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Final 11 – Can there be five in the bottom three?

Well Australian Idol tonight’s show was hugely disappointing. There was not one standout performance. It was bland, boring, and banal.

The only entertainment I had all night was spotting the Head and Shoulders product placements throughout the show.

Even Marcia was critical tonight. You always know when she did not like the song as she goes so how did you feel about that??

I would put about five of them in the bottom three.

Also what is the definition of Rock?
Is ColdPlay, Oasis or Supertramp classified as rock? The Producers/minders during the week need to tell them to stick to the themes and change songs.

I am starting to think there is a distinct lack of talent this year. In fact I don’t even have a favourite yet.

Dicko is clearly struggling with his commuting to the US. He looked jet lagged and grumpy, but must admit I agreed with most of his comments.

Matt Corby – He has a great voice but he managed to murder the Led Zepplin song, with absolutely no movement on stage. However his was not the lamest performance.

Carl – Coldplay – 1. Are they are rock band? 2. Is turning a song into swing on a rock theme night fitting in with the parameters of the night. Agreed with Dick lazy performance. Though he is just showing he is one trick pony. Definite bottom three tonight.

Oh and Andrew G Bobby Flynn may have changed songs around but at least he did with some musicality.

Brianna – Gee wouldn’t Supertramp be flattered to be thought of as a rock band. This song was a train wreck. I don’t know why they let her sing it – not a rock song, nor sung in a rock way. Truly woeful she was out of tune most of the way. Her trying to justify herself is getting on my nerves. Is she an only child with parents just always telling her how great she is? I don’t care if she is deaf in one ear I just want to watch a TV show I can enjoy.

And the other thing she should not wear a mini skirt she just does not have the legs for it.

Dicko was extremely harsh saying she should resign from the show, in fact he should have said it to at least half of the performers out there tonight.
Definite bottom three.

Marty – Again ordinary he sounds the same each week. I am not getting why the judges like him. The only intriguing thing was when Kyle “loose lips” Sandilands mentioned some rumours going around him. You intrepid blogger is currently trying to find out what they are. I have my suspicions but as I don’t want a defamation action I will not say it.

Lana – She looked great but again did not rock out. Absolutely no grunt. She is getting lucky as she is flying under the radar at present as there are so many bad performers.

Jacob – is Oasis “what’s the story morning glory” a rock song? He tried to rock it but it was so repetitive. Though on the night one of the better performances. At least I got one giggle out of it as I thought he was singing “wake up w*nker”

Tarisai – Yes Black Crowes are rock – however hers was a soul rendition. Again I found her underwhelming. I don’t think her voice is as strong as everyone else. Agreed with Dicko the song stuck in her throat.

Ben Mckenzie – I can barely remember this performance it was so forgettable. It was out of tune, and unengaging. Any other night he would be in danger of being voted off. However he will be safe.

Daniel – Singing Hendrix. What do they see in this guy? He is a one trick pony as well and I have not seen any great performances from him. Also at one stage in his song I thought he forgot the lyrics. I hope he is bottom 3 tonight. However will probably be saved by the bell curve factor where the talent pool is so limited that he is seen as being above average this year.

Natalie – I love the way Axle Rose sings Sweet Child O Mine – he just has such a distinctive sound. However I thought her performance was only ok. At least it sustained my attention for the whole 90 seconds. She will be safe this week. I suspect she may be the last girl standing in the comp.

Mark – Well he is rock guy, and the judges loved it. Maybe because he did a traditional ACDC song. I thought they were clutching at straws. Considering he was rock dude – you would expect him to get close to a touch down on Rock Theme night it just did not happen. Most cover bands do better renditions then he gave.

Remember Chris Murphy how he tore up the stage. If he was in Idol this year he would make it to the Opera House.

If next week is as lame – Idol is really going to struggle to sustain ratings this year, considering after last year show managed to bring in the punters again.

Bottom 3 predictions – Brianna, Carl, and Ben.

It is time to go Brianna. Carl will limp on for another week.


1 Onadrought { 09.17.07 at 6:58 pm }

Totally agree Reality Raver about the show being a dud, but disagree on a few points. It was a bloodbath and I am wondering if the producers actually told the judges to be extra vicious, as the contestents are a bit bland, so maybe it’s up to the judges to boost ratings. So your point about the producers instructing on songs, whilst I think this would lead to better performances, maybe they want dud performances which could also generate phone sales when fans want to protect idols that have been bagged.
Kyle’s comment about getting rid of themes is ridiculous, a true performer has versatility, eg think Madonna, Robbie Williams, Cristina Agelira, Pink and even Kylie, they’ve all done a variety og genres. It shits me too when the idols complain it’s not their thing, are they performers or not?
Brianna has done her dash, can’t even sing in tune and agree with you about her look, though in discussion with my sister’s partner, girls mightn’t find her attractive, but he reckons guys would find her shaggable. My 68 year old father agrees. Maybe it’s her resemblance to a rubber doll that men like.
About Daniel, do many woman find him attractive? I just don’t get any sort of a raunchy vibe from him- maybe that Donny Osmond comment was apt. Maybe Carl the Crooner will stay in longer through the female vote, for those who like the clean cut look.
To wrap it up, this year not as good as previous and I think the judges are realising this. Out of the 35000 or whatever that tried-out it seems a bit pathetic that some of these are the best Australia has to offer. Have a feeling that there’s some talent there that missed out.
Agree Raver, Brianna is out.

2 Reality Raver { 09.17.07 at 10:58 pm }

Mmm I think you may be right about the judges having to get harsh to try and keep the viewers interested.

I must disagree re: wanting to watch dud performance as the non core fans will change to Channel 7 and watch Kath and Kim.

As you would now know Brianna is gone that was no surprise.

However Carl must have some sort of fan base unless all the navy are voting for him. As is I suspect WA for Lana.