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Ten Australian Stars You Never Knew Were Contestants On Reality TV Shows

Reality TV has been around for quite some time now and there are some people you never knew who were contestants on reality TV shows.

1. Karl Stefanovic – Torvill And Dean’s Dancing On Ice

karl Dancing on ice

Host of the Today show, Karl Stefanovic, was on the one and only season of Australia’s version of Dancing On Ice a competitve ice skating show. Airing in 2006 it was hosted by Sami Lukis and Jamie Durie but was axed after one season. You have to wonder if the coral top with sequins have ever been worn again.

You can see Karl skate, and he is quite good on this link here in fact he came runner up to Jake Wall, yes that is Jennifer Hawkins, husband.

2. James Mathison – $20 Challenge


Before his days as host of Australian Idol, James Mathison was on TV show $20 Challenge. The show, which screened in 2001, was hosted by Tim Bailey, and saw three Australians trying to survive in a foreign country with nothing but $20 to their name.  Unfortunately I cannot find video footage of him busking on the show. James Mathison won or came runner-up depending on which wiki page you read.

3. Cameron Daddo - Celebrity Circus

We know Cameron Daddo hosted reality TV shows but he was also in one. Celebrity Circus was a show  which aired in 2005 and had celebrities being taught circus acts to perform in the big top. Hosted by Bud Tingwell, it also had Ricky Lee in it as well as soap stars Kimberly Davis and Dieter Brummer.

4. Nova Peris-Kneebone – Celebrity Overhaul

nova peris

Normally people go from being a politcian to the reality TV circuit, yes looking at you Pauline Hanson and Jackie Kelly. But former Olympian Nova Peris-Kneebone now a Senator was on one of the early celebrity reality show Celebrity Overhaul. It went for two seasons in 2005-2006 and you guessed it they were put under a fitness and health regieme. Ita Buttrose also made an appearance on this program. This show is not to be confused with Excess Baggage.

5. Tom Waterhouse – Dancing With The Stars

Prior to Tom became a mega-squillionaire with his betting empire he was seen doing the jive on Dancing With The Stars. Ironically at the time no one knew who the hell he was and he was the second person to be eliminated. Now he has sold a huge chunk of his business hopefully TEN are looking at him to be one of their “sharks” on their new show Shark Tank, where people pitch their business ideas.

6. Darren Palmer – homeMADE

Darren Palmer at the launch of homeMADE

Darren Palmer at the launch of homeMADE

When Darren Palmer turned up as a judge on The Block he looked a little bit familiar. This was because he was a contestant on the 2009 program HomeMade. This was another renovation program producer by The Block producer’s Julian Cress and David Barbour. The premise of this show was the designers had to renovate two houses in five days. The eventual winner Jason Sullivan’s claim to fame was being arrested climbing over the wall into Tom Cruise’s property. He was drunk and it could happen to anyone!

7. Liz Cantor – The Mole

Not only was the Queensland TV presenter  a contestant on season five of The Mole, but she also won the series taking home a cool $200,000. She was then offered a job with Channel 7 in Queensland. She had completed her media degree and the multi talented Liz was also a professional surfer.

8. Michelle Leslie – Search For A Supermodel

michelle lucas

Before her interaction with the Balinese legal system, Michelle Leslie was on the first series of Channel TEN’s Search For A Supermodel all the way back in 2000. Other notable contestants from the three series is MTV’s delightful Kate Peck and Nicole Trunfio, who won season three, and was a mentor on The Face Australia this year. You can go here to see a YouTube clip which has a young looking Gemma Ward and Nicole Trunfio in it.

9. Julia Zemiro – It Takes Two

The quick witted host of Rock Kwiz also sings as seen on SEVEN’s reality show It Takes Two where celebrites. She was on season two and was teamed with singer Dave Gleeson and at the time also showed Grant Denyer why she is such a better host then he is.  She was the fourth to be eliminated. Other stars that were on the show which had three series were Mimi Macpherson and Julia Morris, who actually won her season.

Rebel Wilson – Monster House

Before Rebel Wilson went onto a big Hollywood career the actress/comedian was in the reality/comedy show Monster House. The premise was the fictional Webb family, played by actors  including Rebel Wilson,  who are living in a house purpose-built with hidden cameras to capture their performances and those of the unsuspecting guests who get brought into the family’s “web”. Wonder why you never saw the 2008 program on Network TEN? Well it was axed after two episodes.

What stars have you been surprised to learn that they were on a reality TV show?

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Big Brother Australia – Media Clips

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 11.56.56 AM


It is an interesting tweet that looks like it has now been deleted by former intruder Nathan Little. I presume the guy he is talking about is Justynn Harcourt. The treelopper/actor/muso who came across as a little unstable and attention seeking. Did he feel threatened? Maybe all the cameras on him might have made him feel a bit more secure.

Ben from last year’s Big Brother is performing in a new show  he says it is  part comedy, part tragedy, all honest”A Quiet Night In” for 3 nights only at the BRISBANE POWERHOUSE from December 7th. Tickets are on sale now at

Dion in an interview said the flirting with the girls is more about the boys insecurity. (Source: Your TV)

Katie labels Producers a “cruel stunt “regarding her father’s phone call though she admits she has no hard feelings. Though she should know that something like that can occur as it happened in the previous series. (Source:

Also here is Leo’s naked commercial if you go to watch it on YouTube beware of what else clicks up as recommended viewing. And yes I did click one that was about awkward boners!

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Big Brother Australia – The House Post Katie And The New Intruder

Lisa was very upset after Katie was eliminated as not only had she lost her best buddy but also the power she has in the house diminished.

Ryan told Sam and Sandra that he thought the cliques were lining up with age, that is, the oldies (late twenties) and the young ones. However Ryan is looking like a bit of a manipulater as he also went and talked to Lisa who was upset about all the geeks taking over and kicking the cool kids out. They both don’t appear to like David at all, calling him a weasel.

Katie in her farewell speech said she could not deal with Skye’s tantrums. Why are we not seeing them?

Lisa does not want to get involved in the Jake/Skye/ Lisa love triangle. She lied to Skye and told her that she never told Jake she liked him.

Skye is deluded as she thinks she is attracted to Jake intellectually as she likes it when he raps. Priya deserves some prize for not laughing as Skye was telling her this.

Priya again showed she was reading the house correctly but saying Lisa and Aisha will become closer, as will Skye and Cat. She did not know where she would line up, but by the end of the episode it looked like she was aligning with Lisa as she also has a touch of Ryan’s as she was reporting to Lisa about what Skye was saying about Jake.

Leo is a 30 year old model, who looks like a player, as he says he like girls better then guys. He does not own a TV. He said there was too much life to live to have one. When Sonia aksed the inevitable question then why was he on the show he said that he grasps onto every opportunity. I would not be surprised if he was tapped on the shoulder to go on the show, otherwise why would it even be on his radar? And he does live on the Gold Coast where it is produced.

He also said he has not seen any of the show this season and seemed to have no clue who the housemates were.

He does have a nice smile and a certain charm so the girls will go nuts. Lisa got first crack at him in the Sanctuary. She told him she was pretty straight up to people and did not talk about people she tells them too their face.

Leo asked Lisa what her special talent was and then he quipped “Resting bitch face?”, at that point I decided I liked the guy. He is so going to hook up in the house but with whom?

David was talking nominations and basically he told Sam he was not going to nominate him. David was being criticised by the others for talking strategy all the time which in the end did not prove to be very strategic.

Nominations were:

Travis nominated Priya for three points as he finds it difficult to hold a conversation with, and two points for David as he is playing the game.

Aisha nominated Jake for three points because he pranked her and Travis, and two points to David

Skye is nominating Lisa for three points as she said Skye was putting on an act and two points for Ryan as he is popular.

Jake nominated Jason for four points as he thinks he is the most powerful player and one point to David for breaking his trust and confidentiality.

Lisa nominated David for three points as she does not trust him and he tries to listen into conversation and two points for Cat as she thinks she is trying  act younger then she is. She then went on to say that when Cat got into the fish tank to dance she was wearing a sports bra and tiny shorts and she thought it was a little bit too much.

Priya gave Cat for three points as they don’t click and she is trying to be someone she is not. She gave two points to Lawson as when he was head of house as the power went to his head.

David nominated Jake for four points, because of the love triangle, and one point to Priya asthey don’g connect.

Jason nominated David for three points as he involved himself in drama today and Lawson for two points for being a hot head.

Lawson nominated Travis for three points for making people listen to him at the party and two points to David as he does not trust him and he is playing strategic.

Sandra nominated Skye for three points as she is immature and David for two points as he has been disrespectful and told her that her breasts were small.

Cat nominated David for three points as he is over focussing on strategy and it makes her feel uneasy and Lisa for two points as have to be on guard when she is around her.

Ryan nominated Skye for three points for bad manners and Travis for two point as he thinks he is inconsiderate.

Sam had the super power and he got 12 points to nominate with. However he could use points to find out where people were on the table. He gave three points to Travis and five points to Aisha as he thought it might make them question their relationship.

There are seven people up for nomination:

David – 18 points

Travis – 8 points

Jake – 7 points

Skye – 6 points

Aisha – 5 points

Cat – 5 points

Lisa – 5 points


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The Bachelor Australia – There Is Now Only Two?


Were you shocked who went tonight? But first read Annajjj’s recap:

Tonight we’re down to the last three and we’re off to the the most romantic place on earth – Africa. And the disco challenge tonight is How Many Chicks Can One Guy Get To Drop The L-Bomb In A Weekend?

But first we head to BUNDA to look at ‘commitment’ rings and Blake hints he might need an ‘engagement’ ring. Oooooh.

The girlfriends fly to Jo’burg and there are lots of exciting action shots from Tourism Africa. Blake isn’t really enjoying his trip as he’s too busy fretting about the tough decision he has to make.

First to arrive (The Amazing Race?) is Sam, and for their date Blake is taking her diving with Great Whites. Perhaps Blake is relying on natural selection to help him with his decision? There are some romantic scenes of sharks attacking and killing other wildlife so he’s got a pretty good chance here.

It’s a very very small shark cage.

To her credit Sam totally takes to the adventure while Blake tries very hard to convince her he is every bit the adrenaline junkie she is, while keeping his fingers firmly inside the cage. He then takes her on a super yacht because that’s apparently more romantic than sharks.

Sam tries and tries and….come on spit it out and….then drops the L Bomb. Hooray!

Louise next and it’s a romantic walk to a romantic view with a romantic lunch thrown in. Blake wants Louise to ‘get’ him. You know, get to understand the real Blake away from all the glamour, glitz and producer’s credit cards. So to show her this he treats her to an incredibly fancy date complete with expensive exclusive spa resort and throws in an African choir singing Akuna Matata. Louise starts tearing up; no doubt remembering Mufasa’s death scene.

Louise lines everything up to drop her bomb but at the last moment she wimps out…Boo Hiss. That’ll cost ya.

Now it’s time for Lisa’s date and she manages a complete outfit change in the car. Blake takes her to an infants school. It’s very very cute/exploitative but hardly romantic. Angelisa wants to adopt all the kiddies and she could probably afford to.

Then it’s off to the old stand-by helicopter, which never fails to impress Lisa, to visit a different romantic exclusive spa. “Look at the view” gasps Lisa. “I know, right?” says Blake as if, in fact, he does. Lisa’s attempt at the L-Bomb comes close but ultimately fails.  Blake says it’s close enough…but is it?

Now it’s time for the public dumping and a one way economy ticket home. Louise goes heavy on the eye makeup which seems risky. Osher has been flown over just to deliver his few somber lines. I hope they didn’t waste a business class fare on that.

Blake formally addresses his girlfriends and thanks them for coming on this journey and opening their hearts and minds. Keep an open mind ladies. Sam’s L-bomb pays off and she gets the first rose. Lisa’s attempt was clearly better than Louise’s and she is invited to stay. Poor Louise is sent packing and says she’ll always love Blake and if only she’d actually told him that.

Tomorrow night it’s Meet Blake’s Family which should be a short episode given that he only has his mum willing to come on camera. Sure they will drag it out though…

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Now Casting: The Bachelor Australia Series 3

Well when you are onto a good thing stick to it. Network TEN will be screening The Bachelor again next year but they need applicants.

So if you are debonair guy with a clean bill of health and want to be on TV then apply.

Also they need bachelorettes. So if you want a month or so out of the rat race and locked up in a mansion being fed and watered and trying to hook up with a hot guy this could be the reality show for you.

Go here to apply.

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