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Reality Tidbits – Friday Evening Or The Stories That I Missed All Week!

Todd McKenny hits out at Mark Holden because he did not play by the TV rules and stopping the other celebrities from gaining publicity for themselves. Because that is what the show is about not about actually entertaining the viewer…..(Source:

Dean Ray’s future is so bright he is going to have to wear shades. He is runner-up in The X Factor has been signed by Sony and they have released his new single.  (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Teresa Guidice has been given jail time for fraud but she is continuing to be a diva and wanting to stipulate what prison she goes to. As expected she wanted to go to the prison where Orange Is The New Black Is Filmed. (Source: Dlisted)

Former DWTS contestant Kerrie Ann Kennerley is looking fantastic in this article she gives her beauty tips which includes drinking a lot of water. (Source:

The dark side of reality TV – this is an interesting article about how Call Of The Wildman a reality show on Animal Planet mistreated animals. (Source:

Linda Evangelista is another guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model. (Source: Press Release)

Tori Spelling has the shits with her husband, but she needs to remember that their marriage drama is the only thing propping up their reality show. (Source: Inquistr)

Bethenney Frankel to return to Rich Housewives Of New York. It might give it a much needed boost in ratings. (Source: Reality Blurred)


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Guest Post: Survivor Blood V Water: And A Tribal Swap

Thanks to Rosie for sending the Survivor recaps in, apologies from me for the belated uploading of it:
Scrambled eggs? Nope, but scrambled tribes – you betcha! Yes, the assumed tribe switch up happened this week.
But wait, as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself.
We start, as ever, with the losers from last week returning from TC, with Jon feeling he is now one of the odd ones out. Jeremy, however, feels he is now sitting pretty.
Time for the Reward Challenge, and Alec, Drew’s brother, is shocked to see his brother has gone. Baylor is also shocked. WTF?. Jeff is shocked that anyone is shocked. As am I. But before the challenge begins, Jeffy baby tells them to drop their buffs. We are not surprised, having been told to expect it last week, but the players are. It is, after all, a little early in the game for such shenanigans.
So, no Reward Challenge. They just trundle back to their respective new or otherwise camps. The new Yellow tribe has three couples: mother and daughter Missy and Baylor, lovebirds Jon and Jaclyn – who couldn’t seem to stop smooching (ugh), dad Dale and his daughter Kelley plus the only singleton on their tribe, Keith. For some peculiar reason Baylor thinks the kissin’ and the huggin’ from Jon and Jaclyn is cute or is she just saying that to help keep her meagre portion of rice down? Speaking of rice, that is becoming a major issue. More of that later…
The Blue Tribe only has one couple, the other lovebirds, Reed and his boyfriend Josh, who somehow feels the need to tell us he is from a conservative Christian background, and that therefore they have decided not to consummate their relationship until they are married. Uh, why exactly do we need to know that, pet? That’s what you call TMI. The rest of the gang there are singles Jeremy, Wess, Alec, Julie (Tits) and Natalie. I’m finally figuring out who they all are. Whew. The new Blues (Josh, Wess and Alec) are pretty shocked to realise that the original Blues have pretty much used up all of their food. They discuss the possibility of asking Jeff at the next challenge to barter something for more rice, even though they realise they will come off poorly in the deal. But they must eat.

While back at Yellow, Dale is pretty offended to see that Missy is putting way too much rice on. Cue fireworks: dum, dum, dum!

We discover that the original Blues were eating a generous two meals a day while the Yellows have been eating a scant one portion daily, hence their reasonable amount left. The Blues must have imagined more must have been going to fall from the sky one of these days. Rationing is a concept the Blues are going to have to learn the hard way, it seems.

Immunity Challenge. Some dealy with tossing sand bags after crawling through the mud, which the Blue Tribe wins by a country mile.

As promised, before the Blues return to camp, they ask Jeff about more rice and he tells them he’ll discuss it with them at their camp tomorrow, which means next week for us. Should prove entertaining! I remember in the Aussie outback version they had to give up their tarps (remember when the producers were so much more generous with tarps and whatnots? Those were the days.) plus Colby’s huge Texan flag, which really was a tarp in itself. I’m not sure what they even have now that Jeff can take from them – their clothes? Heh. Their flint? Again?

Anyway, back at Yellow camp, we have the usual bickering and scrambling. And I have to say, these people are not too smart. None of them seem to have any real plan to get to the end. They seem to see Jon and Jaclyn as the swing couple, and oddly, Baylor seems to worship them. Someone said they were the hottest couple right now, and Baylor interjected that they were the hottest couple, period. What the…? They’re just a normal young couple who are in love. Reasonably good looking, but nothing exceptional. Or am I just old and jaded?

Off to TC, where Baylor repeats her “hottest couple” statement causing me to almost hurl. Jebus. Eventually, Kelley is voted out, for no clear reason that I can discern. Dale is pretty unhappy, as am I. Just weird.

Next week, apparently Dale shows Jon a fake idol. Should be amusing.

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This Was Not The Plot Line Honey Boo Boo Producers Were Looking For…


It looks like Honey Boo Boo’s reality TV career is stone cold dead due to the fact her mother, June Shannon, is now dating a child sex offender.

Yes it is a reality TV is about southern red necks and viewers are prepared to put up with them eating road kill,  but having the mother of the child star dating a paedophile is just way to icky.

June, Honey Boo Boo’s mother separated from Honey Boo’s father earlier this year and she has now hooked up with Michael McDaniel who just completed a ten year prison sentence for forcing oral sex on a 8 year old child. Props to the US who appear to give out decent sentences for these crimes.

And the plot takes a stranger twist because June was dating Michael at the time of the offence in 2004. All very bizarre.

Needless to say don’t expect TLC to be signing them up for another season any time soon and Honey Boo’s dad, Sugar Bear, should be considering going for custody of the kid.


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Bachelorette’s Sam and Lisa Have Forget Why They Are Getting Their 15 Minutes

Sam Frost and Lisa Hyde appear to be trying to distance themselves from The Bachelor and they have been excoriated in an article called Sam Frost and Lisa Hyde Are A Piece Of Work.

The two girls who were at The Who Most Beautiful Launch did not want to talk about The Bachelor, strange considering they were on The Project still talking only earlier this week.

The article states:

Ironically though, the pair didn’t want to be associated with the show that earned them an invite to one of the hottest events of the year.

“It is not about the Bachelor tonight,” Hyde snapped at this Confidential scribe.

“It is about sexiest people and we’re on the list. I’m a fashion designer, that’s what I do.”

Really? Talk about milking it. Hyde was even offended to be asked about The Bachelor, for which she has been doing the rounds of media interviews slamming Blake Garvey as dishonest.

Frost was equally as dismissive despite flying from Melbourne to Sydney to frock up for the event and her moment in the spotlight.

“This is not about the Bachelor,” declared Frost. “This has been dragging on for so long it is ridiculous, it is getting messy and complicated so we are here to celebrate being together.”

The full article is here.

Sam hit back on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.41.43 amThey probably need to remember why they are put in the magazine in the first place and that their 15 minutes of fame is probably already half way over.


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Big Brother – More Nominations But Lawson Is Safe

It was rather amusing that after all the bitching about Cat and Lawson that Lawson the one with the actual girlfriend was not up for nomination this week. The same could not be said for Cat who is copping the brunt of the blame.

There was a lot of tears tonight. Priya was sobbing when Jason left the house as her main ally had gone. Jason also felt the same way about her as he mentioned her in his exit video. He also mentioned that he was close to Aisha as well because he thought she was pure and innocent. Jason also said that Cat and Lawson were causing the most disharmony  in the house because of  their relationship. Lawson was not happy that it was called a relationship. Jason did go very hard saying  “there is a girl out there whose heart has broken”. Cat put her head down into her hands and yes she was a bit teary.

But Cat was more upset that Jason lied to her face. She told Marina she had asked him what he thought about it and he said at the time he did not have a problem with it.

Cue to Lawson sitting in the shower crying.

Aisha was in the diary room and was laying into Cat  about being happy and that whilst “poor Lawson is fighting this battle in is brain she’s in the kitchen having a laugh with the boys”.

She then went on to say when you have “what you want being dangled in your face what are you supposed to do?” But isn’t Lawson also being dangled in Cat’s face? She said that Cat has broken someones heart and she does not care. Her last disparaging remark was  “Her morals are gone and she is an older woman”. So essentially Aisha is laying all the blame on Cat and that she should have been eliminated.

Lawson also god Cat that there is “something wrong with what we are doing” and then Cat wept saying “when you have affection with me and you feel guilty you will eventually associate affection with me with those feelings”.

Then she wept in the diary room say “we know someone is hurting”.

The show got much more interesting when Leo and David were discussing Aisha’s and Travis’s relationship. They did not think it was going to last. Leo said she only likes to date famous footy players. Travis had a go at Aisha about her saying he has a flirtatious relationship with Marina. He got rather strident and said said I am not going to sit here and take it.

David thought once Travis is out he won’t be able to resist temptation of all the girls due to his new found popularity.

It was nomination time and this is how it went down:

  • Skye nominated David for three points because essentially she hates him. She said he is a big player in the game and he is rude at times. She nominated Ryan as he was the most saved in the game.
  • Leo gave Priya three points because she is only forming relationships to get far in the game. He gave Marina two points as  she is only connecting with people in the house  that will get her far. She has not talked to him much.
  • Ryan nominated Travis for three points for constantly hooking up with Aisha at every opportunity he gets and he gave two points to Aisha for the same reason.
  • Cat gave Travis three points as he has a lot of traits that are unpleasant to live with – talking really loud when people are trying to go to bed, overly affectionate nature he has with Aisha. She gave two points to Priya due to Jason’s farewell video and whether her responses to Cat about Clawson have been accurate.

Lawson gave Skye for four points as he thinks she is getting too big for her boots and one point to Priya as when I say something to her that is negative she ttys to get back at you.

David is nominating Priya for three points as she is annoying and two points to Marina as she is all talk no action.

Marina nominated Leo for three points as he is quite picky with who he wants to have conversations with and she finds him very difficult to talk to and two points to Lawson as he is very up and down, and also is playing the game very well.

Aisha nominated Cat for three points as her morals are selfish as she is not allowing Lawson to grieve. She is just always there. Then she nominated Leo for two points because it takes him forever to tell a story. I note she did not nominated Lawson for doing the dirty deed on his girlfriend.

Travis nominated three points to Leo for lying to him. He told him he had not told Skye that he thought they were flirting but he had. He nominated Cat for two points for the Clawson scenario. Big Brother asked him why he was not nominating Lawson when he was the one with the girlfriend on the outside. He said that Cat was the one initiating the contact with him. After prompting Travis said she was a temptress.

Priya had the power play. She paid a point to see where she was. When she saw that she was on the top. She asked whether that meant she had  zero points. She gave points to Travis, Skye, Leo, David, Lawson her aim to have as many housemates nominated to give her a better chance of survival. Priya was shoved that Lawson was safe this week.

The points were:

Leo – 9 points

Priya – 9 points

Travis – 7 points

Skye – 6 points

Cat – 5 points

David – 5 points

Marina – 5 points

Surely Marina will be one of the housemates to go.

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