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Guest Post: Survivor Blood V Water – Who Do You Want To Win?

Thanks Rosie for another cracker Survivor Recap:

And we’re back! The boys and girls toddle on back from last week’s TC, with poor widdle Weed seeming a mite gloomy. He’s actually fuwious, but tells the others he’s okay. He’s now vewwy unsure of his position. As I will be of mine on this blog if I don’t start speaking pwoper! Er… Meanwhile, Jon happily accepts hugs for keeping his girlfriend happy. Or something. Rosie starts with the eye rolling. There’s a bit more palaver from Keith about what he’ll do with his idol, but since his game play has been so totally crap thus far I’ll be amazed if he doesn’t go home with the thing in his pocket any day now.

Reward Challenge. The reward is to go cruising up and down the coast eating sandwiches and drinking piss. Except for Baylor apparently, because she is underage, so should she win she’ll get to drink soft drink.They are split into two teams – we are not shown how – so they can battle each other mano a mano on a wobbly beam that’s over some rather muddy mud. The first team has Wes, Missy, Jon, Jaclyn and Keith while the other team is comprised of Reed, Jeremy, Alec, Baylor and Natalie. They start to…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Baylor’s group wins. Now this is the bit where things get weird. Natalie decides to give her winning sandwich eating, booze drinking spot to Jon! And… not to be outdone, Jeremy promptly gives his spot to Jaclyn! Jeffy’s eyes fair bug out of his head as do those of most of the viewing audience I’ll be bound. But now comes the mean bit. Even though Jeremy has just a.) been on the winning side and then b.) performed a niceness, he finds himself on Exile fucking Island! How fair is that! Baylor says that it’s so he can find the HII. Yeah right. Bitch.

Poor Jeremy. It rains on him at Exile, and he can’t find the idol. Which makes him realise that Jon must have it. Yep. He look pretty woebegone when he gets back. Even Jeff appears to feel sorry for him, which is mighty unusual these days. Remember the early seasons when Jeff actually liked people who weren’t famous? They didn’t even have famous people on then! If you don’t, it’s because it’s such a loooong time ago. But I rewatched the first couple of seasons (they are on Youtube) just recently and Jeff was a whole different human being. No hardness or cynicism in him then. I used to think Survivor wouldn’t be the same without our Jeff, but now I’d really like to see someone else give it a go. But back to the show…

Immunity Challenge. In which the survivors have to somehow untie a rope and put together puzzle blocks using their tootsies. Baylor wins. Jeremy is just happy that someone in his alliance won.

Back they all go to camp. Reed is pissed off he didn’t win, and assumes he’s going home tonight, so plans to “set fire to the camp”. That seems to consist of having a look through Keith’s bag where he finds the HII instructions. Poor form, Reed! I thought you had better manners than that! He shares that info with Missy, Baylor and Jaclyn. Meanwhile Jeremy confronts Jon with the knowledge that he (Jeremy) knows he (Jon) has the idol. Jon denies it, which is just bloody ridiculous, because it’s so obvious he has it.

Tribal Council. Jury member Josh comes in. He and Reed exchange loving looks. Jeff mentions idols, and Jon says he’s confident someone has an idol. Oh please. And Jon wants to rehash last week’s stuff about the blokes ignoring Jaclyn unless he is around. For fuck’s sake. Couldn’t he tell them this at camp? Or does he need Daddy Jeff to hold his hand?
And so they vote. We see Jeremy vote for Keith and then we see Keith, Natalie and Alec all vote for Reed. Hmm. Time to show the votes. Drum roll please, because it’s actually a little exciting this week. Here they come! Keith, Reed, Keith, Reed, Reed, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy and it’s bye bye Jeremy! So once again, Jon and Jaclyn have turned on their alleged alliance. Not exactly what you’d call trustworthy people, are they, hmm? And neither are prime bitches (IMO) Missy and Baylor. Natalie is shocked and so am I. She turns to Missy with a, “What the fuck, Missy?” And good on her.

Of the rest of them there’s just no one I want to win. Well… except maybe Natalie. She seems to be the best of a hopelessly bad playing lot. IMHO of course. And Keith continues to spit either during or after every sentence he utters. Or both. YUCK. Please, please send him home next week!

November 22, 2014   1 Comment

My Kitchen Rules Promo – This Mans Moustache Needs Its Own Show

This Texas cowboy Robert looks like he is going to be one of the more memorable contestants on My Kitchen Rules in 2015. His moustache is the real thing not just an affectation for Movember.

Love him and he looks like he has all the women hanging onto his every word and Pete Evans loves him as he clearly loves the slabs of meat he is dishing up to him.

Robert is on the show with his daughter Lynzey and they are from NSW!

November 21, 2014   8 Comments

Renovation Rumble? The Block And House Rules Collide

With so many different reality formats around you wonder how they ever come up with a new one, but NINE have managed to come up with Renovation Rumble.

It will have Block teams versus House Rules teams. Both major television stations are investing big with the building/design reality format as there will be two seasons of both The Block and House Rules. Will you watch it?

Source: TV Tonight

November 20, 2014   9 Comments

Big Brother – With Only Six In The House It Is A Different Dynamic

With only six people left in the Big Brother house there is not much going on but the up side is we are finally starting to hear some conversations between the housemates.

Penny was saying to Ryan and Travis that when she started dating her boyfriends they try to change her and try and stop her doing the work she does which involves not wearing a lot of clothes. She also said it is not like they are supporting her.

Lina and Skye, who do not get on, was trapped in the Christmas Room, where Lina said you are always asking people for reassurance.  She also said it can come across as attention seeking.

Lina likes to converse but in those conversations likes to try and show Skye up for being a non-thinker that she is. Lina is earnest and so is Priya maybe that is why they get on. I don’t think I have heard Lina crack a joke at all.

Anyway Lina was driving her nuts.

Skye sniped to Travis and told him “Lina is annoying me, she said I don’t find her interesting. She is so opinionated and negative”.

Skye was telling Priya that she was gravitating towards Penny, and Priya told Skye to be careful around Penny as she has been telling everyone that she finds Skye annoying.

Penny and Skye were then thrown into the Christmas room together, and she told Skye that Priya and Lina were giving her a hard time the other night.

They won the challenge and they also won an Aldi Christmas feast. It was Priya’s first Christmas as she had to point out to Travis and Ryan Christmas is not a Hindu tradition.

Penny was turned into a stylist, she actually did a good job. Lina looked really sexy and was showing more cleavage then Skye. Lina was saying she had “$150 bucks for an hour”.Then poor Penny had to be styled by Travis. He even did her make up which made her look like a drag queen.  The make-up was not helped by the weird faces she pulls.

Then it was soapbox time and they had to talk about what grinds their gears.

Travis said what grinds his gears is “girls nights” where you go up to girls in a club and they tell them to go out as they are on a girls night.

Ryan said his issues were Aussies going to thai restaurants and asking to have the chilli removed.

Travis did a funny imitation of Skye and her boy craziness and he told everyone that she liked Ryan. Ryan smiled enigmatically.

Skye sighed in Lina’s face and Lina confronted her about it afterwards and Skye said she zones out when people talk for too long.  It would be interesting to know what Aisha is thinking of Travis getting all touchy feely with Skye.

Ryan was talking about the Skye crush in the diary room and Big Brother pointed out there was not a lot of choice for Skye in the house.  Ryan was joking saying it won’t be long before she will find her way into his bed. Though I get the feeling as flattering as it is, he is not THAT interested. Skye told Travis the reason she likes Ryan is that he does not like him back. So that might explain why she was chasing Leo around the house and once she had him she lost interest.

November 20, 2014   98 Comments

Recipe To Riches – Did The Right Dish Win The Mains?

 Savva Argyrou won the main section of Recipe To Riches with his Greek-style pitta kebab named Sav’s Kebab. The fashion designer beat out Binne’s Ragu and Sarah’s Pulled Pork.

 Savva’s recipe was a family recipe and had a compelling back story as his mother who has dementia no longer remembers the family recipe. He is also her carer.

 The kebab looks good, as yet I have last years Baked Beans in my fridge which I have yet to try.

Did you think the best dish won?

November 19, 2014   13 Comments