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Monday Elimination night – Goodbye Lana

Clearly reality raver should not give up her day job to become a clairvoyant. This soothsayer had confidently predicted an all male top three, but was shown to be gloriously wrong with Lana and Tarasai both in there.

Another 1 hour of filler before we got down to business in the last 15 minutes, I think tonight they broke some sort of record by showing the Idol’s Sunday night performances three times, ok once was a rehersal but still it was overkill.

I don’t want to turn this into a fashion blog but I just have to mention the clothes tonight.

Firstly Marcia, Marcia, Marcia – if I did not know you were post-menopausal I would have thought you were pregnant. The top made her boobs look as big as Dolly Parton’s, and her arms like a front row forward. Shame on you Sheridan or Cue whoever was the culprit.

Now Natalie you need to run as soon as you see Sheridan Tyler coming near you. Those red tights and short denim mini did her no favours. Was it the same one Brianna had worn the week before while singing that diabolical Supertramp song? Does she not know it is cursed? She needs to have a stroll down Fitzroy to get some of her Melbourne mojo back.

Now what are the supposedly funky hosts, James and Andrew G wearing business shirts with the thick white stripes and white collars, yes I know they had their moment of glory with a few stockbrokers in the 80’s but do they need to come back. Next week they will be wearing those t shirts that used to changed colours depending on your body temperature….

Clearly Van Heusen is paying the producers for them to wear them.

Van Heusen is also dressing Kyle. Dicko is not being dressed by anyone, so at times it does look like he has pulled a jumper out of his wardrobe. At least he has given the polo tshirts the flick.

Tarasai in the bottom three was a surprise, but to be honest it was not an unpleasant one. I at one stage contemplated on popping the champers when I thought Daniel would be voted off. I think acoustic night next week will show just how untalented he is.

After the roasting Lana received last night she was not surprised to be there nor kicked off. Congratulations to her for being so composed about it. All Idol’s and potential Idols take note, that is how you should behave with dignity. She was showing it in bucketloads. Her rendition of her song tonight was much better, she seemed relaxed and appeared to have fun with it.

Now the same cannot be said for the judges. When Andrew G asked if they had anything to say about the final three, Mark and Kyle just continued to put the boot in, and after her elimination could barely make any gracious comments. Big thumbs down to them all.

Predictions of the week – Ben to be caught pashing Tarasai in the spa just to prove a point to Mark.

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1 Onadrought { 09.25.07 at 2:57 pm }

I can’t work Nat out. I can’t work out if she is slim or plump, I can’t work out how she get’s the clothes so wrong. She looks best when she’s in her own casual gear and then she’s a funky Melbourne chick.
Totally impressed with Lana’s maturity and in the looks stakes she is a stunner and might get modelling work out of it. I also think she will be good as she gets older as I think she has a sort of Natalie Imgruglia or Sophie Ellis Bextor quality about her. Although she was one of the weaker performers, I reckon in her 20s she’ll have star quality. I don’t think Nat has, I think she is a bit suburban and esp with the clothes choices.
I would not have predicted the bottom 3 last night but it made sense. I don’t think Tarasia and Daniel have the likeability factor. Daniel is cheesy. Tarasai’s lack of modesty last week has worked against her. And she is just predictable, you know what you are going to get, when at least with people like Crooner, you want to check out how they will go. I voted for Ben as I am curious to see how he’ll go, he has a beautiful voice and also as retaliation about the gay snides – it is no-one’s business and esp cruel at his age. I know Holden is on his side, but those androgony comments would still be embarrassing. Actually though, the maturity of all three teenagers has been amazing.
Why is Marty still in? He shouldn’t even have made it to top 12. He alsways performs as though he is embarrassed to be there. And Jacob does not have the star factor if you ask me. I didn’t appreciate the judges bagging Lana when Jacob and Marty were more hopeless this week. I reckon Lana has more star quality and some cunning producer should snap her up for the Asian market, they love that Eurasian look especially prettty, feminine girls. Could make millions in Japan