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April 9, 2014   22 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Seriously Vikki And Helena Could Make The Grand Final

It was no surprise the twins stuck with Greek cuisine at their “ultimate instant restaurant” though they did veer towards Portugal at one stage with some Piri Piri Quail. What got me tonight is the mixed messages sent out by the judges. One minute the food is meant to be restaurant quality but when Pete was judging the Lemon and Organo Lamb he told the girls it was meant to be good home cooking and they should not have used the lamb rack but a shoulder.

The other issue was Vikki and Helena used store bought pastry which seems to be OK if it is filo or Kataifi. Yes it is extremely difficult to make but considering people have been criticised for not making their own bread and pastry in other rounds it seems a bit weird.

For entree they did Braised Octopus and Clams with Tomato and Peas, Kataifi Wrapped Prawns with Zucchini Salad. for mains a Lemon and Oregano Lamb and Piri Piri Quail with Saffron Rice.  What we do know because Vikki told us multiple times that this “was them on a plate”.

They used a big octopus for the entree and that was the start of Helena’s meltdown as it was not cooking fast enough she turned it up and then overcooked it and made it tough and rubbery. She freaked out, shed tears and eventually went to the nearest fish shop and bought some baby octopus.

The dish ended up being praised by Manu who said it does not look fantastic but tastes amazing and scored them a nine out of ten. Pete thought the prawns were fabulous and also scored them a nine. The zucchini flowers in the salad gave it a sophisticated touch.

For the Lemon and Oregano Lamb main they decided to french the lamb racks themselves to show technique. How would the diners even know or care if they had done this themselves. The problem ended up being the fat was not rendered off properly so even though it came out medium rare there were lumps of fat over it.

On the other hand Helena cooked the quail perfectly not bad for someone who had not made the dish before. Manu was a bit peeved about the lack of sauce.

Dessert is Galaktoboureko with Figs and Creme Fraiche ice cream and Individual Hazelnut Mousse Cake.

Manu said  the Galaktoboureko was not crunchy enough but he loved the Creme Fraiche Ice-cream. Pete said the cake was his least favourite dish of the night as there was not enough hazelnut flavour in it. Pete scored the cake a harsh four points just one point more then he did the Tassie girls Palm Sugar Bavarois which he took one bite out of. Bree did not like the custard as she thought it was gluggy.


Qld – 7 (they said it was the best food they had eaten in this round)

SA – 6

TAS – 6

WA – 5 ( a bit low, I wonder if they were told to score that way to keep the “feud” going)

Manu scored the entree a nine, a seven for main, and  four for dessert.

Pete scored the entree a nine, a seven for main, and five for dessert.

Vikki and Helena scored a total of 65 they were third on the leader board. Thalia and Bianca were eliminated. The semi-finals line up is Paul and Blair who were top on the leader board against Chloe and Kelly who are at the bottom, and Bree and Jessica against the twins. It will be amazing if the twins make the grand final. I will be live blogging the grand final on Tuesday night.

The first semi final is on Sunday night at 6.30pm.

April 24, 2014   14 Comments

Masterchef Australia Starting May 5 And Other New Shows Start Dates

Masterchef Judges Portraits in Melbourne


Masterchef Australia season six is kicking off on Monday 5 May at 7.3opm. This year Kylie Kwong has joined the judging panel which will be a welcome addition with her knowledge of Asian cuisine. The press blurbs have been saying these will be the best home cooks we have seen. So hopefully the standard of cooking will be higher then the previous years.

It concerns me that it will be going head to head against House Rules (expect this show to rate really well) and also possible the first few episodes of The Voice Australia. TEN should be making the 7pm slot theirs with reality in my opinion but then I am not a programmer.

House Rules is starting next Wednesday 30 April at 7.30pm on SEVEN. The My Kitchen Rules grand final is on the Tuesday. The premiere date for House Rules should see them get good figures as NINE has not released their air dates for their big shows yet.

April 23, 2014   17 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Just As Well The Judges Have The Scoring Power


Thankfully the judges have the majority of the points to give out on My Kitchen Rules as the other teams should not have the power at this stage of the competition to decide the fate of the other teams. There is $250,000 at stake.

Chloe and Kelly scored low as they see them as a threat and don’t want the South Australian mums there in finals week, and Thalia and Bianca are trying to save their position in the competition. Thalia trying to keep her sweet image said “I don’t wish them to fail”. Oh bollocks of course they want them to stuff up.

The WA girls picked dishes they knew were more difficult. Paul and Blair who are being painted as the gentlemen of the contestants said the girls were playing strategy. Lucky for the boys they don’t have to play those games, but I am not quite believing they should be nominated for sainthood next.

As we all know these things are manipulated like the so called feud between the Chloe and Kelly and the twins apparently they have been painting the town red together. See article here.

The already tense relationship between Bree and Jessica got worst when Jessica poured the stock down the sink. Bree looked pissed but did not let fly  as she probably knew Jessica will get even more emotional and flaky if she criticises too much. However she did give her a tickle up about the lack of sweetness of the vanilla ice cream.

The entrees were Stuffed Sardines with an Orange Reduction, and Eggplant and Haloumi Fritters. The sardines looked high end but the fritters did look more cafe style.

Pete loved the sardines and thought the flavours they got were great but the fish was overcooked. Manu said his fritter was nice but it was too simple.

Vikki and Helena ordered the fritters and were probably peeved they had not thought of the Greek style dish for themselves.

Unfortunately most of their diners ordered the Chicken Mole and it was not good. Pete said it was far to sweet and they should have not used the chicken breast.  Manu however loved the Pig’s Cheeks and scored it a ten. Chloe then said she was very jealous of Manu’s but she deliberately picked the harder dishes. By they way I thought Chloe looked stunning in that blue jumpsuit.

After the Mole review Jessica was in tears. She was also struggling making the star anise churros for dessert which was served with Coconut Flan. Jessica ended up leaving the kitchen in tears.  Their other dessert was Roasted Peach with Marscapone ice cream. Pete struggled to get his spoon into the peach. If it is meant to be fine dining why is there no fork to use.

Manu loved the flan and the churros but did not think it went together. Pete loved his dessert as the ice cream was not too sweet.

The scores:

WA – 4

Tas – 4

Qld –  6

Vic – 5

Pete gave a 7 for entree, a four for main, and a nine for dessert.

Manu gave a six for entree, a ten for main, and eight for dessert. They ended up being second on the leader board with a total of 63. They are safe.

April 23, 2014   69 Comments

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Is Really Getting Nasty Now!

Gina Liano with her boyfriend Dean

Gina Liano with her boyfriend Dean

Is this the nastiest Real Housewives franchise ever? It is Team Gina versus everyone else and Chyka is just staying out of it. I suspect Gina Liano has been cleverer at being nasty then Andrea and Lydia who have just come out firing. Let’s be frank it is making good television on a show where the plot lines are a bit thin.

However the animosity it new heights this week with a letter to Gina that is doing the rounds which infers that it was been written by a Real Housewives insider.

Andrea Moss has denied she was the one that wrote it. Of course it could just be an overzealous fan person of Team Lydia/Andrea/Janet. It is interesting that Jackie Gillies is the one looking like she has a halo over her head when it comes to this feud considering she was the one involved in the first heated exchange with Gina. The writer also gives Chyka a tickle up insinuating she and Gina brought social media followers and also has a swing at Chyka’s husband.

Basically it is very bitchy mixed with a lot of slurs.

Here is the original on this Blogspot site but read it quick as not sure how long it will be up for as these ladies like slinging around legal letters. Gina and property developer Dean Giannarelli who is based in Florida are back together according to Daily Mail.

Are you on Team Gina or Team Andrea or think that all of them are a bit ridiculous?

April 22, 2014   10 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – The Meltdown

Props to Chloe and Kelly who were bottom of the leader board for scoring Tassie girls, Thalia and Bianca, fairly. A five out of ten was about right for what was a pretty erratic night. But boos to SEVEN for the week’s break from My Kitchen Rules as it really took the momentum out of the show. Even with the girls sobbing on camera I was finding it hard to care.

However it was still the highest rating show of the night but then there WAS nothing else on.

Thalia and Bianca were the third of the final five teams to cook in their ultimate restaurant round where they had to offer up two dishes for each course. Thalia and Bianca’s was a bit hit and miss. For entree they served up Salmon Rilettes with Olive Toast. Manu finished his plate but then complained the salmon was overcooked. No surprise as they were freestyling the confiting of the fish. Josh probably had a panic attack when he saw that they did not have the thermometer in the oil the whole time.

Their other entree was a bit weird. It was Deep Fried Silverbeet Ravioli with Basil Filling. It would have been divine if it had not hit the deep fryer. Pete thought it did not make sense, was too dry and the Basil and Tomato salad did not go with it.

It was the main course where they started unravelling. The mains were Braised Duck with Pinot servered Mashed Potato and Red Cabbage and Blue-Eyed Trevalla with Potato Scales and Pea Puree. In fact it would be interesting to know how long it took them to get the dishes on the table. As earlier in the episode Manu said the duck would take two to three hours to cook in the oven to get it falling off the bone and it was. But it was put in the oven just as the teams arrived. Also when they were trying to crisp up the skin they said it was cold which meant it must have been out of the oven for quite some time.


The potatoes on the fish were cut far too thick so when they were placed in the pan burnt but were still raw. Also it looked like Bianca had overlapped them too much. Bianca decided to deep fry them and place them on top. Once they plated the mains up they both started sobbing which continued while they were waiting to be judged.

They need not have worried too much as Pete Evans thought the Duck was melt in your mouth and as good as home cooking gets. I note he only gave it an eight out of ten. So it was not perfect. The girls did manage to render the fat out of the duck properly which is more then a lot of other teams have been able to do this year.

The fish was overcooked though Bree said it was not woeful. The Queensland boys thought the duck was great, and Chloe and Kelly were bitching about the lack of crispy skin but were not wanting to hand over their plate for the boys to finish.

Again there must have been a big wait between main and dessert as the tart pastry cases were only being cooked after mains had been served and they would have needed to cool down. Desserts were Palm Sugar Bavarois with Poached Pear, and Rhubarb and Hazelnut Tartlet with Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Bianca had another meltdown after dropping one of the tarts on the floor. Bree and Jessica said they would share and this did not seem to impact on the score they gave.

Considering Bianca had made the custard of the ice-cream it turned out OK. Manu’s big criticism was that it was made with cinnamon powder. Also that the

Thalia must have decided to give up at this point as she put a hot poached pear on the unset Palm Sugar Bavarois. It was surprising it did not turn it into a puddle on the plate. However it was not Pete’s biggest complaint he thought the spices were overpowering and confusing. He must have taken one bite before he started nibbling on his activated trail mix again.

The scores were:

Qld – 6

Vic – 6

SA – 5

WA – 5

This was a total of 22 out of 40.

Manu gave a eight for entree, a five for main, a seven for dessert and Pete gave a four for entree, a nine for main, and a three for dessert. Tears again by the girls.

They got a grand total of 58 which placed them at the bottom of the leader board. They were sobbing, however they should take comfort in the fact that Vikki and Helena still have to cook.

April 22, 2014   62 Comments