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April 9, 2014   22 Comments

Curtis Stone’s Star Continues To Rise In The USA

curtis stone

Curtis Stone star continues to shine in the USA with news he will be the host of the new Bravo show Top Chef Extreme. He is currently the host of Top Chef Masters.

Top Chef Extreme is another twist on the popular Top Chef franchise.

This is what the show will be about:

“In each episode of the newest extension of the Emmy and James Beard Award-winning franchise, two of the biggest, boldest and most talked-about personalities from Top Chef and Top Chef Masters past seasons will face off head-to-head in three rounds of extreme culinary challenges. The winners of each of these dream chef’testant battles will all compete against one another in the season finale in a definitive battle royal of pure gastronomic talent and ambition.”

Expect to see Spike, Jenn, Richard Blaise  and some other old favourites.

It is likely the show will be screened on Arena TV here. Another show that Bravo has commissioned is “Best New Restaurant” this is based on the UK show “Ramsay’s Best Restaurant”. However there will be no Gordon, but Tom Colicchio will be host and 16 of the hottest new restaurants will be pitted against each other in a series of challenges. The winning restaurant wins a cash prize.

I doubt Curtis Stone will bother entering his recently opened a restaurant in Los Angeles called Maude. The reviews have been very favourable so he should have no trouble getting in the customers.


April 20, 2014   2 Comments

Happy Easter

memeYou have to wonder what Jesus would have thought on reality TV if he was alive today or would he be on a show himself. Anyway I hope you are all in a chocolate coma today enjoying your Easter.



April 20, 2014   28 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Saturday

Tori Spelling is not shy about using her husband’s infidelity as a plot line on her new reality show. The above promo has them both sobbing on the couch for cameras. Also she told Star Magazine that she has not had sex with her husband since December. Too much information? (Source: Daily Mail)

My Kitchen Rules is holding off the date of announcing when the finale is going to be which means the viewer does not know when all the new shows are going to start. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The Lindsay Lohan reality show has been axed due to poor ratings.  Also it appears that she has fallen off the wagon and is drinking again. (Source: Daily Mail). However it doesn’t help to have parents like hers. Her mother Dina Lohan pleaded guilty to DUI earlier this week.

Gwen Stefani is likely to be taking over from Christina Aguilera on the US version on The Voice. Christina is pregnant with her second child. (Source:

Guy Sebastian and his wife Jules have welcomed their second son, Archer, into the world this week. (Source: Daily Mail)

The Bachelor’s Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich are on a road trip in the US. Don’t they ever work? (Source: Daily Mail)

Ryan Seacrest is saying he is out of here, well at least no longer going to do American Idol next year, which is code for his contract is up for renewal.  He has allegedly made $250 million from the show. The ratings on the show continue to fall. (Source: Daily Mail)

If you are thinking of applying for The Bachelor you might want to read this. (Source: Baltimore Sun)

Bethenny Frankel won’t be going back to Real Housewives of New York. (Source: Showbiz Spy)





April 19, 2014   7 Comments

Rachel Leahcar Says That Delta Goodrem Is No Longer In Contact

It surprises me that on these reality shows like The Voice Australia and The X Factor where the judges mentor the contestants that they are surprised when their mentors are no longer in touch with them after the cameras have stopped rollling.

Now in the case of Rachael Leahcar it could be a bit different as she was the support act to her mentorsDelta Goodrem’s concert.

Rachael told News Limited that she had not heard from her in a year.

The article states:

The 20-year-old vision impaired singer has revealed to OK! Magazine that she hasn’t heard from her music idol in over a year.

“It’s sad … she was my big sis,” Leahcar told the magazine.

“She’s a busy woman, I understand,” the reality show finalist said, adding that Goodrem, 29, is still an inspiration to her.

The pair were incredibly close during the filming of The Voice, and the singers even toured together after the show wrapped.

“She’s my little prodigy,” Delta told MTV Australia at the time of the tour.

“Through The Voice, when things would get intense, she was like this little angel that was just constantly wanting to learn.”

Leahcar has since tweeted, clarifying comments she made to OK! magazine.

Rachael Leahcar tweeted that she had spoken to her recently. The good news for Rachael is she has a new album called Here Comes The Sun.

The Voice Australia coming soon to NINE.

April 19, 2014   1 Comment

The Amazing Race – A Surprise Elimination But Let’s Blame The Taxi Driver Again

jessica and john

I have to confess I do really like Jamahl (ok might have a slight crush) and Leo on The Amazing Race as no matter what is going on they look like they are having fun. This time in All Stars they have decided to not be too evil and be a bit more cooperative with the other teams as well as being a tad crazy.

In the latest episode all the teams ended up on the same plane to Italy. Unfortunately for the two Nashville Girls they were going to have to do a speed bump as it the previously had been a non-elimination leg.

First up was the detour with most of the teams deciding to do the remote control chariot race. Jamahl and Leo decided to abort and go and do the gladiator’s challenge. Jessica and John had already completed it and then their day from hell started. Yep the dodgy cab driver. But let’s be frank it was partly their fault as Piazza di Spagna looked pretty much like Spanish Steps, however it is easy to say that when you are sitting on the couch. What was surprising was how many Italian cab drivers did not know that was what it was.

Anyway they were taken to some dodgy part of Rome with high rise apartments but then they were not the only team there. The Harlem Globetrotters were taken there as well. They ended up at the Roadblock where they had to count the steps plus work out Roman numerals at around the same time and the Afghanimals were also there.

Jamahl was helped by a local and received the pitstop clue. The other two teams thinking the Nashville girls were behind them asked Leo and Jamahl to give them the answer and they did. Of course the deal was they were not allowed to be U-Turned in a later leg. At one stage it looked like this good deed was going to back fire as Jamahl and Leo could have been beaten to the pitstop as Leo had an injury. However they made it just before the Globetrotters with Jessica and John the last to arrive and they were eliminated.

Here is an interview with Jessica and John  where they talk about what happened.


April 18, 2014   5 Comments