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Guest Post: Survivor World’s Apart – A Major Threat Gone

Rosie is back with another fantastic recap on Survivor World’s Apart.
Over to Rosie:
And here we are again with another episode of what has become another somewhat less than fascinating season of a show that we still inexplicably love. Hey did you know that last week’s eliminatee was the first member of the jury? Neither did I. Unless you did, in which case I now feel a bit silly. But watching this show often makes me feel that way as I lose track of the contestants and so on. Never mind, let’s plug on, shall we?
We start, as always, with the end of last week.That is, with the arguing and explanations that inevitably follow TC. This week we start with Dan criticizing Shirin for not knowing the difference between a flip and a blindside. Naturally he’s the only person who does. Please get off my television, Dan! Where was I? Shirin just thinks Dan’s a know it all (I’m disliking her less and less as time wears on) and is looking forward to staying until the end. Rodney says Dan is wrong that flippers don’t win, and then has a blather about a Mike Tyson knockout punch coming for his former Blues.Okaaay. Jenn isn’t too happy and is ready to go home. She doesn’t want to actually quit, you understand, but is ready to be voted out. In fact she will be really happy to be voted out.
Reward Challenge. The reward is a bunch of different choccie bars, so naturally they all wet their pants at the prospect. We saw a preview of this last week, and yes, it’s the one where they are in the ocean and bash themselves up left right and centre as they go through various obstacles. Disappointingly, oops, I mean fortunately, we are not shown any injuries. They must go through said obstacles to eventually get grappling hooks, which they must use to grab some floating rings. The first team to get 5 rings gets to be the one to gorge on chocolate. They are divided off camera in a “schoolyard pick” into 2 groups: Mike, Tyler, Shirin, Dan and Sierra and Rodney, Joe, Will, Carolyn and Jenn. The first mentioned team wins, despite the fact that Shirin seems to be far and away the worst performer. We see the victors eat chocolate and, well, there’s not much else to say except that, um, they eat a lot of chocolate. Fascinating it is not.
The losers return to camp, and unsurprisingly, Rodney is unhappy. He decides the fair thing to do is for them to kill and eat one of the chooks. Well, I guess in the absence of chocolate… I find it all most amusing. Jenn is not amused, since she thinks of the chookies as her personal pets. And they didn’t ask her! Somewhere along the line, Rodney does a Mike impression that makes everyone laugh – even me. His Dan is also amusing, although not in the same class as his Mike. The choccie eaters don’t complain about the foul deed of the missing fowl when they return to camp. Or if they do, we are not shown any complaints. When they get Tree Mail the next day, Jenn reminds us that she still wants to go home by telling Joe that if she wins Immunity she’ll give it to him.
Immunity Challenge. It’s the one where they must stand on tiptoes while pressing a block of wood against a board with the top of their head. It’s set for each contestant’s height. Poor Joe desperately wants to win because he knows he’s outta there otherwise. But he cannot hold his balance. However, Jenn hangs right in there as one of the final two. But alas, her wooden block falls, meaning she will stay and Joe will probably go. The winner is Tyler.
Scramble time. Jenn wants people to vote for her because she wants to go. She doesn’t want to quit, nosirree! She just plain wants to go. Which makes no sense. But most of ‘em want Joe outta there because he’s such a threat. Joe talks to Dan who says he can’t help him. Joe then goes to his little spot in the bush where he’s been acting like Squirrel Nutkin, only setting aside stuff to make a fake idol, rather than a supply of nuts. He makes a pretty convincing idol in no time flat and tells Mike he has an idol. Which Mike should realise is a pile of garbage since he has the real one! Anyway, Joe gives his so called HII to Mike – which I don’t quite understand. Surely Mikes would realise if the damn thing is real, Joe would be keeping it for himself? To be fair, I think Mike does realise there’s something fishy about the alleged idol.
Tribal Council. Hali pops out as the first member of the jury. Jeff asks Jenn if she really wants to be there. When she says no, he asks her why she doesn’t just leave, and she says it’s because she doesn’t want to be seen as a quitter. Jeff also doesn’t understand why she puts so much effort into challenges. Shirin understands though. Time to vote, but first Mike asks Jeff to verify the HII Joe gave him. Jeff says no, not until the votes have been placed. And NOW it’s time to vote. We see Tyler vote for Jenn, Rodney vote for Joe and Joe vote for Jenn. Jeff asks for any idols and of course Mike produces the fake one. He says he’s playing it for Will who thanks him. Jeff reveals the vote: Jenn, Joe, Jenn, Joe, Dan, Jenn, Joe, Jenn, Joe and… sob Joe. Poor Joe. It was a foregone conclusion,  but I was still sorry to see him go rather than one of those Blue buttheads.

April 17, 2015   13 Comments

Reno Rumble Starting Soon And The Teams Are….

It is the year of the reality TV show renovation Renovation Rumble is a new concept. It is contestants from The Block and House Rules going head to head. The show which will screen on NINE will see them split into to two teams and renovating neighbouring houses.

The show will be hosted by Scott Cam from the The Block, and  the couples will be split into two teams and renovating neighbouring houses.

The contestants are a mix of faves and villains.

Representing the home team from The Block are:

Josh (29) and Jenna (27), VIC – power couple from The Block 2011 and The Block: All Stars in 2013

Kyal (29) and Kara (27), NSW – the Super K’s from The Block: Fans v Faves in 2014

Michael (32) and Carlene (32), QLD – audience favourites from The Block Glasshouse in 2014

Ayden (31) and Jess (32), QLD – currently starring in The Block Triple Threat

The former contestants from House Rules:

Carly (33) and Leighton (34), NSW – winners of House Rules season one in 2013

Michelle (50) and Steve (50), NSW – runners-up of House Rules season one in 2013

Nick (21) and Chris (26), VIC – brothers from House Rules season one in 2013

Jemma (28) and Ben (29), WA – newlyweds from House Rules season one in 2013

 The homeowners are everyday Aussies who will have houses transformed.

The winner will collect $100,000 with half of it going to the couples favourite charity.

 The judges will be interior design experts and at this stage the judges have not been announced.

April 17, 2015   4 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Three Teams Through To The Finals

Ash and Camilla were under stress and were letting the F-Bombs fly in the street food challenge which would see the winner of this challenge get a huge advantage in the fine dining challenge

Ash who has been hugely confident in previous challenges seemed to crumble in this one and their Beef Vermicelli Salad was uninspiring and unappetising, in fact Ash was teary about it. Camilla probably did not help matters when she said to Manu that she hoped it was OK to use chopsticks. Funny that chopsticks are not used in Thailand which this dish is a derivative of. Pete said it was not a great dish.

Drasko and Bianca who are peaking at the right time made Lamb Kofta with Flat Bread, Pickled Cucumbers and Minted Yoghurt. Pete said it was delicious except the flatbread was a bit too crispy.

Jac and Shaz made Fried Whitebait with an Asian Salad and Shaz was struggling with the concept of street food and in fact what an Asian salad is. Manu liked the white bait and mayo but the said the salad was confusing.

Will and Steve made Twice Cooked Chicken Wings with Peach Chutney. Pete loved how the chicken wings were cooked and he thought the Peach Chutney worked well with it.

Eva and Debra made Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Manu told them he did not take them to Jamaica at all. These girls are tanking at the moment.

Jane and Emma’s Caramel Banana Fritters looked like turds on a plate they served it with a tropical fruit salad. However Pete thought they were “bang on the money”.

Will and Steve were the winners and received the “huge advantage” which was deciding who to cook against and to choose who else was to cook against each other in the fine dining cook off.

They chose to cook against Eva and Debra. They put Ash and Camilla against Bianca and Drasko and then Jac and Shaz against Jane and Emma. They all had an hour to cook.

Ash and Camilla made Barramundi with Potato Scales and Beurre Blanc Sauce. Manu said the fish was tad overcooked.

Jac and Shaz made Eye Fillet and Moreton Bay Bugs with Lemon Pepper Sauce, Manu told them the beef was cooked perfectly and Pete said the bug was overcooked but he loved the sauce.

Jane and Emma made Confit of Salmon they loved the fennel and orange salad and the potato puree but the fish was over cooked. These girls also don’t have the skills to make it to final week either.

Bianca and Drasko were making Perch with Cauliflower Four Ways and of course the sous vide technique was used. Have to say it looked fantastic but Manu thought it was not plated elegantly. He also said it was weird but fantastic.

Will and Steve made Venison Fillet with Mushroom Sauce and Pete said he loved the way the venison was cooked and he loved the sauce.

Evan and Debra made Crispy Skin Duck with Cabbage And Apple Sauce, Pete said they were close to having the perfect duck. Manu said he would have liked some jus but it was a good dish.

Will and Steve proved to have picked well as they, Bianca and Drasko and Jac and Shaz made it through to the finals next week. This means they are through to finals week and Ash and Camilla, Jane and Emma and Eva and Debra are in a three way cook off to see who will be the final week and who will be the team who will be eliminated.

And does finals week mean another instant restaurant round?

It also appears Drasko is putting his money where his mouth is and has taken a job in Sydney with Colin Fassnidge fine dining restaurant 4 In Hand.

April 16, 2015   37 Comments

Ben And Tim’s Graceland Project Is Now Online

Ben from Brisbane and Tim Dormer from Big Brother have now got their Graceland Project online. The pair went with a camera crew to the home town of Elvis Presley, Memphis, a place where Ben has always wanted to visit. The trip occurred shortly after Ben’s hospitalisation for depression and the series will do a lot to highlight mental health issues as well as seeing the “real” Tim and Ben.

April 16, 2015   2 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Kat And Andre Leave In A Puddle Of Tears

It was the night of seeing Kat and Andre finally bailed out of the competition and it was not without drama. Kat at the start of the three course cook told husband Andre to put her in the time out bin, but he was too focussed on doing his one task at a time to notice she was flipping out.

They were up against Eva and Debra who were doing a chilli and spice laden menu of Hot and Sour Soup, Singapore Chilli Crab and Five Spiced Pannacotta. This was in contrast to the Italian inspired menu of Kat and Andre’s. They were making Gnocchi with Pumpkin and Burnt Butter, Pork and Mushroom Ragu and White Chocolate Creme Brûlée.

Andre kicked off with prep for the creme brûlée in the 90 minutes prep time before entree and for some reason he took them out of the oven too early and they were not set. Kat told him to put them back in but he ignored her. For once she was right the Brûlée was a disaster and the viewer knew that even though they tried to not reveal that until the scoring. But a bit stupid considering we had seen in the promos that there was an inedible dish and all the other dishes had been judged.

The rest of their meal never got off the ground and the judges were struggling to think of good things to say about it. Their gnocchi was dense and soggy but hey apparently the pumpkin was well cooked.

And Kat forgot to put some of the mushrooms into pork and mushroom ragu. She started freaking out with it when she realised that it was not looking like it should and when Pete came to ask her what was going on she admitted she had not tasted it. And of course there were tears.  To be fair she did most of the dish while Andre made the polenta. Why they don’t use instant polenta is a mystery to me but maybe they are not allowed.

Eva and Debra’s meal was better but not sure it was as great as the judges were making it out to be. The Hot and Sour Soup had some kick in it, in fact by the look on the judges faces it looked like it had too much heat as they barely ate any of it.

Eva was making Singapore Chilli Crab and it was going smoothly until she put a double dose of shrimp paste in the one pot. However the stress built with the cooking of the crabs as they left them until last minute and it looked that they might be under cooked. Their plates ended up looking very messy. Eva also cried once the main was served. Colin said there was too much shrimp paste (surprise) in the crab sauce and they were also critical of the buns saying they were soggy. They could console themselves that the crab was well cooked.

Eva and Debra’s Five Spiced Pannacotta with crumble and pear worked better for them. Guy thought it was close to perfection and Karen Martini thought the dish was confident. Compared to Kat and Andre’s inedible mess it probably was.

Eva and Debra were scored sixes and seven and Pete gave them an eight for a total score of 41.

Kat and Andre scored fives from all the judges which gave them a total score of 30 and they were eliminated and Kat still looks she is not happy about what happened in her interviews to camera.

The finals are coming and at this stage there is not one stand out team. At this stage I would be happy with an Ash and Camilla versus Will and Steve finale.

What about you?

April 15, 2015   92 Comments