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Big Brother Winner Reggie Bird Needs Some Financial Help

Reggie Bird has been going through some hard times with two kids as a single mum. She is now seeking financial assistance from the public for a vest for her disabled son who has cerebral palsy.

There has been a mixed reaction to the Big Brother winner reaching out to the public for financial assistance considering she won $250,000 on the reality show.

However Reggie since then has been through two divorces and got scammed by a guy saying he could get her on TV!

She is now broke and living week to week and the vest would improve her kids health. I wonder if the father is contributing any money to it. One would hope so.

Reggie was never too bright but she did capture the heart of a nation and it looks like she still has fans out there as the $10,000 (expensive vest) she has asked to be pledged has nearly been met.

Source: Mamma Mia.

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Real Housewives Of Melbourne – Andrea’s Out And Two New Ones Are In

RHOM season 2 launchTwo new Melbourne women will be making their screen debut on the next season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. They are the two in the right of the photo and their names are Gamble Breaux and Pettifleur Berenger. I know what were their parents thinking with those names?

Gamble Breaux is a contemporary art collector and consultant Gamble loves all things beautiful. Loves a bit of nip and tuck, dogs and a party.

Pettifleur Berenger is being described as determined, feisty and glamorous. So she must be bringing the drama next series.  She is a successful property developer, lives in a penthouse in the heart of the city and is mother to three boys.

Andrea Moss who drove much of the conflict in the first series is leaving. But all the other housewives are staying. They are Gina Liano, Jackie Gillies, Chyka Keebaugh, Janet Roach and Lydia Schiavello.

Hopefully we will see more of Chyka’s husband Bruce who was hilarious with his one liners.

Real Housewives of Melbourne to screen on Arena TV in 2015.



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Guest Post: The Bachelor Australia – Was The Sky Dive The Producers Revenge?

Annajjj is back with her view on last night’s The Bachelor episode. Were you surprised at who was sent home?

Over to Annajjj:

Things are getting interesting on The Bach, almost all the filler gels are gone and we’re down to the interesting/psychotic/bunny boilers. Tonight we’re promised more Grizzly Bear antics and Laurina flaps her mouth around – literally.

Single date time and Laurina is the lucky one today. We’re reminded by Grizzly that Laurina is probably here for the ‘wrong’ reasons. Huh. So y’know – go Blake or go Home because there’s no room for blatant self promotion on this program..

Tonight’s single date involves jumping from a plane and Blake gets a bit wobbly- ‘It’s one thing to have a fear of heights and then another to want to go skydiving on a wet day’ he babbles nonsensically and he’s clearly more freaked out than he is allowed to let on. Some weird date when you’re strapped to another bloke eh Blakey? Laurina has a wonderful lip flapping experience which apparently traumatizes her and there is a bit of boob flapping action as well which she doesn’t seem to notice.

Back at the house Osher (or possibly Where’s Wally) shows up briefly to announce the group date and this time it’s a preschool date. Everyone professes to LOVE kids so they all want/deserve to be on this date. The winners are Alana, Ahmbah, Jess, Lisa, Sam and ad break and Kara.

Back at the ‘Bachelor pad’, because there is an illusion underway that Blake owns a ‘pad’ in Sydney even though he lives in Perth, Laurina is delighted with the faux romance of the situation. There is a rose and several kisses because well why not. Then Laurina arrives home and describes her intense date as traumatic. Grizzly thinks like, that Laurina is like, being totally overly dramatic like. *cough*potkettleblack*cough*

Group date and Blake does an Arnie to show off his spectacular guns. The girls arrive and Lisa quickly stands out as a potential mother or possibly kindy teacher. Blake is impressed. Jess barges in on Ahmbah’s time with Blake and Grizzly is totally pissed off with this weaseling behavior.  The end result of this stupid date was that Blake definitely saw some potential-mothers-of-his-children in that group.

Alana is not one of them. She apparently failed the test by not allowing herself to be smitten with the little kiddies and at the rose ceremony she is given the flick. Seriously? We’re turfing Alana and keeping Grizzly Ahmbah? I guess there is still plenty to be milked from this cash cow. Oh and things get more interesting as tomorrow night a new group of girlies turn up to via for the grand Blake prize.

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Guest Post: The Block Glasshouse – Why Don’t You Popup & See Me Sometime

Gidgit Von LaRue has passed the baton to hubbie The Colonel for last night’s episode and it is great to get a new funny perspective of The Block:

Over to the Colonel:

My partner Gidgit Von Larue suggested in her absence maybe I should have a go at doing one of these recaps for The Block. Her only proviso was that I should “be nice”. So, I looked up the word “nice” in the dictionary & whilst I really couldn’t understand what it meant I’ll just do what I normally do but with a lot less swear words.

Okay, I’ve had three expressos & strapped electrodes to my extremities so with any luck I might actually get through this whole episode without falling asleep. Let’s review this puppy!

According to Scott Cam this episode opens right in the middle of Master Bedroom week & one team has increased their piggy bank by $20,000 winning challenges. Which team I hear you ask?….well the piggy part should have been the give away because it’s Dee’s team. We are then treated to what I can only presume is one of the producers calling Karstan a lazy git & telling him to get out of bed. Maybe if the producers spent more time making the show actually interesting they wouldn’t be getting called lazy themselves.

Seems the roof on The Block is leaking thanks to Keith & this leads to the teams deciding to sing various rain related songs. Well, I say singing but in truth it was more like what would happen if a cat strangler guest starred on an episode of Animal Hoarders. Whilst the tradies try to stop Keith’s leak (I’d tie it off with a tourniquet personally)…Chris & Jenna use this as an opportunity to go shopping at Mitre 10. The trip ends with Chris on the front of a shopping trolley “King of the World style” whilst the Titanic theme plays in the background. I’d suggest Chris is a bit chunkier than Kate Winslet but to be fair she does take up that whole piece of debris at the end forcing Leonardo Di Caprio to turn into an icy pole so, maybe not.


One of the “guy with dark hair / blonde girl” teams goes furniture shopping….I swear I don’t know how you people tell these teams apart. The camp as a row of tents receptionist with the top knot hairdo takes them on a tour of the shop….guessing they tossed a coin to see who’d be on TV & he won. Fortunately they overlay the name of the team and it’s Karstan & Max…& thank heavens because I wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight without knowing.

There is much discussion about work on the popup shop which it seems most of the teams have interpreted as being pop out to the shops instead because that is what they are doing rather than helping build it. Shannon & Simon are apparently 3 days behind on their room which pleases me greatly because I like them about as much as a colonoscopy. They are pondering whether to just not bother turning in a room this week….which is kind of like being on Amazing Race & saying…”screw this travelling thing I’m just going to hang out in my hotel room & watch pay per view movies instead”.

Scott Cam says that because the teams are behind he’s come to the block to help them out….which would be a lot more believable if he hadn’t brought Shelley Craft with him. They discuss with Karstan & Max the whole issue of teams trying to fix the vote to share wins….apparently the teams are failing at that too so good luck to whoever buys these units. Simon & Shannon show Shelley a mock up on an Ipad of what their room will look like. This is apparently what they are going for:


The teams are gathered together to have a whiteboard brain storming session about what to sell in the popup shop. Let’s just say there is a whole lot of storming going on but not a lot of brain. Everyone just argues until Darren suggests going back to work instead leaving the poor woman working the white board to do something considerably more productive like draw pictures of Shelley Craft with a giant wang coming out of her head. Chris & Jenna think they had a good meeting which shows just how delusional they are (assuming the fact they’re in Hillsong didn’t already give that little nugget away).

Julian the architect shows up to do architecty things, which seems to consist of having a giant beard & wearing a quirky outfit….I always wondered what they did & now I know. Michael seems to think Julian is picking on them & making their life difficult….to which I say, good. Keith then shows up on the block to discuss the riveting issue of fireproofing ….I’d try to make that in some way entertaining but I actually fell asleep during it so I’m going to say it ended with a giant musical number with cars exploding Michael Bay style….you’re welcome.

Seems a concrete cutter spraying water everywhere might result in Michael & Carlene not finishing their room either. Sounds like the judges are going to have an easy night on Sunday & they’ll have to fill out the episode with Shelley tossing on some funniest home videos or something.

Michael & Darren go to the pub & in their discussion reveal that Carlene’s nickname is “The Newborn” which Jenna clarifies as meaning all she does is eat, sleep & poo….presumably not all simultaneously. Keith joins the boys at the pub effectively ending any chance of interesting conversation

And that is about it, I must say I don’t know how Gidgit does this every night. I feel like I need a shower after watching this thing for this long. Hopefully she’s back really soon! And….I’m out!


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Exclusive Reality Check’s EP Nick Murray Talks About What To Expect From The Series

nick-murrayNick Murray from Cordell Jigsaw is the Executive Producer of Reality Check the new reality TV panel show on the ABC. Here we talk about what he thinks is reality, whether it has now got some long fought for credibility and whether they are going to put the spotlight on the big Australian reality shows on the series.

Reality Ravings: Congratulations on the show, and I have been saying for years that there should be a show like this considering there are a squillion panel shows about sport and reality TV ratings are just as good.

Nick Murray: In fact better. One of the points I have been trying to make to everyone is reality television is by far the most popular form of entertainment in the world and in Australia.

RR: Why do you think it has taken so long for a show to come along to put the evil eye on reality TV? 

NM: It is hard for the commercial networks to do it as sometimes they don’t want to talk about anything that is on another network. They don’t want to promote their shows or the other way around they don’t want to be critical or potentially critical of a show that is on their network. The shows are such huge investments for them, they want to be careful that they are not wrecking their own investments in this kind of television. At network like the ABC there was some reluctance and we had been talking to them about it for a couple of years now. They needed to get their head around the issue of would their audience watch something that is not otherwise on the ABC? Would an ABC audience enjoy the show?

RR: There is this myth perpetuated in the Reality Check promo and in Tom Ballard’s opening monologue in the first episode…

NM: I know everyone is saying that ABC has reality shows on but they don’t make any though. Sure they have some weird English reality shows on ABC2.

RR: Well there is My Transexual Summer and one of my personal favourites Catfish showing at the moment. 

NM: There is some weird shit out there. Arguably the first reality TV show Sylvania Waters that was on the ABC. OVer the years they have dabbled in it. In fact the ABC had a show that I think was a reality show, The Colony, and that was absolutely a reality show. It was a whole lot of families seeing who could cope best in living in a house from 1900.

RR: What sort of balance are you trying to find with the show. Are you finding it difficult to balance the critical, with the funny as well as showcasing the positives of the genre? 

NM: We are obviously looking for the funny, and we’re looking for the good conversation. The balance is how much local versus some of the weird stuff from international and that’s where the funny versus the conversation. We are trying to make it entertaining and informative. The main balancing act we have to deal with which is the hard bit is, is probably that half of our audience have not seen the shows we are talking about. So when we had the clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians last week the majority of the audience has not seen an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. There is going to be some viewers that are very familiar with the format but there will be some people who have seen it and there will be some people who will hate it.

RR: Are you going to put the spotlight on the major Australian reality TV shows? And is that difficult because you are having producers come onto Reality Check to talk about the tricks of the trade?

NM: We are trying not to talk about the actual show they make. If we got someone on that had worked on The Bachelor we would be unlikely to ask anything about The Bachelor on the week they are on. That is a little bit different if they used to work on something and they don’t work on it anymore and we might ask some questions about that. We are not trying to catch people out, and we are not trying to get people to cast judgement on their own shows, and we are not trying to ambush people.

RR: What topics can we expect to see in the upcoming episodes of Reality Check?

NM: If you hypothesised about what we are going to talk about on the show you would probably be right. We will touch on every major Australian reality format that is in production this year. We are in a great position this year that for the first year in a long time that every single week of ratings there will be a reality show on every commercial network in prime time. This year all three networks will have reality shows on until the end of ratings.

RR: I did not know that. Thanks I have learnt something today. 

NM: Reality is incredibly strong at the moment. The audiences are strong and in some spots around the world talents shows are flagging but other then that it is a very strong genre. There is the fantastic stuff on SEVEN, House Rules, MKR and The X Factor. They will all get touched on at some point. The Block is hot at the moment we will touch on that. We might also talk generally about casting and talk about single contestants like MC versus casting duo’s like House Rules.  It is a very broad genre and there is some disagreement amongst us about what is reality. Even to us, for example, The Logies put Bondi Rescue [ed. note: CZJ produce it] into the reality category when it is an observational documentary series. It is not a manipulated, constructed world at all.

RR: What do you see as the difference between Ob Doc and reality TV? As you are saying Bondi Rescue is not manipulated or constructed?

NM: Bondi Rescue is like RPA as it is following real people doing an actual job. Whereas Being Lara Bingle, The Kardashians, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, those kind of shows are constructed. Lara Bingle did not live in the house she was filmed in. In Real Housewives those women are not having lunch together except the producers have made them have lunch together. They don’t even know each other. When they get them together they just let it happen, I guess. This is a construct. The things that are happening on Bondi Rescue or in an emergency room are happening anyway regardless of whether there are cameras there. Real Housewives are not arguing with each other except when the cameras are there. It does not really matter if the audience thinks all these things are real then that is one of the tests for reality.

RR: With the popularity of reality TV, is it a bit chicken or the egg, as are people watching it because there is nothing else on and that is why the ratings are so high? Or are we just huge fans? Also I noticed on Reality Check’s first episode that there is still a bit of sniggering about it and that it does not have the credibility of other genres. Do you think reality TV is now a credible genre and should be treated with respect?

NM: Absolutely. I suppose that is part of the point of the series. I guess there is some sniggering and I suppose there is some sniggering from some of the pure drama producers who sneer down there noses at it. But a big episode of a reality show will rate three times that of a big episode of a drama will rate. I think that indicates that the audience has a preference to watch real people doing something. If there was only reality on one channel you would find it would out rate what is on the other channels.  I think it is actually it is well made television and that is why we have actual producers on the show. We [Reality Check] are looking at how is this made? In a drama or comedy  I am really happy to evoke an emotional response by making them laugh or cry. In reality people are doing that by the shots they have chosen, the music, or the way it is edited. It is equally clever that they can elicit an emotional response. I think it is a valid form of entertainment and we do it really well here in Australia.

RR: I presume the show is going to examine why the genre is so popular and why people have gravitated towards the medium.

NM: That will be touched on in a lot of different ways across the series. We may not ask it as bluntly as that but when we say “why does this work” that is looking at exactly that issue. Why are people drawn to it? Why is that sequence constructed like that? The reason it is constructed like that is to tell as story in a particular way and that is what the audience wants.

RR: What have you learnt since being EP of Reality Check?

NM: There is a lot of thought that goes into them. If something happens on those shows then normally someone has thought about it. The odd lucky break does occur. We will talking about what happens when a lucky break or chance steps in and what ensues. Generally a lot of thought has gone into it. For example how to put people under pressure on The Block. We have Amity Dry on the next episode. That is something universal to all the contestants we have talked to, without being actually manipulated, well sometimes they are actually manipulated, they are put under a pressure situation and out of that comes fantastic television occurs. The thought that goes into the casting is incredible and it is the same as casting for a drama you want a broad range of people. It is a big ask and there are people that specialise in it, and nearly without exception they are very very good at putting together who we love and hate on the show. MKR and  House Rules is probably more about the characters in the show rather then the skills they are exhibiting. Therefore that drama that you are seeing is being driven by a fantastic set of casting decisions that occurred before the show started. There is such a huge number of people that work on these shows they are much bigger shows  then any drama that are being made in Australia. Huge editing teams and great big production teams and people in houses 24 hours a day looking after what is going on in the houses and very complex production equation.

RR: That is one of the myths around reality TV is the fact that it is cheap. Well some of it cheap but as you know it is big business and big profits. 

NM: Just the number of episodes involved they are massive investments. Good television, generally is not cheap, whether it is drama, reality or comedy. It is very hard to make good TV on the cheap.

RR: You’ve watched lots reality tv whilst you have been researching the show, what TV show would you go on regardless of talent?

NM: The Amazing Race. I love the Amazing Race and I thinks it is incredible and would be a great experience.

Tonight on Reality Check, Dicko, Amity Dry and Marion Farrelly will be on the panel along with the host Tom Ballard.

Reality Check on Wednesday nights on ABC at 9pm.




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