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Dicko Might Be On I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here But They Should Get Mark Holden As Well

It is rumoured reality TV careerist Dicko might be signing on for TEN’s new show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Network TEN should  sign up his former Australian Idol colleague Mark Holden as well.

Mark Holden has shown on his short but iconic turn on Dancing With The Stars that he holds the TV machine in contempt and is not going to be controlled by producers and more importantly he gets people talking. He put a much needed jolt of adrenalin into a lacklustre Dancing With The Stars.

Since he has been eliminated he has said his bizarre acts were to subvert the constraints of the reality TV show and also  he is saying how inappropriate it was for him a 60 year old male to be paired with a 25 year old girl. As he said “I am no Edelsten”.

Also he raises the issue that there must have been other more age appropriate dancers to be paired with him. He is one 6o year guy who is happy to have his hands on an over 50 year old woman. reported:

But despite the backlash, Holden says the whole crazy act was a deliberate attempt to subvert the restraints of the reality show and rebel against two things he doesn’t agree with.

One, that two men can’t dance together – “it’s discriminatory” he said – and two, that at 60-years-old he was paired with a 25-year-old female partner and asked to dance in a sexualised manner.

“I raised that from day one,” he said of dancing a sensual dance with his much younger partner. “I’m not Geoffrey Edelesten”.

“They expected me to do a (sexual) dance like the paso doble seriously, so I made a decision to make the most revolting character I could possibly come up with, along the lines of Les Pattinson to make it clear to everyone that there was no sex involved at all, not even a touch. I wanted to make it like Julie Bishop vanquishing the Russian beast. They didn’t want me to stray, they wanted me to stay in their box, but it’s my right not to.”

He said he decided to rebel against the show by making fun of it, despite the fact no one really got the joke.

“There are so many ageless beauties like Helen Richey who are fabulous, why was I not dancing with a 55-year-old?”

But he stressed he was full of praise for his partner Jessica Prince, who he says was treated unfairly by the judges in their scoring.

“To give us four ones was utter disrespect to a young woman who was dealing with a has-been that can’t dance. It annoyed me to the back teeth. To give her no credit was not fair and not right.”

Producers have got to realise that if reality TV becomes too sanitised and safe the viewer is going to turn off.

Mark Holden is perfect for I’m A Celebrity as he is unpredictable, creates publicity and people will tune in to watch the frission between him and Dicko because the are NOT BFF’s. These two oldies both know what needs to be done to give good TV unlike some of the other D list celebs and former reality stars clamouring to get sent to Africa for TEN’s series.

Who would you like to see on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?

October 23, 2014   9 Comments

Big Brother – The Elimination Was A Shock

Did not see Jason being eliminated at all. In the last week his footage has been good including tears as he wept for wanting his partner to be recognised by his family, and he has been funny. Sure his singing ability was not as good as he thought it was and he has been bitchy but which of the housemates has not been.

Maybe it was the Priya and David fans voting frantically to save them.

When he was on the couch Sonia asked him about Clawson and he was all it is all wrong and they are cheating, but we already knew that is what he thought. For some reason the interview did not revealed very little about the dynamics in house or the housemates.

His parents were there and saying how much they loved him and came on stage. Though there was no sign of his partner who has been seeing for four years.

Since Jason was eliminated this meant Aisha and Travis after a night in the Sanctuary, decided not to take the $50,000. They both seemed to think that since they did not take the money out of the prize pool that the others should not nominated them now. This means Aisha should not nominate Lawson either as he gave her $20,000.

Travis seems to think that he is a winner with “baby Aish” on his arm. They do look like their relationship could have more legs then most other Big Brother ones. Yes looking at you Cat and Lawson. Though I think it is unfair that they keep on showing that kiss over and over.

The other weird thing that occurred in Big Brother last night was Marina being taken into the diary room with Leo and told that her dog had died by Big Brother. He said it in a tone of voice like he was taking her coffee order in a cafe. She broke down and sobbed very upset. Was it really necessary for us to see this? We have seen so little of Marina it is hard to have an emotional connection with her but this was just uncomfortable.

Were you surprised Jason was eliminated?

October 23, 2014   33 Comments

Recipe To Riches – Finding Its Feet In Season Two – The Baking Challenge

Recipe To Riches was really enjoyable last night and maybe because it is screening at a time of year when we have had a nice break from the other cooking shows. Or maybe it was baking night and I knew I was going to buy the product today to test for you blog readers of course…..

Even though this year they were not showing the audition rounds the episode did not feel like it dragged as much. Also the three judges Carolyn Cresswell, Russell Howcroft and Jess Gill from Woolworths are all good talent able to impart information about products, marketing and retail without making it too dry.

Darren Robertson the host has that “I just got out of  bed and threw on a shirt” look but he is a bit better this year though he never seems like a person who is about to take control.

Tonight it was baking and it was brownies versus Gallipoli Muffins and Frozen Choc Chip Cookie Dough.

Having taken notes from last year, I knew as soon as the brownies were being made that they were not going to get through to the marketing round as the ingredients were far too expensive. Hello praline?

This was confirmed by Carolyn who said to make money they would have to sell it for $5.00 each. This was not going to happen. Loving Carolyn and I bet she is going to turn up on that other new TEN series Shark Tank.

After the usual marketing and branding where Jo lost the name Gallipoli from her muffins it was time for the tasting. It became pretty clear who the winner was going to be as AJ Mills now Mrs Mills Easy Baking, had developed a product that not only was unique it was able to stand up to the rigours of being turned into a product, something that was harder with the muffin.

AJ took home $10,000 as well as a shot the $100,000 first prize.

What did you think of the show? And are you going to find the product? Also if you missed the mystery word for the competition it is BAKING.

Recipe To Riches on TEN Tuesday nights at 7.30pm.


October 22, 2014   23 Comments

Dancing With The Stars Get Their Revenge On Mark Holden

Dancing With The Stars producers must have felt bitter sweet when Mark Holden was eliminated last night on the show. It was no surprise but after his eccentric performance last week they will now struggle to get media attention for the show.

However they looked like they were wanting to get their revenge and managed to make Mark Holden in his Highway To Hell performance look like now deceased paedophile Denis Ferguson.

Mark Holden

Mark Holden

Denis Ferguson

Denis Ferguson

There were no tears shed, and Mark continued to give one of his character driven performances probably knowing that this is his last hurrah. Dancing With The Stars will be hoping Matt Cooper’s abs, the Home and Away crew and Ricki-Lee can keep viewers watching.

Ricki-Lee was at the top of the table followed by Torah Bright and of course Mark Holden was at the bottom.

October 22, 2014   4 Comments

Big Brother Australia – Lawson Self Flagellates Again

Lawson beat himself in the diary room again saying he was sorry. He also added he had been really selfish in their relationship and she had been selfless. He then got all dramatic saying “I think I am responsible for ruining her life”. Oh get over yourself sounds like she might be better off.

He also said  “She has a really lovely family as well that I have embarrassed”. Her family were very supportive after his mother was killed on a motorbike. It seem like Lawson could do with being single for a time. Also does he see Cat as a mother figure?

After his outpouring in the diary room, he went to bed telling Ryan he was not hungry. Ryan gleefully reported it to everyone in the kitchen and Cat immediately went over to the bedroom to give him a hug probably worried he was going to change his mind about being with her out of guilt.

Aisha was not the only over protected girlfriend with her getting very upset with Marina flirting with Travis and she was peeved that Travis was flirting back. Travis was lapping the attention up with him asking with Marina if she did not have  boyfriend who would she hook up with.

Leo told Skye that when Aisha wasn’t around Marina was different with Travis. After Aisha had a crack about it to him in the bathroom he looked rather bemused about it all. He was amusing when he was telling the boys about the drama in the bedroom. Can Travis actually win Big Brother this year?

Leo was also starting to obsess about Skye, probably because she is not all over him. He was telling Cat that she brings out the cave man aka protecter in him. He thinks she lets him be a man. He told Cat that she was the type of girl that would let him pay for everything and that his mother told him to be a gentleman.

However Cat is not a fan of Skye and she had a meltdown when they were recording the Big Brother single. She wanted her turn and Skye told her it was Aisha’s. Cat wept and said she always gets pushed aside by Skye. Why doesn’t she use the assertiveness that she uses on Lawson on Skye?

Sandra and David then  bitched to each other that they had no idea what Cat was going on about it.

There seems to be a few housemates with delusions about their singing ability, particularly Jason who loved that Travis told him he sounded like a male Whitney Houston. Leo must have been lying about having a recording contract for his rapping in Canada as he was pretty ordinary as well. Skye continues to think she might have a singing career outside of the BB house. Though she has a better chance then most of extending her 15 minutes of fame.

Then it was elimination time.

When Ryan was talking to Sonia after she asked him a question he asked her whether she has been watching the show.  She cuttingly retorted that she had been but had not seen much of him. The look on his face was priceless.

Though the smile was put back  on his face when he was saved from tonight and tomorrow nights elimination. He got a whopping 38 percent of the vote. Who is voting for him?

Sandra was eliminated and it was no surprise, she only received nine percent of the vote. She took her footage in good spirits and was laughing the whole way through. Though they gave her a good edit. She said she was surprised that people were talking behind her back. But what was she doing? They are all bitching behind each others back. She thought Clawson would not last outside of the house. She also said that she no longer had a crush on Sam and that most of her good mateships started with her having a crush but then realising they only thought of her as a friend.

Priya as head of house was then told to offer Aisha $20,000 to leave the house. Their rationale for Aisha getting this offer was because Priya thought Aisha was the housemate coasting. It was not like Priya actually had much of a choice in this even though they pretended she did. The producers probably knew Aisha would say no, as she already has $20,000 and she won’t want to leave Travis to Marina’s wiles.

She declined then Travis was brought into the power room and they were offered $50,000 to share if they left together. They were to have a night in the Sanctuary to think about it.

I wonder what they will do. It is a tempting offer. Would you leave, taking the cash?


October 22, 2014   80 Comments