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Guest Post: Masterchef Australia – The Recycled Mystery Boxes

Rosie thanks again for the wonderful recap and have to say I am in agreement with your views on Maggie Beer anyway thanks again and over to Rosie:

It’s Mystery Box night again! Come on, show some enthusiasm there. I know there’s not such a lot to be enthusiastic about anymore, but you never know, maybe tonight will be the night Sa(h)ra will say that this has been her worst cook ever, and Georgia will screw up her lips and worry that this might be the dish that will send her home! Oh wait, that’s every single frickin’ night…

We were told last week that tonight we will have the mystery boxes from Marco (I try not to spew), Maggie (oh dear, someone better fetch me that vomit bowl, and fast!) and Heston. Okay, not my favourite chef of all time, but him I can tolerate without the chunder bucket. Still, they should only be showing us brief excerpts of the chefs and cook in question, so, let’s get started.

Firstly, as ever, an examination of the clothing choices of Mr Preston, and oh my Lord, it’s not a good one tonight. I’ll just advise averting your eyes, my dear friends, and leave it at that. Secondly, there are no actual shots of the above mentioned chefebrities, so no need for an emesis container. I guess they must need to cough up some dosh even for brief shots of them, so we must content …cough, cough… ourselves with just hearing their names.

Our cheftestants enter the kitchen to discover that the mystery boxes are not at the benches; they are all at the front. Sara is surprised. George tells them they have already tackled these boxes and each of them is different. They will choose a box each before they can see which they are. Jessie gets the mystery box from last week. Georgia gets week 2. I can’t remember back that far – in fact I’m not sure what day it was yesterday, so why not give us a bit more info than that?

Sara gets Maggie’s box which means she has to go out to the garden. Being severely allergic to Maggie Beer, I didn’t watch that episode, so am not really sure of the point of that, but time will tell. Or it should. Or I will remain ignorant. Which won’t particularly bother me. 😀

Matthew has to use everything in his box. He did well last time and is torn between making the same dish and improving on it, or doing something different.

Jessie has Poh’s box. I mean her mystery box! What bad minds some of you have. You are just disgusting. Last time she made a dessert but her ice cream didn’t set in time so her dish was not tasted. She’s making another dessert, but this time it will be a parfait instead of ice cream.

Reynold gets Heston’s mystery box, and will do something different. He’ll play to his strengths, and make a dessert.

The rules: They have 60 minutes to make a beautiful dish. They must use one item from their box, except for Matthew, who must use each item from his box. And as usual, they have pantry items under their bench.

With 45 mins to go, Jessica literally has no idea what to make. She is getting teary and panicky, so George gives her a pep talk by suggesting she just cook something she likes to eat.

More bla de bla, worry, unsureness, and so on.

Jessica has found her feet. Or rather, her food.

We catch a glimpse of Ashleigh’s dish, which looks like several tits on a plate. Oowaa! I just said “tits”. I’m terribly sorry. The ti…I mean  bosoms don’t look particularly inviting (no nipples as such 😉 ) and we haven’t seen her interviewed, so I’m guessing she’s not about to be tasted. Um, I mean her dish is not… oh you know what I mean! (I hope)

Georgia is making churros with an orange sauce. Once again she is not draining them before plonking them straight onto the sugar. She thinks they look inviting, but I think they will be soggy.

Only three dishes will be tasted, and Sara reminds us that her dishes have been tasted in the invention tests more than anyone else’s. But she’s not sure if that will happen today.

First dish to be tasted belongs to Matthew. It’s a mystery tortellini with rosemary burnt butter sauce. Half have blue cheese, half have grilled fig with apple and flavours of star anise. There’s also some bacon and mushroom crumb. Gary loves bacon and so does Matt P. Matthew is feeling quite proud of himself.

Next dish is from Reynold. It’s a macadamia with salted caramel ice cream with quandongs. He is worried about the quandongs. But he needn’t have worried, because George loves the quandongs and says they make the dish.

Billie’s dish is next. She is feeling good because it’s an improvement on what she made from this box last time. She has made a curry leaf and lime parfait, with pickled and roasted cucumbers and a lime caramel with puffed rice. Gary loves the chilli kick at the end. Matt says she has given them something they have never tasted before and it is the dish of the day.

As usual she has 3 choices, so in the pantry she is faced with 3 cloches. Her first choice is a pot of dirt: earth, under the 2nd cloche a fan is slowly turning: so wind, and the 3rd is easily guessed: yep, a container of actual fire.

Billie tells the others what her choices were, and shows them that her choice is earth.

Sara thinks it’s a good choice because… “Things that grow in the earth…” I think she means, “Because I just love the sound of my own voice…”

Matt tells them the judges will taste all of their dishes. The top 4 will be up for immunity (I’ve decided to use normal English today, just for a change) and the creators of the bottom 4 dishes will go into elimination.

Billie says both of her choices, duck and turnips, represent the earth. She talks about growing up on the farm (yawn) and… sorry, is she still talking?

Jessica says she had a horrible first “cook”. Ugh. Listen, people who are either judges or contestants on Masterchef: The word “cook” can be used as a verb, in which case it is a situation in which you take raw food and – guess what? – turn it into food that is no longer RAW. Now pay careful attention to this next bit, please, Masterchef people. When the word “cook” is used as a noun, it refers to a PERSON who cooks. Got that? A human being. Who cooks. Not a time period during which cooking takes place. Okay? So. Where was I? Oh yes, Jessica is getting flustered again. Their time is nearly up, but her duck breast is nowhere near cooked  She gets even more flustered. She cranks up the heat to about 5,000 degrees in a desperate attempt to magically cook the duck. She has failed, because she is not, in fact, a supernatural being. Nor are her cooking utensils. She has never before been in a pressure test, but feels sure that this will be her time. She desperately tries to choose the least raw bits of Daffy Duck to serve to the judges. But she must know she’s gefurked.

Matthew wants to challenge himself by making a beetroot gazpacho. His wife’s family is Polish and make it every year. He doesn’t want to add too much vinegar so it overpowers the beetroot. Ha. I bet that means there’ll be too much vinegar…

Jessie is making something to do with the cold winter earth and its dark earthy flavour using berries and yoghurt. She feels that she loses her mind when Gary and George are there and is worried that she can’t even explain her dish.

Ashleigh is making something using carrots, mandarin and grains to look like soil and something or other earthy.

Reynold is making a dessert. Surprise!

Georgia is doing something with strawberries plus “dirt from home”. She’s from Redland Shire where the dirt is red, so she’s making red “soil”. Her first attempt is using beetroot and it looks dreadful (George tells her it looks like his kid’s playdoh), so she is making backups with cocoa powder and blueberry. Once her beetroot “earth” has been baked, it looks just right. She’s proud of her dish. It says family. Strange looking family she has.

Sara is making an eye fillet that will be doused in squid ink. This somehow translates to “the animal eats greens and we eat the animal”. I don’t get the squid connection and I don’t think Gary does either. He questions the squid ink, because the blackness may not be necessary.  She tells us the squid ink was the one thing she was 100% sure of, but she’s going to go ahead and do it anyway. Sounds revolting to me, so I’m with the judges. She has also made a parmesan custard that has split at the last minute. Oh noes! Whatever will she do? Well her name is Sara, don’t forget, so I’m not convinced it really matters what she does.

They cook, then they keep on cooking and nobody “has a cook”. At least, not that I could see. And then their time is up.

First person to be tasted is Georgia, and her dish is a strawberry patch, which consists of strawberry frozen yoghurt with strawberry pomegranate and rhubarb purée, fresh strawberries, fresh pomegranate and red soil. The judges are glad she is “back” and congratulate her on a good job.

Billie is next, and she is feeling deflated. She had the advantage and feels she has blown it. Haven’t they all figured out by now that a win in the mystery box is a poisoned chalice about 95% of the time? Her dish is a pan seared duck breast with turnips and a blackberry vinaigrette. Somehow the turnips are bitter and it is unchecked by sweetness.

Sara, who is up next, worries about her custard. She has prepared eye fillet with smoky leeks and a parmesan custard with a black pudding crumb. They tell her they love the fact that even though they criticized her for using squid ink on the fillet, she went ahead and did it anyway. Huh? If anyone else did that, they’d criticize the hell out of them. Not that Sara is one of their pets or anything… They do tell her that the custard looks a bit grainy and criticize her for putting it on the plate when she knew it wasn’t perfect.

Reynold’s dish is a pile of dirt and a couple of rocks. I love it! And so do the judges. He translates that as chocolate, hazelnut, coffee and vanilla creméux with a frozen chocolate mousse and chocolate soil.

Ashleigh has made duck breast with carrots and dill, some glazed carrots, some carrot purée, some quinoa and crispy duck skin. Gary is not keen on the duck skin.

Jessica knows her duck is undercooked and she serves it with beef and mushroom broth. She hopes the broth will sway them. They are not impressed with her plating – a bit old school. She looks surly, as would I. Gary says her leek is not cooked well enough, and the sauce is too thin. She has a bit of a bawl. Matt says this isn’t you, you need to gather your forces. She knows she is in the bottom 4.

Jessie is feeling weird about her dish. Weird and frazzled. She explains her dish is meant to demonstrate the time of the year when the earth is changing into winter. She describes the dish as Cold Winter Ground with Smoked Frozen Yoghurt. Gary loves the flavours, especially the yoghurt. They all get the dish.

Matthew feels good. He’s sure his dish looks pretty. It’s borscht gazpacho. The judges ask him will he be top 4? He hesitates just a moment then says yes. They think the dish could be more refined. It has too much vinegar. Told you so. Although, with the anvil style editing this show gives us, everyone watching knew this was coming,

Gary tells them the three outstanding dishes were all desserts: Georgia, Reynold and Jessie. The other two possibilities are from Matthew and Sara. The other three must have been pretty bad. The one in the top 4 is Sara. Of course.

So the bottom 4 are Jessica, Ashleigh, Billie and Matthew.

The chef the losers will battle tomorrow night will be Darren Purchese. Should be interesting, so don’t miss it.

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The Bachelor Is Back – Sneak Peek And Bachelorettes Revealed

The Bachelor Australia is coming soon and the Bachelorette’s who will be vying for Sam Wood’s heart have been revealed.

The bachelorettes


Bachelorettes (L-R) Bec, Sandra, Heather, Laura, Rachel, Reshael, Snezana, Ebru, Madeleine, Bachelor Sam Wood, Tessa, Sarah, Jacinda, Krystal, Jasmin, Emily, Nina, Jess, Joni, Zilda.

Also if you want to see a sneak peek go to and see the 34 year old personal trainer in action. He doesn’t do anything for me but then none of the former bachelors did either.

One thing he won’t be doing is proposing….

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Guest Post: Masterchef Australia -Pressure test – The tale of 5 fishes

Amanda is back with a cracker recap on the latest episode of Masterchef Australia and it is starting to get to the pointy end of the competition. A big thank you and now over to Amanda:

Welcome one and all – tonight promises to be rather interesting. Pressure test between the yellow and red teams from the group challenge. I am going to get one thing out of the way. I don’t think the Yellow team should be doing it as there really was nothing wrong with their dishes, but this is how it goes. Are we ready? Get your popcorn puffed, make you’re your sous vide is good, cocktails poured and let’s get cracking!

And to start with you have the latest product placement – opps I meant intro package showing breakfast being cooked by Jessica utilising what I assume is a sponsor’s machine. Because you know – making hollandaise with a whisk is so 1994 darlink!

The first question of the evening – Will Ashleigh use her immunity pin? Will she cry again? You would think this is a straight forward question to answer, but once again Ashleigh decides to turn it into a speech that lasts so long that I can go and make dinner, feed the cat and come back and she is *still* talking. This reminds of the recent extra second – a leap second because the earth rotation is making our time keeping a little off – personally I think they are allowing for the massive amounts of time sucked up in these little speeches, but I digress.

Finally she comes to a decision, and (drumroll)it is – yes, she is using the pin. I did have an opinion about it before, but so much time has passed that we have all moved on, so Ashleigh heads up to join the others.

Tonight’s guest chef is Rick Stein – he of the seafood and dumping his wife for another woman. Matt seems to have raided the wardrobe from Willy Wonka introduced the guest – and because Georgia hasn’t been given enough airtime tonight, it is her turn to look all excited and breathless because it is her “hero”.  (Although to her credit, there is no fanning happening – yet). Finally we get to what I think the point was – the cooking and challenge. They present to the contestants a fisherman’s basket with 5 different seafood and a tin with 5 types of cuisine. Each contestant has to cook a different type of fish with a different style of cuisine.

The choices are –

Billie – Red Emperor and Spanish

Amy – Squid, Malaysian

Matthew – John Dory and Indian

Jessie – Murray River Cod and British – who straight away says she feels a bit lost because she has never cooked with this fish and doesn’t know how to represent british

Georgia – Snow Crab and French

75 Minutes to cook open pantry and we are off!

First up Matthew is saying while he is excited about Indian, has never cooked John Dory before. More rambling from Rick Stein – fish has to be the star, has to shine, etc etc. A small rant – It gets on my boobs whenever I hear the “the <protein> has to be the star”. The star of what?? Its DEAD for crying out loud..just cook the damn thing. Ok I am done…back to the show.

Billie has decided to cook her Red Emperor pan seared, with Spanish chorizo, sherry, orange and saffron broth. More talk about respecting the seafood – oh and it seems Sara has figured out that she isn’t getting that much attention, so we get the commentary. Is it me or does it seem like she already has her cooking show planned in her head? Billie smashes out the filleting like a seafood boss.

Amy is doing squid noodles, wanting to roll the fillet in glad wrap and throwing it in the blast chiller to represent glass noodles. Right away you know this is going to be a drama point for the show. And cue Jessie feeling a little confused and lost – and at this stage doesn’t even know what she is cooking. And of course this is the perfect time for Gary to come over to her to declare he is worried about her – did I miss the chapter in those touchy feely self-help books that state this is a great way to help a person’s self-confidence?

And advertisement time – and an ad for Swisse vitamins and saying how it is endorsed by George – bit awkward that he had a sick day in one of the previous episodes.

Back to the kitchen, we have Georgia not even pretending to be modest now – stating she is feeling “confident” and I am sure she thinks she has already won the whole thing. However this may be curtailed by the generous amount of Pernot that she is using – with Jessica commenting that it can result in lots of “Anisey” flavours – is that even a word?

Rick and Gary both fawn over Billie’s filleting. Guys really – she chopped a fish, not healed a room full of people. Matthew is talking about his dish being Indian style and wanting to add something extra, has decided to do a caramelised eggplant to go with the fish. He has a concern about the John Dory being difficult to cook.

Reynold has taken some of the commentary (did he tie up Sara so he can get some airtime??) and stated that Amy seems to be doing ok. George and Rick talk to Amy and in the second least helpful comment, George decides to remind Amy that someone is going home. Has anyone else noticed that the judges seem to focus more on tearing them down in confidence, rather than encouraging them?

Georgia says her Bisque is looking good but is worried about the flavours – Rick tells her there is a large amount of star anise flavour – and she decides unlike the team challenge to not completely ignore the hints given by someone who knows what they are doing and puts more crab in the dish. Meanwhile Billie is still doing well but is worried about her dish being too simple so is doing a chorizo crumb and dill and parsley oil. I am not a seafood fan but that sounds delish.

Jessie is making a buttery sauce with her cod and thinking about plating like an English garden. She is still unsure and decides to just get it done. Rick and Matt talk to her and watch out people – we have the tears! Jessie states she is her hardest critic and focuses on her faults rather than positives – difficult to explain to people, but I understand this thinking, I have it every day – so I sympathise with her a bit. Rick helps by reminding her to just think about what she likes to eat and trust her palate. As much as I don’t want to like Rick, I do like how he has been to the contestants tonight. Actually being helpful, rather than concentrating on self-promotion.

Matthew’s John Dory isn’t going well, the first try ruined the fish with flesh falling apart – and cue drama because he only has one piece of fish left and it just has to be right! And I don’t think the tension really lasted long because there was no way his fish was going to be trash – and funnily enough the second one turns out just right.

And Georgia telling us that she is nowhere near ready to go home – hate to break it to you, but the rest of us is more than ready for you to go home. But that just won’t happen – she can plate a piece of toast burnt and the judges will find a way to keep her.

Amy decides at the last minute to use the tentacles and char grill them – and that weird music you hear is the song of her imminent culinary doom. Right away you know this isn’t going to go well and unfortunately that is pretty much what happens – they are horrible and she is worried that her curry has a grainy texture and isn’t quite right. At this stage it doesn’t look good at all.

And after what seems like the longest cook ever, it is over – cue speeches about what an honour it is to cook for Rick Stein, proud of themselves, fish is the hero, yadda yadda.

Time for tasting and first is Billie.

And skipping the “what is your dream” stuff.  All judges love her dish – I have to say the curry looks absolutely delish and makes me curse the cruskits and tuna I am having for dinner while watching. Gary in his usual modest (cough) way declares he couldn’t cook better himself.

Next is Amy who states her strength is Malaysian street food and doesn’t feel safe. She is stating to the judges that she is feeling a bit overtaken by the others and wants to push forward. George frantically trying to find positive things to say compliments the aroma of the dish. As they taste they look completely unimpressed and the camera pans in on those tentacles – which are undercooked and horrible. The texture of the sauce is claggy (yes that is a technical term), and while they complement the noodles and the Malaysian flavours, basically the rest of it is rubbish.

Matthew cooked John Dory with coconut curry and caramelised eggplant, rice and flatbread – and amazingly enough he didn’t talk about his daughter. The dish looks absolutely delicious and all the judges love it – Rick calling it Matthew’s homage to India.

And it is time for Georgia – and yet another monologue from her. All the judges’ fawn over her like love-struck groupies – and of course they love her dish. Jessie doesn’t do as well with the judges, Rick and Matt’s fish is undercooked, although Gary and George’s fish is just fine. You know she is going to be bottom two with Amy.

Jessie ended up being in the bottom two with Amy – and in the end it was a fare thee well to Amy who was eliminated after undercooking her squid and her curry being not right. And in a postscript, it like she has landed on her feet, landing herself a gig on Ben’s menu by former Masterchef contestant, Ben Milbourne.

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Guest Post: Masterchef Australia – Team Challenge Night

Rosie is back with the latest Masterchef recap. Over to Rosie:

Well hi there gang, it’s Wednesday again, and you know what that means don’t you? What’s that, boys and girls? I didn’t hear you. Well you don’t have to scream quite that loudly, I heard you the first time! Yes, it’s Teams Challenge night. And since there are 9 contestants left, how many teams do you think we will have? No, little boy who said 7, you’re just being silly. The little girl in the pretty yellow dress with the unfortunate belt, what’s your answer? Three teams of three players? Good girl, you are absolutely right. Now take off that belt before I throw up, and here is your lollipop.

Okay, I’ll stop being silly now and get on with things.

The three judges are in the MC garden, and yes, there are three barbecues set up there. Proper American style barbecues. Matt Preston is looking like an idiot in an outbackish costume as he stands beside Gary and George. And they explain that while there are indeed three teams tonight, only the top team will be safe, because both bottom teams will go into alimination.

They choose teams by selecting coloured aprons from amongst a bunch of what look like beads or some such in a bucket. The Blue team comprises Sahra, Reynold and Jessica. Matthew, Ashleigh and Amy are the Yellows, while Georgia, Jessie and Billie are on the Red team.

They are then joined by a stoutish chappie called Andy Groneman from Kansas City whom Gary calls a “Pitmaster Grand Champion” – his pork alone has earned him two world championships. In other words, he knows a LOT about American style barbecuing and he is there to help our kiddies with their low and slow cooking. He explains that cooking low and slow uses secondary cuts and that cooking with natural wood gives wonderful flavours. He tells them they can add glazes or sauces at the end to brighten the meat up.

George tells the contestants that they will have 6 hours of preparation, and will be cooking for 150 people. They must serve a meat plate with 3 options, one of which must be low and slow ribs of pork. They must also do 3 vegetarian side dishes. They will be judged on their creativity and most of all on their deliciousness.

Georgia has powdered cayenne pepper in her eyes. To be fair to her, she is making less fuss than I reckon I would. Ouchie!

There’s a whole bunch more prep, prep, prep, what will we do and where will we do it. Not all that fascinating. BTW, Sara has that stupid charlady rag around her head again. So has Jessie. Jessica is wearing her spotty scarf charlady style as well. I feel as though I am back in the forties. Did we go through some world ending crisis while I wasn’t looking?

Oh God. Gary just had to do it. He just toe curlingly told Andy that he isn’t in Kansas anymore. My cringe could not be any greater.

Oh the draahma! Jessie keeps opening her smoker to check the heat and of course the heat keeps vanishing. She asks Andy about it and he advises her to leave it shut and turn up the heat. He was amazingly polite about it.

Georgia checks her corn, and oh my golly goshy, not only is it stone cold, so are the walls of the barbecue itself! She calls Andy over in a panic. He points out that it’s out of fuel  and suggests she remove the corn, refuel and start again. Her lips are pursed in that oh so familiar “Georgia is worried” look.

Sara is worried that her lamb might need longer. It might be the one thing that sends them into alimination! And meanwhile in the background I hear George saying, “Push, push, push!” Maybe someone really is giving birth this time. Maybe he has a new girlfriend? Hey, it’s possible! Yeah, yeah, I know. I slap myself again. Although you should know the bruising is making people give my husband ugly looks. Well okay, technically I’m the one with the ugly looks, but I think you know what I mean. I’m amazed the old lady next door hasn’t called the police yet.

Jessica seems to be having a panic attack, so Gary calms her down by telling her all she needs to do is relax.

They are all lifting their lids and worrying that their meat is not cooking fast enough. After telling them not to over and over, Andy finally gets through to Georgia, at least, by saying, “If you’re lookin’, it’s not cookin’!” But it’s all too late by then.

Service time, and the Red team have no food ready. Oh dear. But the Yellow team, (Matt, Amy and Ashleigh) start serving straight away.

Georgia, for the Reds, calls out to The People – some of whom are very unhappy looking people – that they are not ready yet but that they’ll start serving just as soon as they can and that it’ll be worth the wait.

Now the Blues start serving.

The judges review the Yellows’ food. Gary likes it. Andy especially likes the lemon thyme lamb. The coleslaw also goes down well.

Several years later, the Reds begin to serve their food. Slowly.

The judges now taste the Blues food. They really love it all.

Georgia continues to have trubbles with her cooking. Her chicken wing smoker/barbecue is certainly hot enough now; in fact it’s on fire. So shut the fuckin’ lid, ya dill! I realise I shouldn’t giggle but I can’t help myself. It’s so disappointing, not to mention unfair, that two teams will go to elimination on the strength of tonight’s effort. As far as I’m concerned it should be the Reds, end of story, if only for being nowhere near ready to serve when there are hungry people there waiting to eat.

The Reds are judged now. Oh dear. They taste the chicken wings first. They agree they are way too overspiced, yet not fully cooked. Their ribs are too salty and are also undercooked. The balance of spices is wrong. Oh wow. But the sweet potato dish is good. So the Reds should well and truly be the only ones to go to alimination. End of bloody story.

The contestants line up for the judging. The Reds are told that they are the first team to go into alimination. Well duh. The judges tell the Yellows they loved the lamb as well as the coleslaw. They then tell the Blues that they loved their chicken drumsticks and the watermelon side dish. But there could only be one winning team and it is the Blue team. I am deeply pissed off that the Yellow team are considered losers when compared with the Reds.

Tomorrow night, Rick Stein will be there. Yay. Well okay, I haven’t completely forgiven him for dumping his wife for a floozy, but I still love his cooking. So tomorrow night should be worthwhile. Assuming somebody I like doesn’t go home, that is.

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Guest Post: Masterchef Australia – Finally A Certain Person Is Eliminated

Amanda has a kindly sent in a recap and it is the elimination episode from the other night. A big thank you and your first recap is awesome. Now over to Amanda:

And this is my first ever recap! Welcome all, take a seat and fasten your seatbelts.

Tonight’s elimination challenged proved to be one of the most anticipated one thus far. Can this be the pressure test where Rose finally departs? It would seem so because she isn’t in the same league as Matthew or Reynold, but we know weird things happen. The adverts have been hyping up her many appearances in pressure tests and also tried to hoodwink us that Reynold may be in trouble.

George seems to be not feeling well and will not be there for this challenge. Poor little peanut, maybe he is trying to figure out ways to give Sara and Georgia their own reality show. Because that is how this is heading.

To start you have the feel good intro package – this one on Reynold and reminding us yet again they Reynold does *NOT* work in his mum’s business except as a delivery person. (And call me cynical, but if Reynold has never cooked in his mother’s business, I am a blond East German popstar entering Eurovision)

And we get introduced to the head chef at 2am restaurant in Singapore – Janice Wong. Janice sashays in and presents the challenge – her signature dish that is a Cassis plum dessert that looks way too beautiful to eat.  Janice explained the elements of the dessert and focussed on the importance of the shell and how it needs to be very thin – right away you know this is going to be the featured drama for the episode. Inside the dome is soft yoghurt foam and rice crispies. The most amusing part is Rose trying to describe the dish as she was eating. Her lack of knowledge really shows through and is frankly a little embarrassing.

Matt (who is rocking yet another creative outfit) announces they have 2 hours and 15 minutes and they were given the recipe and were off!

As per usual this week a lot of attention is put on Rose, and because we can’t go without Georgia making any episode about her, most of the commentary is done by her. In order for it to not be as heavily stacked in Reynold’s favour as it looks to anyone with eyeballs, a big hullaballoo was made through the episode about Reynold’s nerves getting in the way.

Right away they try to up the drama by showing Reynold breaking a glass – oh dear…a glass…shattered, could this be the shattered dreams of a former favourite???!! (Dramatic music)

Ok sorry, I need to stop watching those snippets of soap opera’s – when I do the lingering stares into nothing, this is when I need to get a life, but once again I digress!

Matthew looks totally in control and never really put a foot wrong. He has become one of the favourites and I think may be in the final. Although if I have to hear about his daughter one more time I may sous vide him with a nice lemon and thyme butter (sorry cross reference MKR joke).

First step is the hemisphere moulds with the spheres made from cassis juice – it is fascinating to watch and oh look – more Georgia commentary!  It seems Rose hasn’t filled the moulds to the very top like the others and she gives her expert*cough* opinion this could mean trouble. Next component – plum liquor jelly – some on top of the sphere and the rest in a granita at the bottom. Reynold seems to be really nervous, and this was a concern – he has never been in a pressure test and this seems to affect him. Now it was time for them to take the spheres out of the freezer to scoop out the middle and put them together. Matthew’s looked pretty perfect, Reynold was letting his nerves get in the way and making them too thick, and Rose’s looked disastrous, they were barely set and the more she played with them the more like mush they looked. Janice watches her with a look that said it all and told her what was wrong with the spheres. Rose did try to fix them by building up the sides and we get treated with –

Another Georgia commentary (skull! Oh wait, the drinking game was just in my head? Never mind – as you were)

Next element – Yuzu caviar balls. This was done by piping the balls into grape seed oil which made them form. Matthew does it no problem…and then Rose tries –and it doesn’t seem to be working at all. Janice and Matt look at Reynold’s hemispheres and she tells him that they are too thick. Reynold seems to panic and then gets on with it and takes the time to get them thinner. Once he calmed down he seemed to be doing just fine – but it shows that even the best cooks in the competition can be at threat when it comes to pressure tests.

Next is rice crispies – This is going to be the problem for Reynold later but I am getting ahead of myself, in the meantime they get on with the crispies and move on to the next element – yoghurt mousse for the middle. Matthew is still smashing it out and moving on to the cassis pastille. It seems challenges where he has to be meticulous works best for him, he doesn’t feel the need to pull all the attention all the time and just cook.

Suddenly Matt and Janice tell everyone to STOP! What is going on? Did someone set their hair on fire?? Did Georgia invade the kitchen with the need to microwave something???

Well no..they stopped everything just so Janice can inform them that by now they should be up to joining the spheres as they need to be sprayed and hole cut in them. I still don’t get why they needed to stop everything and make this announcement the way they did – but I suppose matt hasn’t had his airtime and needed to feel the love.

<Cue dramatic music>

And it was time for everyone to take their spheres out of the freezer. Matthew gets his out – they look pretty perfect and as he starts to construct his dome – Janice and Gary seems to be impressed with his work although I am sure I saw Gary grit his teeth as he realises that he cannot get Rose above two people who can actually cook.

And the gallery give Reynold the cue to get his domes done, turned out they look pretty good also.

And the time for Rose to get her moulds out is upon us. And they look horrific, not even domes so much as mushy piles of mush. The funny thing is by the time Rose is ready to put her dome together, the moulds seem to have miraculously come together ok and she is at least able to put something together – albeit her dome was pretty poor with the seam showing and it looking heavy. Once they put the spheres together, it is time for the spray onto the sphere and another Reynold calamity – his stick blender falls and his mixture for the spray spills on the bench. In desperation he scrapes as much as he can and has just enough to spray the sphere.

With just a few minutes to go, they all put together their dishes. Reynold keeps saying he forgot something but only figures out when time finishes what it was – the rice crispies for the outside of the dish.

And tasting commences – Matthew never really had a problem, his dish looks great and apparently tastes beautiful. Rose is next and it is obvious her sphere is not good at all, there is a split in the sphere and is thick and dense, and the caviar is also not right. Finally it is Reynold’s turn, and his is very worried about the lack of crispies. The taste is good, but in order to keep the drama they make a bit of a thing about the thickness of the sphere and missing rice crispies.

So it really was between Rose and Reynold – Reynold’s sphere was the best and Rose’s yoghurt was the best, but her sphere was just not good – and finally she was eliminated.

And as per usual, we get the tears.  Fare thee well Rose, best of luck with your café.

July 1, 2015   21 Comments