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The Biggest Loser – Calling For Applications For 2015


Commando looking hotIn the “I did not see this one coming” files, I was surprised to here TEN are giving The Biggest Loser another outing due to very ordinary ratings for the 2014 season which was set in Ararat.

However maybe they will give it a bit of refurb and it will spring back to life! They are looking for families but this can include best friends. Basically they just want a high BMI. If interested go to this website and apply.

It will be interesting to see if Hayley Lewis is back as rumour had it they were looking for a replacement last season.

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House Rules – Carly And Leighton Selling Their House

leighton and carly

Series one winners of House Rules, Carly and Leighton, are selling their house in Warradale, South Australia.


The couple bought the house in 2012 for $450,000.

Property Observer has the full details and some very nice photos of the house.

They write:

South Australian couple Carly and Leighton are now selling their renovated home, after Seven cleared their mortgage. They originally purchased the Warradale house in 2012 for $450,000.

The three bedroom, two bathroom 1950s house with a stone facade has an open plan interior with floorboards throughout the living spaces. The north-facing backyard has an outdoor entertaining area and lawns, with a detached studio with bar that could double as a home theatre room or bedroom.

While listing agents Troy Tyndall and Nicholas Hage of Toop&Toop Norwood note that $400,000 were spent on renovations on the house, they make no mention of its House Rules history.

According to The Herald Sun, Carly and Leighton have purchased a home in Sydney, with plans to move interstate and “follow their renovation dreams”

Applications for season three of House Rules are closing very soon.

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Masterchef Australia – And The Winner is….

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 11.54.01 PM

Brent Owens has won series six of Masterchef Australia. He wins $250,000, an Alfa Romeo and a cookbook deal. He said he wants to open his own cafe and have his own line of products. Laura Cassai was runner-up and took home $20,000.

There would have been riots in the streets if Brent had not won tonight. Going into the final round Laura was one point ahead however in the making of Peter Gilmore’s Chocolate Ethereal dessert Laura had a lot of assistance from the judges. She mucked up a section of her nougat. Peter and Gary went over to hint that she might want to read the recipe. She didn’t and just at the point when she was about to add the wrong mixture into the egg white he called out and told her to read the recipe to him. It was at this point she realised her mistake.

Brent left off the Vanilla Butter Cream and that was not mentioned by the judges, but it was not the deal breaker as Laura had forgotten to chop up her piece of nougat and Brent took out the win.

However there is no doubt Laura is a talent cook and she is currently working with Jock Zonfrillo in Adelaide and would like to release a home style cooking Italian cook book. Hardie Grant the book publishers would probably have preferred her to win as it will be interesting to see what theme his cookbook will be.

Live Blog below:

It has been a great season of Masterchef this year. The cooking has been of a higher standard and there has been less drama, though there still have been a lot of tears. The final is between to young ‘uns. Brent the forklift driver versus Laura the 19 year old student. Who will win? Who should have won? Chat about the finale here whilst it is happening.

7.34pm Making the finale was the easy part apparently. Expect tears tonight. The winner will win $250,000, an Alfa Romeo, a cookbook deal and the chance to work in Australia’s best restaurants. 7.38pm: And as expected Tash is not there.

7.40pm Laura will use the money to open her Italian restaurant and Brent wants a dream restaurant as well. By the way Emma Dean has up pop-up restaurant going on in Pei Modern with Lynton tomorrow night 29 July.

7.45pm: First the theatre of the mystery box but there are no ingredients in there. The ingredients are actually on the table. Each person gets to pick four ingredients each which the other contestant will get as well and they have one hour to cook.

7.46pm: Laura picked scampi,then Brent picked garlic, then Laura picked anchovies, Brent picked cabbage, Laura picked pearl barley and then Brent picked fennel. Last pick for Laura was chervil and sherry for Brent. It looks like Laura is going to do well on this one.

7.55pm – Laura burns hand and drops garlic on the floor, meanwhile Brent turns his back and burns his garlic

8.00pm – Laura’s Grilled Scampi with Anchovy Butter, Scampi Head Oil and pickled cabbage was tasted first. George said he was pleased throughout the competition that she kept it super true to herself ie Italian. He said he would be at her restaurant with all his mates. Gary said super delicious. Matt was looking for a little bit more zing.

8.05pm – Brent’s dish was Textures of Pearl Barley, Poached Scampi with Red Cabbage Sauce. Gary loved the complexity of the red cabbage sauce. George said “delicious”. Matt said it is rare that is new and exciting. He also said the dish looked unbelievably beautiful.

8.11pm – Laura’s scores – George 9/10, Gary and Matt gave her 8/10 for 25/30.

8.12pm – Matt scored Brent 9/10, George gave it a 9/10 and Gary gave it a 9/10 for 27/30. 8.15 pm – Round one to Brent. Round two Brent had to take control of the chef’s table where the judges would be sitting. It was the parents of Brent and his hot looking girlfriend. For Laura it was Laura’s father who ran to her and her mother and Nonna. There were tears and Emelia knows she has not got a shot. 8.20pm – Nonna tells Laura she has trademarked her recipes…..ONLY JOKING.

8.21pm – And Laura is cooking Italian Pasanella with mushrooms with Lobster. Gary told her that the trick was mixing the two elements together, hinting that some of it might not go together. Brent was making lamb.

8.25 pm – Gary asks Laura who she wants to impress and she says her father as he is her biggest critic. He was also calling out more then the peanut gallery.

8.30 pm – Brent has burnt his potato gallette but even more scandalous he decided to cook his lamb medium as that is how his mum likes it.

8.33 pm – Emelia yells out to Brent saying one of your pans has fallen over and then Maddie says “You’re not burning the potatoes”.

8.35 pm – Brent is burning EVERYTHING including the potatoes for the third time. 8.36 pm – Laura’s lobster is undercooked.

8.40pm Laura served up her Lobster and Scallops with Mushroom Pasenella. Her father said it was faultless. Of course he said it was faultless as he knew she was in the running for $250,000. George said it was beautiful, intelligent cooking.

8.42 pm – Brent serves up his Lancashire Hot Pot with out the potato. Brent’s dad he has never had anything like that before. Matt Preston said the dish looks so beautiful. He did criticise him for lack of potatoes.

8.45pm – The scores for round two for Laura was 27/30 she received an eight from each of the judges. 8.50 pm – Brent received a 7/10 from Matt, George and Gary. Giving him 24 points. Laura was now ahead by one point.

8.55 pm – The Peter Gilmore pressure test is…….Chocolate Ethereal. Apparently twice as hard as the snow egg. It consists on Milk skin, tempered chocolate, sugar starch sheet, two types of toffee. Under the hards are the Salted Olroso Sherry Caramel, nougat, roasted salted almonds to make a praline and a chocolate ganache. You get the feeling Brent is gone.

9.00pm – They have three hours and they will get 20 minutes to plate up four dishes at the end.

9.05 pm – Laura starts heating up the sugar with the honey. WHICH IS A BIG MISTAKE but hang on Peter and Gary come over to drop the BIG hint that she has stuffed up and she needs to read the recipe. She does nothing. Just as she is about to pour the wrong mixture into her egg whites and completely stuff it up Gary calls out “did you read the recipe”. This is bordering on the outrageous.

9.10 pm Oh wait it gets worse. After she reads it and still does not get it. He says read it out to me. She still does not get it. Then it finally clicks. 9.12pm Gary then goes over to annoy Brent.

9.13 pm – Laura then says “My nougat comes together really well in the end”.

9.15 pm – Laura’s tempered chocolate seizes. Gary rushes over to tell her what happens when water meets chocolate. And then she cries and says she feels like giving up. George goes over and gives her a pep talk and his Kath impersonation “look at me, look at me”.

9.21 pm – She starts again. Which begs the question can’t a thermomix temper chocolate? Her second try at the chocolate works.

9.25 pm – Brent has not done his vanilla butter sheet. He is missing an “alament”.

9.30pm – Brent is plating up first. Also just realised Kylie Kwong is not there. Why not?

9.32 pm – Peter Gilmore said it was spot on. Matt thought the texture of the nougat was perfect.

9.33 pm – Laura has not chopped up her nougat. Gary will probably say that he likes it better not chopped.

9.40pm – Peter said the nougat needs to be broken up and the muscatels and other components need to loose so they can be tasted together.

9.46 pm – If Laura wins my brain is going to explode. Laura was scored 8/10 by Gary and George said her last 15 minutes were brilliant. Also Matt gave an eight saying it took their breath away. And Peter Gilmore scored her a seven. Finally someone who told her she did not cut up the nougat. Her grand total was 80.

9.47 pm – Brent was scored an 8/10 by Gary, a nine by George, a nine out of ten by Matt, and a nine out of ten.

The right person won. Congratulations Brent.

Bendigo Bank gave Laura $20,000 and Emelia $10,000.

Just as I was wondering why they had everyone freezing their patootie off outside, fireworks explode. And season six is over.

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Reality TV Judges Paychecks

When reality TV started out the judges on the shows were people who were at the end of their careers trying to increase their superannuation fund. Would Mark Holden ever get on a show these days?

These days now that reality TV has lost the cultural cringe the Networks are getting bigger names on board but with the big names comes the big bucks.

Woman’s Day have done a story on who is getting paid what on Australian reality shows. The Masterchef judges are getting $1 million a year, with Heston getting paid quarter of a million for his week on the show.

However the big earners are the judges on The Voice Australia with Ricky reportedly earning $4 million and Kylie Minogue $7 million but this includes other appearances on the network like the Logies.

No wonder the judge fly around the world doing multiple shows. Ricky Martin is now also doing The Voice Italy and The Voice Mexico. You would have to think he will get The Voice Coaching burn out soon.

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Guest Post: The Block Glasshouse Kicks Off

Hi, Gidgit here guiding you through this brand new shiny season of The Block. Emma has trusted me with this duty maybe because I’ve never missed one episode of The Block – and also she’s busier than a one legged man at an arse kicking contest with the plethora of reality shows on, so I’m happy to help out!

So we are yet again in Melbourne because, ummm, real estate is shit loads cheaper there than Sydney? And yet again no houses or terraces (bummer) but a huge god damn office building to be made into five HUGE apartments to be sold for lots of dosh – they hope! Turns out this office building is about five times bigger than last seasons block so this should be interesting to see if they can get it done. 3,3000 something over five floors of huge space. So the show fakes the building being Ch 9 headquarters where they probably thougth they just walked into the current Ch 10 offices to be honest! Scott reveals there is a quarantine zone which I guess is where they keep the flesh eating zombies! Told you this season was going to be good!

zombie singer

Shelley Craft has really let herself go!

First to arrive are Chris and Jenna and hold the phone – they are not ‘the usual’ type of Block team, if you know what I mean! Chris and Jenna are a klectic mix of races between the two of them, do charity work with their church group and seem very giggly! Next is Karstan (seriously) and Maxine and they are young and hot and yadda yadda. They met online (much like Colonel and I did – but we met on ‘assholes are us’ website) None of the teams so far are really falling for the ‘this is Ch 9 headquarters’ thing, but nice try show. Karlene and Michael are next. They have two young kids and it seems like at least one person from each team has some type of ‘tradie’ skills. PS: Their kids are ADORABLE! The fourth couple are local Melb folks Darren and Dee (the double D’s). He’s bloody tall and ex AFL player and they have two sweet daughters. I also notice they have a beautiful home so guessing her design is going to be gorgeous.

Last team to arrive are two surfy beachy hang loose travelling brothers, the Voss brothers. Oh and blonde Voss – saying ‘We are going to win’ IS being cocky mate! So finally all the teams are at the boardroom table and Scott starts his power point presentation – ok not really – but he does give them the rundown of what is what! Sarah the faux receptionist pretends to take minutes while the reception is left unattended! She must have gone to the Gidgit School of being a crap receptionist?!?!

Scotty then hits them with ‘yep, this huge horrible 80’s office block is what you are all renovating – taa daaa’. Straight off they show us footage from the future episodes including one team hiding a phone under their bed to record what the judges say. Sorry – BRILLIANT! And personally I don’t want TOO much revealed before it happens but seems that is going to happen all through this episode and it does. Scotty then makes the teams pick numbers and that is there apartment area. They are given plans which just end up confusing the living hell out of them! Scott scuddles off with the faux receptionist while the teams have to find their areas including apartment 2 which may be the largest but has no windows so I’m going to call it the prison cell. Turns out reading plans are really hard ‘n stuff so bring on all teams wandering around like lost lambs. Personally I would have explored the entire building by now just out of curiosity – even the restricted zombie area!

So the teams flood upstairs to find complete disaster. Although they could maybe just leave it in that state and call it typhoon chic!? Karstan and Maxine are first to find their area, then slowly all the others find where they are meant to start work. Michael’s chippie skills ‘kick in??’ when he measures his space by taking big steps and Karlene is REALLY reminding me of Kara from last season! Names are very similar too – hmmmm!

The teams are then given ‘presents’ in the form of footwear and clothing (I’d personally prefer a puppy – but whatever) and Maxine reminds us how damn organised she is and she is so going to be in control of everything (cue future episodes of Maxine falling apart because she could not control everything) Shannon and Simon Voss are a bit miffed about just getting one queen size blow up mattress between the two of them when there are about 20 sofa’s scattered around the building – but eh. Turns out they have no problem wrestling like lovers in the ocean, but god help if they had to sleep on the same blow up mattress!! Next the teams try on their fancy blue (guessing steel capped) work boots and Maxy pad & KarKar do this:

gif zoolander

(thanks to Colonel for that cute animated gif!)

AFL & Dee tell us they are great in a crisis and cue them in future episodes not being even remotely controlled in a crisis. I’m seeing a pattern here. Then Michael & Kara…lene tell us how they met. He was in the Universal Studios ‘stunt show’ in L.A and Kara…lene was in some dancing type gig there and they fell in love.

The teams now have to find somewhere to sleep so lots of moving desks, kicking down those shit office dividing wall thingies and blowing up mattresses. The show then does a nice little comedy bit presenting the temporary sleeping set up’s as the presented rooms for that week. Yeah I giggled. ‘80’s Office chic’ – cop that Neil Whitaker! The teams kick back including Mike & Kara…lene calling their adorable son who wants face time – and just chatting, having some sandwiches and not sure why none of them are making rude body print outs on the photocopier but maybe they are just all more mature than me!? And can I say some of those filing cabinets and office cupboards etc could get the Shaynna treatment for sure and be pretty industrial chic so I’d be stashing them away for further use! So it’s beddy beddy time and they are all way too bliss obviously not having taken in the HUGE task ahead! I’d be crying myself to sleep – or getting plastered – or probably both!

kids screaming

My reaction after being told what we have to do – if I was there.

So during the night they all get a delightful surprise once the wind hits the building with huge sheets of corrugated iron and steel sheeting start flapping and scratching around upstairs sounding like some terrifying science fiction movie when the space ship is breaking up and everyone is going to die! Morning rocks around the damn metal sheets are still sounding like a nightmare. The teams then whinge about being woken up at 6am forgetting the producers and cameramen and soundies etc all probably had to get up at 4am! They are then left with one shower between ten of them. You are going to get dirty anyway – skip the damn shower and have one that night. Yep grubby Gidgit to the rescue! They are then all sat down and given the safety instructions by Cam who is not too pleased when he just said ‘respect and dignity at all times’ and Ka-Ka gets a phone call and TAKES IT rather than immediately turn his phone off because he’s being damn rude – THEN still doesn’t turn it off. Minus 1 point for Kak-Kaka! You just came across as an arrogant dick mate. He didn’t even apologise!

Finally the teams have to organise their builders and we ALL know how vital that is (I’m being serious this time) and before any builder shows up they have to start cleaning up the total wreck. Personally I’d be having at those damn flappy metal sheets stat! After what seemed like a pretty good start to cleaning up, Scotty shows up to tell them they will be getting vouchers out the wazoo plus $100,000 in their account (I hope that’s for one room each) Hells bells my renovation of my kitchen & lounge room alone was $52,000! May I suggest they don’t buy $1000 throw cushions or $25,000 art!! folks – great site! Use it!


Twenty bucks – yep!

Back at Glasshouse and builders are showing up on mass. The Voss brother’s new builder sums it all up quite nicely “What a bum site” Turns out they all secure their builders and it’s all happy families for now aside from Chris and Jenna who do not have their builder. Chop chop kiddies! I’d be on the phone until it was glued to my head until I secured a builder!! Have you both not watched previous seasons?? So they all do some more cleaning up then retire to bed pretty early – well early for the block! Hope they enjoy their sleep, it’s all ‘downhill’ from here! See you tomorrow night my lambs!


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