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Guest Post: The Block – Are The Teams Getting More Unlikeable?

Gidgit is back with her recap of the latest room reveal on
The Block: Let’s get this elephant in the room out of the way –
it’s been revealed Dee YET AGAIN has run her scum bag mouth off
this time with her venomous snake tongue directed at the lovely
Shaynna Blaze – one of the three judges for The Block, Andrew
Winters No 1 decorator for Selling Houses Australia, runs her own
interior design company and is winner of an Astra award for
Favourite Female Personality. The woman is no slouch. Now we
can’t all like the same thing all the damn time, that is human
nature – thank god! Otherwise all our houses/apartments would have
all the same art work and sofas! Many things the judges love
I think ‘eh, not my thing’ – but of all the judges I tend to be
nodding to Shaynna’s assessment the majority of the time and lets
face it – they are all PROFESSIONALS in what they do. Who would Dee
LIKE to judge the spaces – her mum? Now these five couples have
come on a show KNOWING the deal that whatever they create and
design is GOING TO BE JUDGED! The Block has been running long
enough now that even non viewers of the show know the damn deal! If
you personally think your ‘style don’t stink’ so much so that
everything you do is perfection every single time – firstly you are
totally delusional and next probably don’t come on a show where you
are going to be JUDGED! Well obviously demon Dee did not get
that memo and has lashed out at Shaynna saying the following:
“She’s a bogan from (Melbourne suburb) Wantirna who’s got no
f*@#ing idea and I will out style you any day.” Also adding “She
will want to keep away from me at the wrap party if she shows up.”
Dee then goes on to call Shaynna THAT ‘c’ word. I admit I’ve been
pretty hard on Dee in my write ups and I’ll tell you what – no more
Mr Nice Guy! If she thinks I’ve been ‘harsh and mean’ on her so far
she’s seen nothing yet. Main media outlets and Shaynna herself may
have to bite their tongue – but I don’t. Now the show does
not show this immature pathetic outburst on tonights show (and I
doubt they probably will show it to be honest) so I’ll get on with
living room and dining room reveals (just know Dee….I’m like a
leopard in the trees ready to pounce.) We open with the standard
recap then a shot of Darren, beardy brother and Dee doing goofy
walks down the road. Where’s that speeding semi trailer when you
need it? And Dee trying to act all ‘fun and quirky’ is equal to
John Wayne Gacy being quite a good clown at childrens parties.
Just creepy. Darren reveals he’s been working hard and you’d
have to mate with that wife. He tells us he only got 2 hours sleep
the day before room reveal when I’m sure Miss Thang is getting a
full nights sleep. Shannon and Simon’s builder Mauz is doing
a probably politically incorrect Asian servant accent while
delivering coffee to dip shit – sorry Simon. We are shown a
sneak peek of the brothers wood panel original art work….eh. Dee is
drooling over her David Bromley art work because David Bromley
painted it. Bet if some local dero painted it she’d be spitting on
it. All about labels people. (and I thought they were all
down to $10.50?) Bromley art is NOT CHEAP. They fill some time with
Simon being a dick head AGAIN this time to Keith and if Simon has
time to do all this shit he’s not working hard enough. Being
a larrikin is one thing – being a fuck tard is another. Simon is
the latter. Keith then tricks dopey into cleaning the toilets
then locks him in. Should have used chains and a soldering iron to
keep him in Keith – preferably until the auction! Only 24 hours to
go and so far Michael and Carlene’s lounge room seems not just the
most practical but also stylish. Massive floor to ceiling
bookshelves with rolling movable attached wood ladder to reach
higher shelves – very very smart. OH DEAR GOD!!!….sorry, it’s just
Dee without make-up. Scared me. Keith heads down to get his
prissy girlie coffee and oh, not one person in the block shop –
colour me shocked! Shannon is a dick and lets his brother out
of the loo’s – booooooo! Simon describes himself and his brother as
a ‘wolf pack’ but I see more of a lame duck pack personally. Chris
& Jenna look REALLY behind and are literally this seasons
ultimate ‘hit and miss’ couple when it comes to layout and design.
Oh look there is ex block contestant duck dynasty – sorry Matt.
Yeah big whoop. Mike needs Carlene to get back from shopping so he
can get it up. Oooh matron! Dee is being really bossy about
her lighting and I have not yet seen dust or paint on that woman.
Personally I’d rather see a grand piano on her – having been
dropped from a great height preferably (notice I still have not
called her a c*nt! I’m better than that) The brothers artist is
hanging his naff art panels with spit and snot – ok no, but may as
well be. He’s using those school project sticky things. That should
work well in summer when those wood panels start toppling from the
walls like dominos. The brothers have a fold up clothes line
in the lounge room and what the fuck were they thinking?? Who wants
shirts and socks and underwear drying in the damn lounge room????
Jenna has not slept but she may as well have a nanna nap as their
room is really not great. So over to HQ for judging of the living
and dining area and scores and whinging and complaining the judges
don’t know shit from clay. Sigh…. I STILL cannot even remotely
figure out how they are doing all this work etc with a budget of
$100,000 – even with gift cards and winning the odd room and
challenge. This full on construction work is bloody expensive plus
they are not all shopping at Spotlight for cushions, sheets, vases
etc (I would be). Max and Karston’s area is up first and it looks
modern, stylish and classy. The judges love it. They have not just
used good furniture, great styling etc – but they have utilized
their space beautifully. Big room – fill it. As I said on twitter
tonight – you do not need $$$ when being smart with design and
styling. You can make a $5 glass vase from the Reject Shop look
high end with creativity. href="">
…and automated block out blinds for watching movies. It’s like
heaven! Up next is brothers Shannon & Simon with their dorm
room – sorry – lounge and dining. Ok it’s not ‘bad’ so to speak but
it just had so much potential and I’m with Neil – hate the damn
wood panel art. It could have been gorgeous with nature prints
instead of loud shouty words. Also the lounge room seems quite
squished in given the space they had to work with href="">
Not bad – not good.   Chris & Jenna are up and
they take ‘getting pissy with the judges critique’ to an all time
high. Wow. Funny how none of them say ‘well we are not selling this
property to the judges’ when they get good critique – oh and on
that: *Can the teams when they are not happy
with judges comments STOP saying ‘well I’m not selling it to them’.
Shut the fuck up! Ok who are you selling it to? Give me a name of
the person, what they do for a living, how much money they have in
the bank, where their kids go to school! No you can’t? Well just
fucking take on board what the judges are saying and stop being
little bitches!*
The judges call their space soul-less
and I could not agree more. But of course Chris and Jenna literally
argue and get shitty and childish and arrogant over every single
SLIGHTLY negative comment they get from the judges rather than
saying ‘ok, maybe they are right about that – we’ll do something
about it seeing they ARE the experts and stuff!’ Even in the piece
to camera the producer even has to say to them ‘that’s a
compliment’ with comments about their wood table and even then they
are all ‘eh, big deal’. Idiots. The judges are NOT ‘just being
rude’ you halfwits. Your room is not great – simple as that. href="">
Doesn’t look too bad from far away – just stay far away. Demon Dee
and Dickless Darren are next. Love the wood floors, nicely
designed, don’t like the dining table chairs (they look cheap) so
not a fantastic room – above average. Dee is sucking up with Darren
Palmers book on the coffee table. Have a feeling she will not be
using Shaynna’s design book any time soon. And you can rap off
‘label names’ Dee – but I could have a Monet painting but put it on
a fluro lime green wall – it will look like crap even if it’s worth
22 million! Dee blames the architect for the design of her room
(are all these people bat shit nuts?) Funny how Demon Dee’s
favourite judge Neil is the one being the most critical of her
space. href="">
Bet Darren sneaks down to masterbate to the David Bromley painting
while Dee sleeps!! Finally Michael and Carlene with their beautiful
lounge and dining area and it’s fantastic. Carlene certainly knows
her style (hope they fix that death slip shower though). The
colours are beautiful, the bare brick wall is so ‘in’ and stylish,
their furniture is spot on and I’m in LOVE with their gorgeous
floor to ceiling bookshelves and storage. Brilliant. Everything
fits the space beautifully and the whole design is absolutely spot
on plus styled perfectly (oooh tweet onscreen – woot!) Learn from
them other teams. First NO NEED for arms on dining chairs. They are
not sofas. And I agree the crystal light is naff. It doesn’t suit
the rest of the décor in the room. Come on Carlene, when you stand
back you’ll see they are right. href="">
Stunning (change the light kids) Thank GOD Mike and Carlene win and
very well deserved. Max and Karston 2nd
place (agreed) then…well who cares. Honestly Mike & Carlene
and Karston & Max are now the only couples I actually like
and I’m rooting for in this season of the Block! Go you good
things! Cheers Gidgit *For those looking
out for our Big Brother podcast sadly it’s not happening. The show
is just awful. Colonel and I are ‘re-thinking’ our podcast to just
be a sum up of ALL the weekly shows at the end of the week in one
mega pod cast*


September 15, 2014   11 Comments

The X Factor – Rock Night

There were not a lot of highlights on Rock night but then that was to be expected. The only person who is “rock” is Dean Ray and he did a good INXS number. This was to get the audience to see that he charisma and talent of the late Michael Hutchene. He hasn’t but he still got a standing ovation from the judges.

Reigan did a good performance of all the boys in town which saw singing next to a wind machine and then on all fours on the ground.

Marlisa’s song was praised and compared to a lot of the other singers she was good but she was not great. However she will probably just to get through rock week as it definitely was not her genre.

Brothers 3 were OK, but it was not the best song choice, but it was not as bad as Rochelle’s who had to sing a Gossip song. Considering viewers aka voters like familiar songs to vote for and this song was not popular will see Rochelle land in the bottom two this week.

Jason who was in the bottom two last week, but redeemed himself this week playing the drums.

Tee belted out a Queen number that made everyone remember that he is no Freddy Mercury or Adam Lambert.

But the worst performance of the night was Caitlyn, the country girl struggled the whole way and she knew it. She will definitely be in the bottom two.

Who did you like or dislike?

September 14, 2014   12 Comments

Big Brother – And There Has Been Pashing As Noms Hangs Heavily On The Housemates Minds

Priya and Katie time as head of the house is over but they earned $10,000. OK a bit less then that as they spent $2400 each on meals. Clearly the mutiny was averted and the housemates must have been relatively happy as we so no more footage of the diner.

But Priya and Katie had one more opportunity to spend their money.  Big Brother wanted $3000 for an immunity pass. Priya was trying to haggle with him like she was at a market, but he was not budging.

Priya seemed to think that they did not need it, but Katie, I think quite rightly, said everyone would nominate them as they would be easy targets.

Dion and Jason are the new heads of the house voted for by the public. Which must be reassuring for them as it means they now know that they had screen time.  Their first power play was taking Travis and Ryan into a room and talk nominations. Are they staging an all male alliance?

Dion of course did not say anything as Travis, Jason and Ryan were bitching about the housemates. Gemma and Priya appear to be not that popular. Jake seems to be liked but he is not getting much air time.

Big Brother announced it was party time. As the girls were getting ready they were talking about their crushes and the boys about the girls breasts.

Lisa over heard David say Cat’s breast were better then hers. And yes later there was tears about that… a lot of tears.

As it was party night so there was drinking, dancing, the spa which led to truth and dare which was an excuse to pash.

Aisha and Travis were pashing, but Aisha was more enthusiastic about pashing Skye. Skye was also pashing Jake but Jake was not that keen and said it was too soon for bed sharing. Skye looking a tad dishevelled in the spa was disappointed that Jake did not like her. Skye does have a great body.

Nominations are on the housemates minds as Sandra was telling David that they will be up for nominations and because of him. She said none of the girls had connected with him.

She is probably right and if it is a double eviction she is going to be bitter and twisted if she goes because of him.

Who do you think will be nominated?

September 14, 2014   26 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Friday

Karise Eden, The Voice Australia Season One winner has a new single out today. Great voice but not sure about the song.

Seems like Paul Fenech is not out of Dancing With The Stars because injury but because he is on an assault charge. He allegedly assaulted a cab driver. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Aaron Thomas from season one Masterchef Australia has had over $7 million in embezzelment charges dropped. There has been a private settlement. I still don’t get how the firm had so much money going through it. (Source: SMH)

Catfish’s Nev Schulman is under fire for an elevator tweet he made about the Ray Rice domestic violence case. (Source: The Wrap)

Chantal may not have got The Bachelor but does has a crusher on Osher Gunsberg. She might want to get on Tinder as apparently he has downloaded the app. (Source:

Lara Bingle does not wear a bra and the world has a meltdown. (Source:


September 12, 2014   39 Comments

Big Brother Australia – The Mutiny Has Begun

Katie has started to work out that with joint nominations that Priya is going to be a liability. However she herself is not a cleanskin. She was trying to blame Priya for taking the money, and then lied to Big Brother saying that she had told some people the $10,000 came out of the prize money. She hadn’t, and once they  knew it made a difference in the attitude. In fact it was a Big Brother mutiny. Did I mention they were only one day meal replacement shake week?

The diner was what was causing the angst. Katie had bought Sandra a $30 coffee and said she would spend $1000 out of her $10,000.  However once the news the money was out of the budget then much bitching occurred and everyone thought they should share it around more.

Priya and Kate were asking people if they wanted stuff, but as Lisa said they should have just bought three plates and let people share it instead of having people have to put their hand up.

Katie was not happy about it and after Sam had a dig at her said to him”Not one person has said thanks for offering us $100″. Maybe Sam should have said well you need to thank us for drinking  shakes for a week so you can pay off your debts.

Katie trying to calm the irate housemates, realised she was going to have to cough up far more cash told the housemates that she would talk Priya into it “as she had made me take the money”. Priya was trying to tell her to sleep on it.

Priya probably was not feeling as sympathetic to the housemates as she got pranked as Lisa, Sam and Jake who grabbed her money bag and hid it. They told her how much was she prepared to cough up if they told her where the purse. She did find it with help from Jason and Cat.  But as she said maybe she thinks about money far too much. This was after she vomited just as they told the other housemates the money was from the $250,000 prize pool.

I have little sympathy for Priya and Katie as they were rather naive if they thought their decision would have no ramifications on them.

If they don’t cough up the cash expect it to get really ugly by day 3.

September 11, 2014   68 Comments