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The X Factor Finale – And The Winner Is…..

It was a spectacular finale for The X Factor Australia. Not only was their Taylor Swift, Guy Sebastian, the ever delightful Jessica Mauboy and Olly Mur, but the top 13 song was fantastic.

Also what was good about the finale was that it was anyone could have been the winner, unlike last year when everyone knew Dani Im would take out the title.

Brother’s 3 were the first casualty and it was Marlisa and Dean Ray duking it out and in the end it was the 14 year old Marlisa Punzalan who won. She was very popular with the young girls.

It also gave Ronan Keating his first win as a judge.

Marlisa sang her winners single Stand By You as Nat B and Ronan Keating danced at the side of the stage.

Don’t be surprised if Dean Ray gets his single released as well.Marlisa-Punzalan-X-Factor-Australia-Top-4

October 20, 2014   16 Comments

Open Post: The X Factor Final Live Performance

The final three sang three times last night on the final performance show – an original aka their new single, a cover and a duet.

Marlisa who ha never been in the bottom two must be favourite to win but judges fave Dean Ray should not worry as after a compelling original he will get a record contract.

What did you like about the performances? Who do you think will win?

October 20, 2014   17 Comments

The Block Faked A Visit From The Environmental Protection Authority

A reality show faking it? That can’t be right. Oh all right no was is going to be THAT shocked. It is being reported The Block faked a visit from the Victorian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

This was all to do with petrol and a tank found beneath the building as before its incarnation as an office building it was a petrol station. Therefore there were some contaminated land issues the Producers wanted to beat up. reports an EPA that came to The Block was not an EPA inspector.

The article states:

TOP-rating TV show The Block has been caught out ­faking a visit from the Environment Protection Authority after discovering thousands of litres of fuel at The Glasshouse building site at Prahran in Melbourne.

Channel 9 claimed to have used an EPA representative to check for possible soil contamination from a huge fuel tank found at the High St site.

The inclusion of Victoria’s environmental inspection agency appeared to dramatically escalate the threat of ­contamination at the site.

But an investigation by Leader newspapers found the EPA had no involvement.

When Nine was asked who the “EPA” inspector on the show was, spokesman Terry Stuart admitted it was a case of “misidentification” and an ­“editing error”.

“He was, in fact, an environmental scientist hired by The Block Glasshouse to help us ­liaise with the EPA,” he said.

Clearly no one told foreman Keith nor Scott Cam that he was not from the EPA as reports:

Foreman Keith Schleiger was filmed phoning the EPA to ask if someone could “come down and have a look”.

In a voiceover, host Scott Cam said: “Back on the Block, the rep from the EPA has arrived and the news is not good”.

The “EPA rep” was introduced as “Chris” and was on site with Schleiger. Cam said: “Chris from the EPA is taking a soil sample for testing.”

That old reality TV saying “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” could be applied to this scenario.

October 19, 2014   1 Comment

Bonking In The Big Brother House – Skye And Leo May Have Consummated Their Relationship!

There are rumours swirling that Leo and Skye may have had
sex in the Big Brother house. But really how the hell would be know
with episodes being slashed to Monday to Thursday, no live feeds,
and no BB up lates. If they have it could be the first time it has
happened on an Australian series. href=""
target="_blank">Mamma Mia via href=""
target="_blank">Daily Mail have the story:

A special
source has coyly told The Daily Mail today that muscle-bound
intruder Leo and bubbly blonde Skye have “gone all the way” in the
Australian Big Brother house.

If Big Brother’s answer to Barbie and
Ken have, in fact, Done It, it will be a first for
Australian Big Brother.

style="color: #000000;">Mamma Mia suggest they could have done
with the knowledge it won’t be shown on television due to the lack
of feeds, and up late editions. Also they suggest that because of
the falling ratings that it could be a publicity stunt to get us to
tune in tomorrow night to see…… nothing. Though they might talk
about it.

One thing I
did find interesting in the article was this:

style="color: #336699;"
Courier Mail said on Thursday, “we have been told
the housemates have become experts at using sheets to set up secret
cubby houses between the beds to get some privacy from the cameras.
There have been many secret hook ups under the makeshift hide outs
that have not gone to air.”

style="color: #000000;">If this is happening why doesn’t BB stop
it so they can get footage of the hook ups or the conversations
that may be occurring in privacy.

But back to Skye and Leo would you really have sex
with someone when there are cameras all around you PLUS other
people in the room?

do you think?

Bron for sending the link in.

October 19, 2014   48 Comments

The Big Adventure – The Easiest Way To Make A Million Dollars On A Reality TV Show?

Is The Big Adventure the easiest million dollars to win on a reality TV show? You don’t  have to have any talent, there is not much strategy and then you just need some luck.

And that is the problem with this show it is just far too random for me. The Big Adventure is like a poor man’s version of Survivor but the problem is you don’t even have to outlast, out wit or out play. Maybe this will change as the weeks go on but I am not convinced the best or most worthiest person will win. You could win 90 per cent of the challenges and dig up eleven of the twelve keys but if it is not the right one you will get nothing. Also if you are eliminated what happens to the keys you may have collected? At the end of the series to you come back to try them or do you hand them back in when you are eliminated to be given or dug up by somebody else.

Speaking about the eliminations they are just ridiculous. Each week two of the contestants get to decide who is going home. How can you form a strategy around that? Also what kind of alliance be formed? People will just be randomly eliminated if the two in the “retreat” decide they are to go.

The only positive thing is the alpha males are at a higher risk of being eliminated as they will be thought to be be more likely to win the challenges. We saw that tonight.

First of all what we do know how the show works is the contestants are split into two teams and these will be different each week, they compete against each other and the winning team contestant move onto a individual challenge. The winner of that gets to dig for the gold keys. There are 12 gold keys and at the end of the series the people with keys will get to try them to open the box which will make them millionaires. The grid where they dig for these keys has 24 squares and if that remains the more keys that are dug up the lower the chances are of finding one if it is a whole new grid each week. This also is a tad unclear.

The twelve contestants were diverse as your usual cast…that is all anglo’s bar one contestant with an Asian background. Not sure why it is so white. There were a few older people and of course the obligatory gay guy.

Jess the 29 year old cosmetic rep has swallowed the reality TV handbook on how to get screen time as in episode one she has perfected the art of narcissistic bitchiness that ensured she sucked up 50 percent of the camera time. Thankfully she was not the first one to be eliminated. However she must have missed the chapter on having a compelling back story as they were talking about what they would do with the money she said spend it on her wedding dress.

This made her far less worthy in conservationist Annalei’s eyes because she was not going to use it to save the orangutans or make their cerebral palsy’s brother life better like Dane’s. Jess made a rookie error there.

The show started off with a team challenge of building a raft and paddling it across to the island they would be living on. The orange team won, which was surprising as it looked like the weaker team. After they had completed that they were sent off to their camp until the following day.

Paula in her excitement in getting to the camp slipped and hit her head on a rock and twisted her ankle. Medic’s were called and she pulled out of the solo challenge to rest it.

Unlike  Survivor the shelter is built for them and it was an open beach hut on the beach. But like Survivor the first thing they do is go for a swim and they then realised their rations and water are very limited. There was no talk of catching or killing fish and they just made do with the canned meat, beans and rice rations.

The solo challenge was at the sky rig, something we will be seeing a lot of.  This challenge was running across the floating stairs and looking to decipher and remember a flag puzzle to be replicated back on dry land.

TC was off fast and as Jess said he was off like a greyhound but he does not look like it gesturing that he had a fat gut. He was light on his feet. In the end after quite a few go arounds he won the first shot at the dig.

Julie did not even have a crack at the pattern, she just stood there looking through the telescope at it thinking slow and methodical could win the race. But by the end I wondered if she knew how to use a telescope.

TC won eventually and there was some much needed Jeff Probst like commentary required from the sidelines, but unfortunately Jason Dundas is no Jeff Probst. TC  got to be the first to dig for a gold key and he was able to dig in three of the squares until he found one. In his second square he found one.

He was then told his other prize was a night in the retreat complete with a meal and he could take someone in there with him and he them them would be captaining the two teams the following day. He chose Mark. And then they were told after they had selected their teams the one left out was to be eliminated. This time it was Paul the bossy cook who was getting the flick because of his strength and you wonder if they will regret it now they will have to cook their own food.

I will tune back into the next episode as I am still trying to work the show out. This could be a good thing as it could get me hooked in, but  at the moment I am not.

What did you think of The Big Adventure? Will you tune in again?


October 19, 2014   12 Comments