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Lana’s baggy eyes is there a reason for them?

I have to confess I was wrong about the rumour about Marty which Kyle alluded to on Sunday night.

He is not some cone freak but a paedophile (only joking). Now I know why Idol makes sure the contestants are 16… and I had stupidly thought it was for musical reasons.

Apparently the rumour as reported in the Daily Tele, is that Lana and Marty were hooking up in the house.

Is this the reason for the bags under Lana’s eyes on Monday’s night show where it looked liked she had been crying for hours.

They are denying the rumours. Maybe as two contestants that won’t be on the show much longer they are giving each other some comfort.

I must say they would make a very strange couple.

Personally I think the rumour is crap and Kyle just said this rumour to put of the scent off other rumours circulating about Marty.

As Kyle said on Sunday “You have had a hard week” Unless Kyle was using a double entrendre’ I don’t think rumours of him being with Lana would have merited much sympathy nor have affected his performance that much.

Also did not say to Brianna or Marty “oh it has been a difficult week for you” considering they had been the victim of the same scuttlebutt.

I think it is Kyle just covering his tracks after making a faux pas on the show, and to stop the media trying to get to the heart of the issue.


1 Anonymous { 09.20.07 at 3:09 pm }

I wonder if the house provides condoms? It doesn’t surprise me that if you get a bunch of young people in a house that some are going to get it on.
I was wondering if any virginities would get lost. Don’t like Lara’s taste, thought she’d be more into pretty boy Matt Corby.

I have just worked out why I don’t like this yrs contestants so much. They are caricatures, not originals. I mean Jacob is emulating Brit rock/pop stars, Mark is doing the same with rock. Damien Leith, Bobby Flynn, Casey Donovan and Guy Sebastian were themselves, not like a child makebelieving they are a popstar.

2 Anonymous { 09.21.07 at 12:18 am }

What gets me mostly is the marking criteria. “Mmm, you just didn’t do it for me.” said Mark.
“You moved around well done” says Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.
I’m so tired of the judges. Who appointed them? Let there be real and valid marking criteria.
Where is young spunky judge?