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Big Brother Australia – The First Elimination

Before we got to the first elimination, firstit was too the diary room, Lawson and Aisha were given five minutes to discuss how to divvy the money up. Lawson gave the $20000 to Aisha as his life is blessed and he is still living at home. And Aisha and Lawson decided to give Jake the $5000 as his compelling sob story is that he lives pay check to pay check. Maybe he might not want to rent in one of the most expensive suburbs in Sydney that would save him a few bucks.

Though who would you give it to, as none of the housemates appear to be that hard up.

Lawson was now worrying that he will become a target because he is a part of the “perfect couple”.

Katie saw Lawson as a threat and told Ryan that Lawson’s persona of the awkward anti social guy was “bullshit”. Ryan said he was awkward and then he became comfortable.

Katie said she thought she see vindictiveness. This girl bitches about everyone and his a tad delusional.

Travis apologised to her about the ugly face comment, but then had a go at her in the sauna. But he actually did a great impersonation of the way Katie walks.

Travis  does like Aisha and told BB she was an awesome chick and she ticks a lot of boxes. In fact there was even some non-spa pashing going on between the two.

The viewer is not see much of Priya. Is she not saying much or are the producers protecting her?

Gemma was upset about being isolated but then later she said she was enjoying pushing buttons and getting under peoples skins. Jake sat there looking bewildered. He told her you have to play the game with the other housemates.

It was also elimination night and David and Sandra were the first team to be made safe. That was a slight shock. But it was not a shock that Jake and Gemma were the team up for elimination. Gemma sobbed.

The housemates then had to decide who to kick out and it was obvious that it was going to Gemma as they would all follow each other on the vote. It should have been by ballot, because as Priya said to Katie that it was more strategic to vote out Jake.

Gemma was just standing there being humiliated with everyone lining up behind Jake. Well everyone bar Priya. You wonder if that will come back to haunt her with nomination points this week.

Gemma was the first person to be eliminated and heading back to obscurity but first she was interviewed by Sonia and lo and behold after two years they finally got a lounge. She told Sonia her strategy was to have the focus on herself in the house. She said that other people in the house were not playing strategy and they told her it was too early to be playing strategy. Ironically those people are still in the house and she is not.

Gemma thought Skye had a good chance of winning. She said the thing that she missed the most in the house was normal food. She said that even though they had luxury budget Dion ate for four people. Apparently there were times when they got up for breakfast and there was no bread. Maybe Dion isn’t the sharing the caring type that we thought he was.

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The X Factor Decides To Have A Bottom Three But It Still Goes To Deadlock

There was a bottom three on The X Factor tonight instead of a bottom two. At first I thought it was to try and eliminated it going to deadlock but it went to deadlock anyway.

Maybe it was to extend the already too long elimination night show. In fact my recording cut off before the end, but that may have been because Danni Minogue was rambling on.

The bottom three was Caitlyn, Tee and Jason. Jason was safe. Ronan and Redfoo voted for Tee and Danni and Nat B voted for Caitlyn to go. So it was deadlock, and Tee was eliminated.

There are now only six singers left.

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Big Brother – Still Too Much Tim Dormer And It’s Only A Beard For Chrissake

It was too much Tim again on Big Brother tonight. He was interviewed by Sonia Kruger on stage and it was all about him. How he had made a big move aka had put himself up for eviction and how that was when he thought he could win.

It was interesting when he eventually got talking about the house. He did say that Katie and Travis were not real bright and the smarter ones seemed to be keeping quiet and watching the two of them implode. Also he said no one can stand Gemma.

Tim also picked the new individual head of the house and he selected, a male, Lawson.

Lisa was doing her best “I can’t recall” impersonation when Travis was interrogating her about Jake. Skye was quite funny when she said “Well if you want to create a love triangle….”.

Far to much time was also given to the shaving of David’s beard. If it had been a guy having a circumcision then sure devot 20 minutes screen time to it….

The housemates thought he was being strategic by shaving it and that it was going to save him from eviction. I am not convinced.

Cat is still crushing on Lawson, but she can’t do anything about it as he has a girlfriend.

Up in the cubby house Ryan was bitching about Travis saying he was funny but not funny. Sam concurred.

Dave was asking Sam about how he feels about being stuck in the house with Gemma for another week.

Priya won’t like it as they had a little stoush.

The perfect pair competition continued and semi-finalist’s, Gemma and Jake, and Dion and Jason, were battling it for the chance of $30,000. They had to wheel around in these tiny houses. They both did well, I would have bailed after 10 minutes as it was far to clasutraphobic. Neither got out and there was a tie-breaker question and it was how long were they living together in their mini house? The answer was 6 hours and 19 minutes. Dion and Jason were the closest with their guess so were through to the grand final.

Travis thinks he is the alpha male of the house, and he told Queen Bee, Katie, she had an ugly head, after she told him he had an ugly haircut. He also told her she had she been a bitch to him since she walked into the house. Katie said she did not want to chat with him about anything about him. Lisa, Katie and Ryan proceeded on having a big bitch session about Travis.

Skye and Lisa were saved from eviction, so they are the most popular out of the four. I suspect this is due to Skye.

The grand final for the perfect pairs was a dance competition. Jason and Dion were cracking me up in rehearsal and it was hilarious watching the teams dance. The public (or the ones on jump in and are watching it live in the Eastern states) voted Aisha and Lawson the winner.

However they were taken to the diary room and handed cheques of $20,000, $5,000 and $5,000. They had to decide who was getting the $20,000 out of the two of them and also who they would give the $5000 to. We have to wait until tomorrow night to see their decision.

But the rule that they can’t make a deal to share it on the outside is bollocks, how would Big Brother know once you were out of the house and the money was in your account what you did with it.

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My Kitchen Rules – Dan And Steph Are Pregnant

Dan and Steph

Winners of My Kitchen Rules, Dan and Steph have announced via New Idea that they are pregnant with their first child.

The couple who have had trouble conceiving have finally have some happy news via IVF.

The baby is due in April.

Full story here.

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Guest Post: The Block Glasshouse – Ensuite reveals – Oh, Dee is still an asshole, ok.

Apologies to guest poster Gidgit for taking so long to get this up. I have been off line all day:

So we are on the last stretch of room reveals for ensuites and turns out the contestants are more keen on sleeping in, going to the footy, standing around and playing pranks on each other. I don’t even have time for that and I’m not on The Block!

Yes I know it’s a TV show and made for our sofa sitting arses entertainment but they can’t all be THIS relaxed when they are still tiling and putting in glass panels? 24 hours till finishing a Nope.

Chris has messed up dates with his glazier so maybe Chris should take his hands out of his damn pockets and start actually working. Darrens mirror doesn’t fit and thank god Dee was not around for this drama. I notice she was not even told. Wise move.

Can I take a moment to say well done to the trades on The Block. Ok there is the odd ‘bad apple’ but all these folks working so hard, for long hours and into the night – yes they are being paid but just try to get a tradie to work past 3.30pm! Go on – I dare you! So from me to all you hard working trades on the block well done. The contestants might receive the rewards and praise – but it’s you guys that get shit done – as always! Tradies rock (now come work for me – I need 2 bathrooms done. Cheers)

It’s go to the footy time a day before room reveals – Darren says no because he knows rugby league is shit loads more manly than AFL – oh plus Dee would kill him (and you AFL people will want to kill ME no doubt. Hey, I’m NSW. It’s all some fun ribbing!) Chris approaches Mike to get invited because he’s not considered ‘one of the guys’ because he’s a tantrum throwing sook bag so I don’t blame them really. The brothers turn it down as they at LEAST have the sense that they are not on this show to go watch sport & have to get their room done and are looking at the end game for a damn change. You teams have all seen previous seasons right and how much money you can take home? Yeah – after that plenty of time to fly to fucking England first class and watch the damn football Australia Vs England – you knuckle heads!

Mike and Carlene’s door now no longer fits so no door on ensuite. Dee is busy nosing around Michael because….she has nothing to do?!? I’m still completely befuddled how Chris and Jenna did not get their bathroom done but stuff that – let’s see the boys going to the footy in the car sifting through various songs. This whole thing was more staged than Big Brother.

Dickhead Dee and Darren take Karston’s shower head the day before reveal in revenge for Karston giving away their stupid chair at the garage sale for free. I thought what Karston did was pretty funny. Dee stealing his shower head is just lame to be honest. Over to Karston, Chris, Mike and Scott Cam in the Ch 9 private box watching the footy. Nice waste of time. Turns out they make a bet with Cam using their renovation money. What a season of genius’ we have this year.

The brothers have a wooden bath. It looks pretty nice – IF YOU ARE IN A CABIN IN SWITZERLAND IN THE SNOW! Sorry for shouting. Dee is now in Chris and Jenna’s bathroom watching the tiler put up the 3D tiles and she’s everywhere but where she should be. God this show would be easy. I’m so applying next season with Colonel Kickhead – whether he likes it or not.

Max notices her shower head is gone and does not have the common sense to know it’s devil Dee – who is meanwhile writing a ransom note. Nice she has SO much time on her hands. Maybe could have used all that ‘looking at others bathrooms and being silly buggers’ to put more damn storage in your Sarah Richardson bathroom.

Chris comes back to a tiler who is really struggling and then gives his tiler attitude big time like the full dickhead that he is. God Chris is a horrible person. If I was that tiler I would have kicked him in the face with my steel capped work boot! You were just drinking beer at the footy Chris you lazy shit. And not like you do much work when you ARE back at The Block. Karston is searching for his shower head and personally I would have just gone and bought another and told Dee to choke on it.

Even with Dee being a total asshole I feel the most for Chris’ tradies because at least Dee is hardly ever on site and Chris seems to THINK he’s a tradie so he’s around being a wet rag constantly. Simon helps Chris and Jenna with their plumping and JENNA helps him out – not Chris. We come back to pretty much everyone being in trouble and maybe work harder before the 24 hours before room reveal perhaps? Darren and Dee are teasing Karston and Max with the whole shower head business and I notice Dee’s phone is pretty smashed up. Must have topped itself having her stare at it perhaps? And why do they all have their towels up while trade work is going on? Dust people – DUST!

Chris and Jenna’s tradies are literally giving themselves a hernia putting up their mirrors with Chris and Jenna just standing there like twits. Ten minutes left and Priss and Jenna’s mirror has lifted one of their tiles while Keith is there all ‘well fix it’. Yeah Keith, I think you are stating the obvious. Karston meets with Bitch and Darren to get his shower head back and it’s meant to be funny but it’s all just really kind of lame.

Before I head to judging, Priss and Jenna work past ‘tools down’ and to me instant disqualification. I do think this does show the programme does let them ‘fix things up’ a bit past tools down time. I mean they had a damn ladder in their bathroom! Guess they could have chucked some towels over it and called it a towel rack?

Judging: Shaynna, Darren and Neale are back and turns out Neale has his cranky pants on so not sure what Dee’s deal is with Shaynna but I recapped all of that before tonight in last weeks review. Tonight they show it and Dee is BUSTED! So judging…

Mike and Carlene are up first:

mike and carlene ensuite

Firstly no door! Eh I don’t have a door – just a spotlight shower curtain but at least I have the curtain! Darren finds it very ‘glassy’ (not sure if that is good or not?) Neale loves the joinery and bench top etc but thought it felt cold. Neale – bathrooms are pretty cold dude. Shaynna does not like where their lights are but I didn’t mind them. And I HATE HATE HATE ‘double showers’ (if you follow me on twitter you’ll know my thoughts on that) A shower is for one person unless you are in a porno! Also why do you need double sinks? I don’t want to watch my partner brushing or flossing his damn teeth! Neale hates dried flowers but Darren loves them and has even used them! Awkward!

Jenna and Chris now:

ensuite one

Sooky & Jenna did not finish their bathroom. If that is what they had to present come auction day people would be disgusted plus they kept working past ‘tools down’ so really the judges should have just entered, huffed – then turn around and left. Jenna hopes the judges can ‘see if for what it is going to be’ but you may as well show them a bare room and say ‘well this is seriously going to be amazing – trust us’. Plus I HATE their blue towels and I’m still on the fence regarding their geometric tiles. Urgh double shower – that’s worse than the unfinished shit to me. I’ll give them credit for the only bath in the ensuites – but that’s where credit ends. It’s not finished so maybe should not have been messing around in the Ch 9 private box watching footy huh Chris? And seeing the trades do 85% of the work none of them have ANY excuse to not finishing unless it’s a building thing, not your own damn fault!

Max and Karston are up next:

max and karston ensuite

Now I’m not a ‘modern’ person at all. Love me some retro rustic style – but for a modern bathroom I think they nail it. Not my taste but I can appreciate it. Shaynna ticks off her ‘bathroom desire’ list including Double vanities (why?), storage (essential). Underfloor heating (huge electricity bill and only good in cold areas), height (bad luck in a normal house or apartment) and window (yeah that helps I guess or it’s a prison cell) And maybe it’s just me but I like a picture in a bathroom…makes it more warm. Painting, drawing, photo – whatever – I love a picture. WHO SHOWERS WITH THEIR PARTNER? The judges think it’s a bit dated but isn’t everything? Last years Belle is dated with its style if you look at it now!

SS Brothers up now:

ensuite 2

The ‘big deal’ is the wood bath. The judges love it. I’m more ‘eh’ unless it’s in a Swiss or Canadian cabin perched in the snow with fir trees outside. Plus that gold Asian stool thing is completely off on every level. My nan had one of those, but pattern not gold. But the judges spooge over the entire bathroom when I think it’s actually quite dull aside from the wooden fruit bowel bathtub. I think the judges are on meth regarding this one. Sorry Shaynna! Still love ya! And I HATE patterned bathroom towels. Each to their own! Key to winning a room – put new novelty things in your room it seems!

Finally Dee and Darren:

dee and darren ensuite

Dee is immediately complaining they have the smallest spaces but it’s about style – not size. Get over it for god sake! If a couple buys it they do not want massive huge spaces. Dee is already talking up her Sarah Richardson styled bathroom. The judges do love it but Shaynna is one of the judges so she sucks according to Dee. It’s amazing, even with massive praise – more than most teams got – Dee is still a bitter old nasty cow. Darren hops on board because he’s a pussy. Shaynna actually calls their ‘eh’ bathroom “breathtaking” but that’s not enough for Dee. Cam reads “it’s a small bathroom but….” And that is all Dee hears enough to go off about Shaynna having some personal vendetta out about them for no reason what so ever aside from being totally and completely irrational on every level of delusional stupid and nasty. As demon Dee talks you see her sad sack husband just sitting there – blank – like ‘welp, this is my life, guess I’ll just tolerate it until I die an old man in a retirement home’. I’m not going to review Dee and Darren’s bathroom because even if I like their tiles – Dee sucks and she is not getting any promotion through me at least. Like Shaynna or not – fine – but Dee’s behaviour is BEYOND unreasonable, embarrassing and nasty. You dickheads defending Dee’s behaviour on twitter are as bad as her. So what – he played AFL? Big whoop! He kicked, ran and caught a ball. Did he cure cancer or work in Somalia with sick kids? No. This sport person worship needs to stop right now. And Dee didn’t play AFL so just because your ‘hero’ is rooting her does not make her great or awesome. She’s a nasty bitter piece of work.

So normally I’d go into who wins but Ch 9 finally DO play Dee’s rant (obviously she was not aware she was being recorded or filmed because she’s not very bright) and says the following after coming SECOND in the judging (you do not hear the teams with lower scores than hers carrying on like this strangely enough!) Oh, and the editors make sure to recap the history of Shaynna’s scores for Dee and Darren showing often Darren gave lower and so did Neale. So Dee’s ‘hate’ rant is beyond unnecessary!

I will say how the hell did Chris and Jenna who had hardly finished their bathroom get just half a point off other teams who had completed bathrooms?? That was a tad off much like the scores!

The brothers win, bitch face and pussy come second – followed by Mike and Carlene, Max and Karstan then last is Chris and Jenna (rightly so). Poor Max and Karstan are one point above a bathroom that was half done?!?! Now THEY have reason to bitch and moan, not fucking Dee! All the reasonable teams are happy for them. Jenna does say she’ll punch a judge who gives them a 7 again even though they didn’t finish.

Dee is now BEAUTIFULLY caught berating Shaynna and well done block editors for catching it and showing it on air. It’s not editing yadda yadda – it’s Dee being a nasty bitch.

Dee: “ I hate Shaynna. She did the same thing and banged on about that kitchen stool thing making a big song and dance (no she didn’t – just judged how impractical it was you moron) Tell you what she’d want to keep away from me at the wrap party if she shows up (clear threat) You are a bogan from Wantirna and you have no idea and I’ll out-style you anyday. This person keeps giving us less scores every week (no she doesn’t) I just think it’s unfair. People might think we are being sore losers….”

Yes Dee – yes you ARE sore losers. You are a nasty piece of work and yes you should be embarrassed at seeing that and the reaction of people on social media and in blogs etc as it’s fully justified. You vocally threatened Shaynna on camera. If your lame ass husband was not some footy star you would not even be on this show. Your ‘style’ is stolen from magazines and Sarah Richardson and you do nothing aside from shop, boss people around and be a bitch. And as we saw how much of your time is shopping not even for The Block? New dress? How about new personality??

Phew, that was fun! See you next week kiddies!



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