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Reality TV Not Real reveals Producer

In shock news today it was revealed Supernanny producers would make toddlers cry all in the name of good tv. Article here,22049,22496714-5001026,00.html

Someone blew the lid of the manipulation of the show, to say that this was just one of the liberties taken on the show to make it more watchable.

I kind of thought this was the case in Supernanny as we all know that our kids behave like angels when people are around and then as soon as they are gone the performances begin.

It was also revealed that there were also changes to things on Wife Swap. To think I thought this was typical American behaviour…… No one came out looking real good on that show. However I found it strange how some families in the US eat their dinner off paper plates and drink out of disposable cups so they don’t have as much washing up to do. No one there is a greenhouse issue.