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Big Brother – The Housemates Exposed

Lina was the first to get exposed on the Big Brother secrets video and she was shown bitching about Ryan and Penny. Also she had a crack at Skye and Skye gave her the death stare at the screen.

Then it was Travis turn to have his footage shown and he was shown nominating Priya and bitching about her.He was also had a go about Lina and her gender dividing the house. Ryan got a razz as well about splitting up the couples.

Skye was just chugging on the red wine and she needed it when she heard what Penny had to stay about her. Penny said she gets away with saying awful things to people because she is Skye. Penny also bitched about the fact Skye ran around naked and Penny said her nakedness interrupts some great conversations. If there are great conversations we are not hearing them.

Priya said Skye was sooo stupid but that was early footage and then there was a bitchfest about Penny. After her footage finished Priya said that she had said much worse stuff.

Ryan was shown bitching and he came across nasty. He said about Travis “there are only so many fake laughs I can do” and also criticised him for hooking up with Aisha. He also had a crack about Skye saying she wants to be treated like an adult but still acting like a child. He also called her “tacky” and “a dumb idiot”. Skye got teary. Ryan also said about Priya “It is like Skye has surpassed her in intelligence”.

Skye’s footage was last. “Do you think Ryan knows that I am attracted to him?” and then it showed her nominating Ryan and Priya. Skye also was seen bitching about Lina saying I don’t find her interesting.

Priya and Skye immediately went to the kitchen to bitch about Ryan and his rallying of troops. Skye was upset that she was not “Ryan’s cup of tea”.

Skye ran off to the bedroom to cry as Priya and Lina argued with the boys. Skye said she did not want to be here as everyone was calling her stupid during that experience. However she cheered up when she was sent into the Sanctuary with Penny for the night.  Skye confronted Penny in the Sanctuary. Skye was declaring that she was not a bitchy girl.

Penny was crying because she wanted to fall into ridiculous love. Clearly she has watched The Notebook too many times.

Travis had a crack at Penny, whilst bitching with Priya saying Penny saying that Skye played up for the cameras was “pot calling kettle black”.

Then it was Travia time, which if Travis giving the housemates Trivia. He asked who would win Big Brother. Travis thought he would win, clearly he does not know that the wrong number for the voting lines has been up for him for a number of days.

November 24, 2014   6 Comments

The Big Adventure – And The Winner Is ….

One million dollars – one of the biggest prizes ever given out on Australian television, but what is sad is that I did not care who won The Big Adventure. OK I lie I was excited to see the money appear in the box as it meant the episode finally ended.

Mark showed he was a force to be reckoned now that it was solo challenges and he managed to get another swag of keys in the last episode giving him a far greater chance of winning the $1 million and Mark won the easiest money on reality TV.

Natalia had no one to blame but herself. Not only did she keep him in, she actively went against her alliance.

The final episode was as drawn out as all the episodes had been. With host Jason Dundas not bringing much zing to his role. TV hosts are like politics as in that mediocre blokes get most of the gigs but a female has to prove they are amazing to get a shot.

After Paula and Sean were eliminated. Julie, Natalia and Mark were digging for the prize. Everyone had to dig up a box in the squares which they had dug the keys up in. This also gave the show the opportunity to revise how everyone won their keys. This got a bit tedious as they had to go over it 12 times.  To try and increase the emotion the final three families were flown in to watch the dig.

Don’t expect to see a series two of this.

November 24, 2014   10 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Monday Morning

Janice Dickinson claims she was raped by Bill Cosby she is not the only person making those allegations. (Source: Reality Blurred)

My Kitchen Rules judge Colin Fassnidge got into a Twitter war with another chef and yes it got nasty. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Todd McKenney tells Mark Holden to stay away from the Dancing With The Stars finale. Interesting that he is the third DWTS cast member this week to talk about Mark. Are they still trying to use him for publicity. (Source:

Sam Armytage is releasing a book this week, which means publicity is needed. She is talking about her weight and her love life to get it. (Source:

For My Kitchen Rules contestant’s Bec Saul and Malcolm Gill are up for a Cafe Of The Year Award. I must have a bad memory because I cannot remember who they are. ( Source: Daily Telegraph)

Pink Salt the restaurant that was started on My Restaurant Rules is still going strong and in fact got a great review. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Trashy rumour of the day is that Scott Disdick who is with Kourtney Kardashian is going to dump her for her sister Khloe.(Source: The Inquisitr)

Good news for Ajay Rochester she has a part in the online web series The Doll, which is about doll collectors. Also she has a calendar out to help pay for her sons legal fees. (Source: Daily Mail)

Masterchef’s Justine Schofield is dating Matt Doran. (Source:

The US version of So You Think You Can Dance has been renewed. (Source: Reality Blurred)

November 23, 2014   18 Comments

The Big Adventure – Do Any Of Them Deserve To Win?

Natalia piped out the reality TV cliche “I’m not here to make friends”. She said this as she turned her back on her alliance and picked Mark to be on her team. Paula and Julia who thought they were in an alliance with Natalia looked shocked when she selected Mark to be on her team, there by keeping him safe from elimination.

Considering he is by far the strongest physical player it is going to be a risk. But by aligning herself with him she knows she has a far better chance of getting to the end of the show then without.

It was Von she eliminated. Von then handed her key to Mark which gives him three golden keys.

It is the final five and tomorrow night is the final and then the host Jason Dundas announced that there are no more team battles it will be individuals against individuals. This made Natalia look like an idiot as Mark will be hard to beat.

It is unclear how many of the contestants will have a crack at opening the box but it must be at least three.

At the end of the show I noticed this in the credits. “The Square in which the $1,000,000 is buried was predetermined before filming commenced and was subject to independent checking”. The contestants left are Sean, Paula, Natalia, Julie, and Mark. Good to know but considering the lack of entertainment this show has given us do any of the contestants deserve the prize?

November 23, 2014   6 Comments

Dee And Darren Are Back On The Block

Are Dee and Darren coming back on The Block, well it looks like they are in with a very good shot.

Dee and Darren have been duking it out in challenges against two other former Block teams Bec and George and Matt and Kim.

The other three teams will be made up of newbies who will be whittled down from six teams.

The next series expected  to air in February is called The Block:Triple Threat.

It is unclear whether Dee and Darren have won their way back on to the show but conspiracy theorist might think that considering they only won $10,000 compared to the big bucks the two other teams did they might be the ones to get back onto the show.

Which of the three teams would you like to see return?

Source: Sunday Telegraph

November 23, 2014   7 Comments