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The Biggest Loser – Tiffiny Hall Is Back As A Trainer

tiffany hall

There appears to be a lack of personal trainers in Australia as today it has been announced that Tiffiny Hall will be back on The Biggest Loser Families.

Tiffiny who was known as the ninja was on The Biggest Loser for two years, in 2011 and 2012, before her contract was not renewed.

However Tiffiny has been keeping herself busy including writing books and will again Commando, Michelle Bridges and Shannon Ponton to get the contestants in shape.

The Biggest Loser on TEN later in 2015.

April 19, 2015   8 Comments

Where Are They Now? Masterchef’s Liliana Battle

Pablo Newton Harley is back with his weekly “Where Are They Now” interview with a reality TV star. This week it is Liliana Battle from 2013 Masterchef Australia. She reveals she has a cookbook coming out as well as a food product as well.

April 19, 2015   3 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – The Final Teams Are….

It was a three teams going head to head to be the last two teams to make it into finals week. It was Camilla and Ash, Eva and Debra and Jane Emma duking it out to gain an advantage by winning the first challenge. They had to tag team and segment citrus fruit, first a grapefruit, then a lemon then finally a lime.

Eva and Debra hacked at theirs, whilst Ash was getting pretty uptight with Camilla for being so slow and not being precise. In fact it looked like there was a fair bit of tension between the pair. But Ash standing over her was not helping and telling her not to talk whilst she was doing it. However in the end they did win the advantage.

The advantage they received was to pick the vegetable they had to cook with to make a vegetarian dish. The vegetables were mushrooms, cauliflower and okra. Camilla and Ash were smart when they gave Jane and Emma the okra to cook with as they knew Eva and Debra would know what to do with it. Camilla and Ash cooked with the mushrooms which left the cauliflower for Eva and Debra. The winner would go straight into the finals week.

Camilla and Ash were making Ricotta Gnocchi with Braised Mushrooms, Jane and Emma were making Okra Fritters and Eva and Debra were making Cauliflower Curry.

Jane and Emma fritters were meant to be Asian style but they added in Feta Cheese. Pete said the okra got lost in the fritters. Well at least it was not the Masterchef go to dish when they don’t know what to make which is croquettes.

Eva and Debra were told by Manu that the Cauliflower Curry flavour was “to die for” however he thought the cauliflower rice had too much saffron in it.

The judges told Camilla and Ash their gnocchi was as good as Eva and Debra’s dish but the judges did not like the Parmesan Crisp had too much cayenne pepper in it. However the judges put them through to the final five.

Eva an Debra and Jane and Emma then went head to head  in the final challenge where they had to make a signature dish. Eva and Debra made Braised Oxtail.They also made bone marrow with a topping on it. The topping was problematic as the first go they put too much pepper in it. Then on the second go Eva realised the issue wasn’t the pepper but the garlic. However the bone marrow was always going to be a favourite with the judges.

Jane and Emma made a dessert. They made Sweet Potato Pie with Peaches. Colin said it was grand final plating and he thought it looked stunning and Manu thought it was a bold dessert. They were scored seven and eights by the judges for a total of 45.

Eva and Debra were told the flavours were great but the plating was not as good. However they were scored eight and nines so they were through to grand final week.

The final five are:

  • Steve and Will;
  • Ash and Camilla;
  • Jac and Shaz;
  • Bianca and Drasko; and
  • Eva and Debra.

And because Channel 7 don’t think there can be enough instant restaurant rounds the teams will be doing another in finals week.

April 19, 2015   107 Comments

Guest Post: Survivor World’s Apart – A Major Threat Gone

Rosie is back with another fantastic recap on Survivor World’s Apart.
Over to Rosie:
And here we are again with another episode of what has become another somewhat less than fascinating season of a show that we still inexplicably love. Hey did you know that last week’s eliminatee was the first member of the jury? Neither did I. Unless you did, in which case I now feel a bit silly. But watching this show often makes me feel that way as I lose track of the contestants and so on. Never mind, let’s plug on, shall we?
We start, as always, with the end of last week.That is, with the arguing and explanations that inevitably follow TC. This week we start with Dan criticizing Shirin for not knowing the difference between a flip and a blindside. Naturally he’s the only person who does. Please get off my television, Dan! Where was I? Shirin just thinks Dan’s a know it all (I’m disliking her less and less as time wears on) and is looking forward to staying until the end. Rodney says Dan is wrong that flippers don’t win, and then has a blather about a Mike Tyson knockout punch coming for his former Blues.Okaaay. Jenn isn’t too happy and is ready to go home. She doesn’t want to actually quit, you understand, but is ready to be voted out. In fact she will be really happy to be voted out.
Reward Challenge. The reward is a bunch of different choccie bars, so naturally they all wet their pants at the prospect. We saw a preview of this last week, and yes, it’s the one where they are in the ocean and bash themselves up left right and centre as they go through various obstacles. Disappointingly, oops, I mean fortunately, we are not shown any injuries. They must go through said obstacles to eventually get grappling hooks, which they must use to grab some floating rings. The first team to get 5 rings gets to be the one to gorge on chocolate. They are divided off camera in a “schoolyard pick” into 2 groups: Mike, Tyler, Shirin, Dan and Sierra and Rodney, Joe, Will, Carolyn and Jenn. The first mentioned team wins, despite the fact that Shirin seems to be far and away the worst performer. We see the victors eat chocolate and, well, there’s not much else to say except that, um, they eat a lot of chocolate. Fascinating it is not.
The losers return to camp, and unsurprisingly, Rodney is unhappy. He decides the fair thing to do is for them to kill and eat one of the chooks. Well, I guess in the absence of chocolate… I find it all most amusing. Jenn is not amused, since she thinks of the chookies as her personal pets. And they didn’t ask her! Somewhere along the line, Rodney does a Mike impression that makes everyone laugh – even me. His Dan is also amusing, although not in the same class as his Mike. The choccie eaters don’t complain about the foul deed of the missing fowl when they return to camp. Or if they do, we are not shown any complaints. When they get Tree Mail the next day, Jenn reminds us that she still wants to go home by telling Joe that if she wins Immunity she’ll give it to him.
Immunity Challenge. It’s the one where they must stand on tiptoes while pressing a block of wood against a board with the top of their head. It’s set for each contestant’s height. Poor Joe desperately wants to win because he knows he’s outta there otherwise. But he cannot hold his balance. However, Jenn hangs right in there as one of the final two. But alas, her wooden block falls, meaning she will stay and Joe will probably go. The winner is Tyler.
Scramble time. Jenn wants people to vote for her because she wants to go. She doesn’t want to quit, nosirree! She just plain wants to go. Which makes no sense. But most of ‘em want Joe outta there because he’s such a threat. Joe talks to Dan who says he can’t help him. Joe then goes to his little spot in the bush where he’s been acting like Squirrel Nutkin, only setting aside stuff to make a fake idol, rather than a supply of nuts. He makes a pretty convincing idol in no time flat and tells Mike he has an idol. Which Mike should realise is a pile of garbage since he has the real one! Anyway, Joe gives his so called HII to Mike – which I don’t quite understand. Surely Mikes would realise if the damn thing is real, Joe would be keeping it for himself? To be fair, I think Mike does realise there’s something fishy about the alleged idol.
Tribal Council. Hali pops out as the first member of the jury. Jeff asks Jenn if she really wants to be there. When she says no, he asks her why she doesn’t just leave, and she says it’s because she doesn’t want to be seen as a quitter. Jeff also doesn’t understand why she puts so much effort into challenges. Shirin understands though. Time to vote, but first Mike asks Jeff to verify the HII Joe gave him. Jeff says no, not until the votes have been placed. And NOW it’s time to vote. We see Tyler vote for Jenn, Rodney vote for Joe and Joe vote for Jenn. Jeff asks for any idols and of course Mike produces the fake one. He says he’s playing it for Will who thanks him. Jeff reveals the vote: Jenn, Joe, Jenn, Joe, Dan, Jenn, Joe, Jenn, Joe and… sob Joe. Poor Joe. It was a foregone conclusion,  but I was still sorry to see him go rather than one of those Blue buttheads.

April 17, 2015   16 Comments

Reno Rumble Starting Soon And The Teams Are….

It is the year of the reality TV show renovation Renovation Rumble is a new concept. It is contestants from The Block and House Rules going head to head. The show which will screen on NINE will see them split into to two teams and renovating neighbouring houses.

The show will be hosted by Scott Cam from the The Block, and  the couples will be split into two teams and renovating neighbouring houses.

The contestants are a mix of faves and villains.

Representing the home team from The Block are:

Josh (29) and Jenna (27), VIC – power couple from The Block 2011 and The Block: All Stars in 2013

Kyal (29) and Kara (27), NSW – the Super K’s from The Block: Fans v Faves in 2014

Michael (32) and Carlene (32), QLD – audience favourites from The Block Glasshouse in 2014

Ayden (31) and Jess (32), QLD – currently starring in The Block Triple Threat

The former contestants from House Rules:

Carly (33) and Leighton (34), NSW – winners of House Rules season one in 2013

Michelle (50) and Steve (50), NSW – runners-up of House Rules season one in 2013

Nick (21) and Chris (26), VIC – brothers from House Rules season one in 2013

Jemma (28) and Ben (29), WA – newlyweds from House Rules season one in 2013

 The homeowners are everyday Aussies who will have houses transformed.

The winner will collect $100,000 with half of it going to the couples favourite charity.

 The judges will be interior design experts and at this stage the judges have not been announced.

April 17, 2015   8 Comments