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Big Brother Wrap Up

There was poor ratings for Big Brother this year, and this included the finale with less then 800,000 watching when last year it was 2 million. However not all the blame should be put on the show as it struggled from the start when it was placed in the 8.30pm timeslot. The impact of this programming decision saw low ratings for the show all through the season.

In a Skye says that Leo is dirty on her. She does not seem to realise how callous she was towards him.

Ten things you may not know about Ryan Ginns. (Source: Pop Sugar)

Here is a montage of Sonia Kruger’s maternity outfits. (Source: Daily Mail)

Ryan admits to a party pash in the house with Katie, which Big Brother apparently missed, and Aisha and Travis were all over each other at the after party. Cat and Lawson were not. (Source: Daily Mail)

Instagram photos from the Big Brother after party. (Source: Pop Sugar)

Alex Mavroidakis, the Producer of Big Brother answers some of the question that you want to know about the house. (Source: Pop Sugar)

November 27, 2014   2 Comments

Big Brother Australia – Ryan Wins Big Brother

Not only was Ryan the favourite with the housemates he was also the favourite with the fans, winning 2014 Big Brother Australia. Travis came runner up and Skye came third.

All the housemates came back for the finale with Lawson and Cat playing down their relationship, but Lawson did reveal he was moving to Melbourne to move in with Sam. Sam also said he was now single, but there was no hope for Sandra as she hooked up with his best mate.

Travis and Aisha still look madly in love and Aisha also got a big hug from Skye when she was on stage but Leo did not even rate a sideways glance for her. No love there as Leo also told Sonia Kruger that he wanted Travis to win.

Ryan wins $200,000, but what is always interesting about Big Brother is seeing who goes on to have a media career afterwards.

Below is the LIVE BLOG:
OK I have to confess I think Skye is going to win, but as you know it is much harder for a female to win. Who do you think will win Big Brother?

I will be live blogging the finale and talking about the highs and lows of the season. Will Clawson still be together? Will Leo ignore Skye and will Aisha and Travis snog on stage? Well we are about to find out.

They walk to the backyard and Skye has finally been given some peroxide to fix up her darken roots.

Did anyone else thing that Ryan’s dad looks a bit like Baz Lurhman?

8.51pm: They have revealed the voting percentages, they are 36%, 33% and 31 %.

Any comments about Skye’s Dad? And Lawson and Cat look like they are on the rocks already.

9.08pm – A montage of the romances and Jason was put on the spot asking who he thought could have a baby and he said Aisha and Travis.

9.09pm After a montage of Katie and Lisa it makes me realise how much I would prefer Skye in the final three then with them.

9.18pm: Sonia is grilling Marina, Lawson and Dion about what Big Brother was like. Dion revealed that sometimes they would have to wait 30 minutes to speak to him.

9.19pm: Lawson says he is moving to Melbourne, to chase some magic and acting issues. He says that he and Cat are taking it slowly. Lawson looks like he has put on wait.

All the housemates think Ryan is going to win.

9.23pm there is more intra house snogging then on The Bachelor, apparently Lisa and Jake are dating.

9.24pm – Gemma says the method of her eviction was totally traumatic. She thinks she is OK now.

9.26pm – It is interesting that none of the housemates are saying they want or think Skye will win.

9.40pm – The news montage they include Oscar Pistouris and Skye looks blank. Interesting that one of the biggest news items in the last 80 days was the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. Surely something more significant happened then that?

9.54pm – Sam admits he is currently single. Sandra said she is not in with a chance and Sam piped in that Sandra hooked up with one of his best mates.

10.08pm – Relief for the anyone but Skye camp as she is just eliminated. Skye looks like her mum. But Skye’s mum looks a little bit like Pauline Hanson, it may be just the hair colour.

10.15pm – Skye is loving the audience screaming for her she rushes over to kiss and hug Aisha and does not even look at Leo.

Skye is happy as she has reached her life ambition at 20 years of age – she is famous.

10.31pm – And nearly two hours after the start of the show we have a winner and it is Ryan who is now $200,000 richer.

November 26, 2014   120 Comments

Recipe To Riches – The Sausage Rolls Look Good

Dear Woolies if you are going to have products for sale from a television show you are sponsoring please have them placed in a spot where the consumer can find them. This week I gave up and could not even find the Gyros.

Hopefully  I will have better luck with Zoe’s Pork Sausage Rolls with Sage and Macadamia as they look good. Though mothers on social media are not happy that the Chicken Nuggets with Hidden Vegetables did not win. They make a good point that there are no children in the Woolworths tasting lab.

However children are smart and you could not put on a label Chicken Nuggets With Hidden Vegetables as they would read that and go no way….

Maria’s Eggplant Chutney looked good but not sure I would classify it as a bite.

November 26, 2014   15 Comments

Big Brother – Three Housemates Eliminated

Priya was the big name housemate that was eliminated from Big Brother tonight, with Lina and Penny, the intruders, the other two to go.

Lina was the first to be eliminated and she looked like she was not happy with her package at all, particularly in relation to what the other housemates were saying about her.

Penny was next and her time of stage was just weird. Even Sonia looked like she was struggling with her and her weird ways. I also noticed that there are two tones to Penny’s voice, the baby voice and the normal tone. I note that when she spoke “normally” she came across far better. But Penny could barely string a sentence together.

So it was over an hour into the show and we were finally going to see which of the big name players was going to leave the house. In the end it was Priya who got a little bit emotional on the couch. Sonia just looked relieved she had someone articulate to talk to after the Penny debacle. After an interview and collecting her $5000 her husband Bushan was brought on stage to screaming fans. He went in for the big pash. It will interesting to see what Priya does after Big Brother.

Ryan, Travis and Skye are left in the house and they were given 30 seconds to pitch for the viewers vote, but all of them did it so badly it did not get me to pick up the phone.

Who  do you think will win Big Brother, Ryan, Travis or Skye.

November 25, 2014   93 Comments

Dancing With The Stars – And The Winner Is….

David Rodan took out the 2014 series of Dancing With The Stars beating two high profile performers, Ricki Lee and Home and Away star Lynne McGregor.

In a slightly surprising result hot favourite to win, Ricki-Lee, was the first to be eliminated of the three, leaving the former AFL player and Lynne to fight it out for the mirror ball. Edwina Bartholomew was so shocked about Ricki-Lee being voted out that she said there should be rule changes.

Kudos to David for winning as it is much harder for the AFL and NRL players to win as normally people don’t know who they are outside their state. So to overcome this shows just what a talented dancer he is. In fact he scored a perfect score for each of his three routines tonight and a hat tip must be giving to his dance partner Melanie.

Mark Holden was there but he was shoved up the back and if you blinked you missed seeing him at all. My only gripe about the finale is that at 2 and a half hours the show went on far too long.


November 25, 2014   13 Comments