyone, the grand finale at last. And just who will win? Well let’s start at the beginning, as always. After suffering through some bla blaing from Jeff as he recaps the entire season up until now (yes, yes we just want to get on with it Jeffy!), we finally get to camp after last week’s TC, and there be trouble ahead. Jaclyn thought everyone liked Jon and her good self. Just how a grown woman can be so not self aware is beyond me, but let’s push on, shall we? She reckons that Jon was loyal and Natalie says not, and some yelling ensues ending with tears (the next morning) and rolled eyes on Natalie’s and my respective parts.
Reward Challenge.The reward is something that will help the winner in the Immunity challenge, and no, Missy won’t be able to compete. She hobbles over to the bench to watch. Each contestant is attached to a rope, and after making their way through an obstacle course, must somehow unravel that rope to make a bridge, and then use sandbags to knock down some blocks. Keith wins. Jeff gives him an envelope, instructing him it must be read in private. Keith send Jaclyn to Exile. She is not too happy about that.
On Exile Jaclyn has a little cry and talks about her infertility, saying she really wants the money now, because it will really help to pay for adoption or surrogacy.
Back at camp the others congratulate Keith. He then goes off to read his letter in private. It says there will be a practice table delivered to him so he can practice for as long as he needs for the IC. It’s a contraption that is a kind of mini obstacle course. You run a ball through, catching it here and there with a spoon thing until you move it to the next tunnel thingy. He doesn’t feel he’s figured it out at all.
Immunity Challenge. Jaclyn is back, and Missy is competing on this one. Jeff explains the challenge for the contestants who weren’t listening when I wrote it down above. ;) They must get 3 balls through to win. Bla de bla bla and Keith wins. Not really a surprise. What is a surprise is that he is surprised that none of the women had it figured out enough to so much as get one ball through.
Scramble time. Missy says she’s ready to leave and get a nice bottle of wine. Jaclyn asks Natalie straight out if she’s going to vote for her or either Missy or Baylor. She (J) thinks they should vote out Missy. Then Baylor asks Natalie to use her idol for Missy, saying she doesn’t need it for herself. Natalie is thinking about making a big move which could send her home tomorrow, or she could take the safe way and vote out Jaclyn.
Tribal Council. Keith says there was a cat fight after they got back from the last TC, but he was just glad not to hear his name called. Missy says she’s confident about the idol because she knows who has it. Jaclyn and Keith didn’t know someone in the gang of three had an idol. Now they do. Natalie says everyone assumes she’s voting with Missy and Baylor – well yes, that’s the impression the editors have given us until right now – but she admits that after Keith won Immunity Natalie came to her to discuss a deal. Missy still thinks her alliance will hold. They vote. Jeff calls for hidden Immunity idols and our girl Nat produces hers. And oh my oh my, she asks Jaclyn if she voted for who she asked her to and obedient little Jaclyn says yes. So Natalie tells Jeff she wants to play her idol for Jaclyn! I am officially gobsmacked. Missy and Baylor exchange I love yous. How sweet. And here come de votes: Jaclyn, Jaclyn, Jaclyn, Baylor, Baylor. Bye, bye Baylor. The jury is pretty happy. Baylor tells us she’s proud of herself, and is not mad at Natalie because it was a good move.
Now onto the next bit…
Back to camp they go, and Natalie has some ‘splaining to do. She says she didn’t want to have to trust two family members and be an outsider. Keith tells her she was pretty slick. Missy tells Natalie she’s not mad at her but privately she cries because her fate is now in the others’ hands.
A big thank you to Rosie for cracking out these recaps this series of Survivor, it was a tough season to do them. So a big thank you as I know you have all enjoyed them. Now over to Rosie:
Final Immunity Challenge. It’s a big tower thing with lots of obstacles and ends with a puzzle, the successful solving of which will raise the victor’s flag. Missy cannot compete. Jaclyn wins!
So back at camp people are sucking up to Jaclyn for a change. Missy wants her to vote Natalie out and Jaclyn admits that Jon would want her to do that. Keith tells her that Missy will get sympathy votes plus of course Baylor’s vote.
Tribal Council. Jaclyn says this is a tough vote. Natalie says it would be a nice gesture were Jaclyn to keep her. Jaclyn reminds her that she blindsided her boyfriend. Natalie points out that everyone loves a fireman and Keith retaliates by saying that Natalie has lots of votes on the other side of TC. Over on the jury, Alec’s mouth is wide open. Again. They vote and we see none of them. The vote: Keith, Missy, Keith and it’s bye bye Spitty. Keith says it wasn’t a blindside – it was three women. Ahem
Day 39 and over their Survivor Final Breakfast the women discuss how excited they are to be the final three. Natalie is proud she did it without Nadiya. Jaclyn wants the title more than the million. Huh?
Final Tribal Council. The final three make their opening statements. Missy is first. She tells them their decision will be as big as at any murder trial. I mean it will affect her life, you guys. God alfuckingmighty. Alec’s mouth is hanging wide open again. She says her biggest decision was eliminating Jon. And then she mentions her “broken” foot. She somehow forgets to mention her miraculous x-ray vision… She praises herself for her dignity and integrity and most of all for her loyalty. I weep in admiration. Jaclyn is next. She says she was a target from the first day. Funny, I don’t recall them showing us anything like that. She goes on to say that her journey through the game has been just like life – she turns negatives into positives. And in case there was someone out there who didn’t know she was born without the usual inside lady parts, she reiterates the story. Natalie’s turn. She starts by talking about outwitting, outplaying and outlasting the other players. Yep, you sure did that, matey.She says she made scary moves on her own and played hard in challenges. She says she’s honoured to be there because if they’d made the right decision the night before they’d have voted her out.
And it’s time for the jury to ask their questions.
Jon is first. In a Dorothy Dixer, he asks Jaclyn for a big move she made on her own. She says it was the decision to send Josh home.
Keith is next. He asks Natalie how she feels knowing that her last conversation with him was one in which she lied to him. She explains that she had to sell him as being a big threat. He boasts that he went through most of the game without lying and without being in an alliance. I wonder if he’s ever heard of the “outwit” part of the Survivor motto?
Alec asks Natalie what her biggest move was. She says voting him out, then goes on to explain that meant Keith was still there to help her vote out Jon. He asks Missy how she was motherly in the game. She tells him she directed her people to vote for people she didn’t trust. She did? I must not have been paying attention at those times.
Baylor tells them she is so happy for them and then just speaks to her mother. She talks about going through the wringer in life and in the game and then tells us about those marriages and divorces – gosh, has Missy been married and divorced? I never knew that. And then she (B) cries. Missy weeps too. Of course she does.
Josh is up next and says he wishes he were sitting where they are. Well duh. He asks Jaclyn if she’s there on her own merit or due to choices made by other player’s. Naturally she says she arrived there under her own steam. He has no questions for the others.
Wes asks what it was like playing with your loved one. Missy said it was a dream come true, and then sucked up that she loved playing with Keith. Jaclyn says playing with her boyfriend was great for their communication. Natalie said the longest time before this she’d been without her sister before was 10 days. She just wants to make her proud.
Jeremy is next. He says he considers himself a student of the game, and appreciates big moves – even the one made against him. He says Natalie “balled out”. I have no idea what that means, but since he then goes on to ask, no, tell the other jurors to vote for her, I can’t complain. He has no questions.
Reed is next. He tells Natalie he loved watching her play and says she made some great choices. He says it was nice getting to know Jaclyn and it was nice to play with her. And then. He really goes to town on Missy. He tells her she’s more of a wicked stepmother than motherly figure because she made eccentric decisions and took things she wasn’t entitled to or didn’t earn. He says she was rude to the help (the minority alliances) and she was rude to the people who will now decide her fate. It wasn’t quite up there with Susan’s “rats and snakes” speech from season 1, but it was it was still pretty damn good fun. He then wishes Natalie and Jaclyn good luck. Baylor cries. Her mother tells her to STFU, okay, she says to calm down because it doesn’t matter. Maybe she’s figured out there’s no way in hell she’s going to win anyway. They vote. We see Jon voting for Jaclyn, Jeremy voting for Natalie, Reed voting for Jaclyn (what the…?) and of course Baylor’s vote goes to Missy.

And now we are at the live show in LA. Time to learn who wins! They all look so much better with decent clothes on and a bit more meat on their bones, as they always do. Jeff reads the votes: Jaclyn, Natalie, Jaclyn, Missy, Natalie, Natalie….and it’s Natalie! Yay! The right person (IMO) wins! Whew!
I’m not bothering to recap the reunion show because, as usual, nothing of interest happened. Oh okay then, here it is in a nutshell: John Rocker got a look in because he’s a celebrity dontchaknow, but the other non-jury members may as well not have bothered turning up. Reed didn’t apologize to Missy for his jury speech – he only meant it IN THE GAME, whereas Missy felt it like a knife in the back.

In the next Survivor there will be three tribes: White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar, meaning free spirits or people who just don’t care about rules. Let’s hope it’s better than this one!

December 19, 2014   10 Comments

Restaurant Revolution Is Scouting For Food Bloggers

The Channel SEVEN new series Restaurant Revolution is scouting around for food bloggers to be judges.

The show which is a refurb of My Restaurant Rules will see teams set up a restaurant and serve real customers. Rumour has it that they are asking around about food bloggers to appear on the show. This will certainly put the restaurant critic’s noses out of joint as there is a huge dislike of this new form of media by the old school.

However Top Chef have been using food bloggers for ages to add a fresh views to their judging tables and it has worked well for them.

Hopefully Restaurant Revolution will find some interesting new faces to sit around the reality TV judging table.

December 19, 2014   13 Comments

Iron Chef’s Coming To Melbourne

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.10.32 am

The show Iron Chef is very retro indeed, but there are still a lot of fans out there and three of the Japanese Chefs from the popular SBS show are holding a function in Melbourne.

The event to be held 14 and 15 February in 2015 will see Iron Chefs Hiroyuki Sakai, Katsuhiko Kobe and the eldest son of renowned Iron Chef Kenichi Chen, Kentaro Chen cooking a six course meal.

It is $380 per person but it included alcohol and entertainment as well but I will be curious to know if it sells out.

Full details here.

Thanks Dr T for pointing it out to me.

December 17, 2014   3 Comments

Wes Carr Pens Song About The Sydney Seige

There is probably not anyone in Australia or the world who did not know about the events in the past few days where a man held 17 people hostage in the Lindt Cafe in Sydney and in the end two were killed and he himself was shot dead.

It was first thought it was an act of terrorism. It wasn’t it was a law and order issue along with mental illness.

Wes Carr, the winner of Australian Idol has penned a song about it called I Pray where he is saying it is not a racial issue.

His lyrics say:

“This has nothing to do with religion, it’s one man’s madness and confusion. It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Buddhist, atheist or Muslim, we are all ONE type of human,”.

It is very sad that two families will be spending Christmas without loved ones and three young children of Katrina Dawson have lost a mum.

When the media stop focussing on the terrorism angle I hope they examine the issue of how the courts do not take violent crimes against women seriously.

This man was out on bail on an accessory to murder charge of his ex-wife and also out on bail for 40 sexual offences against seven women. There is no doubt in my mind this man should have been in jail. Also at any point, was a mental health assessment done of this man, and if so was he referred to a mental health team. Bugger whether he was being watched by ASIO, I want them to continue watching the real potential terrorists not this lone guy. This guy was a terrorist, but a terrorist against women.

Apologies rant over.

Australia has pulled together during this crisis and hopefully it won’t permeate fear and angst throughout the community in the short and long term.

December 17, 2014   22 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Monday

As you can see reality TV stars get the quality invites, Sam Frost and Lisa Hyde, from The Bachelor were at The Hooker’s Ball in Darwin. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The boys from The Block, Shannon and Simon, seem to be getting more up market opportunities and are now signed to a modelling/management agency. Also there could be a television show in the works for this year. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Has Fiona O’Louglin fallen off the wagon or maybe she was just having end of year blues as she stumbles through her stand up comedy routine. (Daily Telegraph)

Kourtney Kardashian has had her third child, a boy. (Source:

The Real World started on MTV and is still going 30 years later. Fans of the show or even the reality TV genre will be interested in why this show is so significant in the history of reality TV history. (Source: Zap It)

Tahnee Atkinson who won Australia’s Next Top Model is still modelling. (Source: Daily Mail)

A former America’s Next Top Model contestant is suing Tyra Banks saying she discriminated against her because she was a former escort. (Source: Cross Map)

Anthony Bourdain is back in season 3 of The Taste. We don’t get it here in Australian but it went from a very so so first season to something that is now getting quite a few viewers. Nigella Lawson is also in it. Anthony Bourdain talks about the show on Hit Fix. (Source: Hit Fix)

Scott Borchetta a record producer will replace Randy Jackson on American Idol as a mentor. Also Idol will only be a one night a week program, it is usually two. American Idol will be seen on ELEVEN in early January. (Source: Reality Blurred)

December 16, 2014   4 Comments