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Dancing with the Stars Series 7- Episode 1

The teeth were bleached, the fake tans were on, and the chests were waxed, which must mean Dancing With The Stars was back on TV.

The has been much disgruntlement about whether some of the contestants had the prerequisite amount of fame to be on the show. However since anyone can schlep onto any old reality tv show and be called a celebrity and considering some of these people have done more then be turkey slapped I think they filled the criteria. Saying that there were a couple of contestants who barely nudged my celeb radar.

As I have said in a previous So You Think You Can Dance Post
If you come from an Eastern Block country is it compulsory to be a ballroom dancer. The majority of dancers this year appear to be of Russian origin. I think for any man who wants to take a Russian bride salsa lessons may be compulsory.

Darryl Somers reminded me of a ring master and seemed a bit flat none of his opening intro really had any zing in it.

The co-ordination of Corrine Grant, and Patti Newtown were called into question when they seemed to have difficulty getting down the stairs however Patti Newtown soon put any geriatric rumours to rest with a showstopping performance.

And Do and Luda were first up with the Cha Cha – it was a cross between a Jackie Chan show, and those blaxploitation movies of the seventies. I think Quentin Tarantino would have approved.

Helen Ritchie the judge started as she means to continue by perving – she needs to get a toyboy and fast.

Elka Graham and Micheal were next with the quickstep. She certainly showed Darryl that he is a midget. I thought she looked stunning in an otherwise dull routine.

Mark Beretta and Linda then came on with the Cha Cha – He looked so gay – I don’t know if he is nor do I care however it was the first word that popped into my head when he started dancing.

The strategy of Channel 7 became apparent when the judges were assessing him. Gush, Gush, Gush, and then a bit about how great Sunrise is. They obviously want to keep their own stars on the show for awhile to raise their profiles. They scored a high 27 for a pretty stiff and uncoordinated routine, and he also had his mouth open the whole time.

David Hobson and Karina did a nice little quickstep, and thought he was probably the best dancer of the night apart from Bridie Carter.

Michael Klim and Eliza did a quickstep, and I predict he will be the first one to go, because of the combination of a bland routine with a bland personality. The judges gave it the caning it deserved.

Corinne Grant and Csaba had a stab at the Cha Cha, ok a bit uncoordinated. I love Corrine however she is not bringing the sexy back.

Bridie Carter and Craig did a quick step and stamped their authority on the competition that they were the ones to beat. It was probably in the top two routines of the night.

James and Olga – No idea who he is – some sort of V8 racing car driver thought I would not like him, but actually did. And wow is Olga a little firecracker. She was indeed channelling the saucy video clip of the song they were dancing too – “Destination Unknown” where the singer simulates masturbation with a horn instrument.

Now the moment we had been waiting for Jessica Rowe and Serghei dancing the quickstep. Channel 7 had used her alot in their pre show publicity so clearly are trying to improve her profile. I suspect they will decide what to do with her once they see how far she goes on the show. Late night bulletins if she bombs out.
The routine was very stiff, and she does seem to have the body of a praying mantis, but she seemed to enjoy herself. I look forward to seeing her improve.

And then the penultimate moment Patti Newton and Sandro doing the Cha Cha – She was just great – no lame Dawn Fraser type dancing for her. She strutted her stuff and sizzled. Bert has got a hot little tomali there. I really enjoyed it and found her quite inspiring. Go Girl. Her daughter Lauren was there but not Matt Newtown, who may want to associate with her and try and improve his own self image after the ‘battering’ it has taken. All puns intended.

Patti took out top honours. Michael Klim and Elka Graham were the bottom two which just shows that talent in the water does not translate to dry land.


1 Onadrought { 09.27.07 at 11:07 am }

Raver, is it the 6th or 7th series? I thought I heard Darryl say it was the 7th.
I love Sonia Kruger, much more intelligent wit than most dippy TV hostesses. And the judges are great.
The show almost makes you want to take up ballroom dancing due to the hot bodies of the professional dancers.
Sportstars do not seem to make good dancers, think Ian Roberts, Alicia Molik, though I guess Anthony Kudofitis won it a few yrs ago, he was one of the exceptions.
Anyway, I found it boring Tues night, maybe because I’ve watched all series and now I am a bit over it. So I turned it off after the opera singer who was so much better than Baretts, though maybe it’s the channel 7 bias that gave Barrets the same score.
Don’t know if I’ll watch it next week, though may have to check out Patti Newton as everyone has been raving about her.

2 Anonymous { 09.28.07 at 6:01 pm }

I know the 80’s are back, but with Daryl Somers it’s like they never went. I would prefer to see him with a stick up his back aka DickiKnee. Sure Bert Newton is older but he’s truly funny and somehow his hair is an icon. Have there ever been any Mardi Gras floats in honour of Daryls hair? Now’s the time to start getting the tissue paper out and get that float ready. He should be sueing the Producers of Hairspray for ‘borrowing’ his look.
Yes, it’s true the places to met eligible men are in finance seminars and dance classes.
I’m waiting for the ‘Sleeping with the stars Series’ closely followed by the ‘Eating with ..’ and ‘Shopping with ..’
PS Dave Hobson can do no wrong.

3 Reality Raver { 09.30.07 at 12:11 pm }

Didn’t we have Shopping with the Stars or was that just the Posh Spice doco?? Which I thought was hilarious, I don’t know why they canned it after one episode. Why can’t Aust produce stars like that? I suppose they move overseas like Danni Minogue.

LOL I don’t see a Darryl float or even his hair? Maybe if he Ozzie came back as co-host darryl might get some of his mojo back.

Ona drought you are right – it is the 7th series I will change the heading. Does that make it 7 series in 3 years. Clearly Channel 7 think it is on a winner. I suspect they will push it too hard and the adoring public will get bored of it.

Channel 7 should bring back My Resturant Rules. I loved Dicko in that, however it would have cost a bomb to make, therefore not a great profit from the show.

4 joy { 12.03.08 at 4:01 pm }

I started watching Dancing With the Stars in the middle of the fourth season, and I absolutely loved it. Dancing was fun to watch because each pair had a completely different idea to choreograph it. It is one of my favorite television shows, and I am definitely going to watch it every night it is on, because it is great!

5 tony kidman { 02.20.11 at 6:32 am }

One of the best show I have ever seen. This is amazing show.