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So You Think You Can Dance – Final 16

I knew last nights episode of this show was going to be a good one when Nigel flummoxed Cat Deeley by using the words “Cat has never been on my head” in one sentence.

Cat as usual looked fantastic even though it was a black leather dress. Only she could make it look elegant.

The guest judges were Mary Murphy who seems to be a permanent fixture on the judging panel this year, and the iconic Debbie Allen.

Debbie Allen appears to be this shows version of Marcia Hines, she did not have a bad word to say about anyone. I was getting a bit sick of her promoting the “Debbie Allen Dance Academy” and clearly was Nigel who neatly put her back in her box, when she told Cedric that he would benefit from lessons from her academy, Nigel quickly said “Scholarship, Debbie?”. She nearly choked on her reply – “uh yes of course”. No further mention of her school was heard after that.

Jesus & Sarah were first up doing a Krump dance. I had never heard of this but it looked like a genre of hip-hop. Wiki came to my rescue and said it was a was a relative new type of within the “urban” and street dance movements. Further info here Apparently their choreographer Lil C was one of the developers of the style.

I am sure some of the moves will show up on the next series of Strictly Dancing. So we can get ready for Paul McDermott to make some Krumpet jokes.

Shauna & Cedric were up next dancing contemporary – which was choreographed by the very talented Mia Michaels. I think this was Karma considering she was the one who wanted to save Cedric last week. Cedric who an untrained hip hop dancer I think is this shows version of friendly fire. He has and will continue to take out innocent bystanders whilst he is in the show.

Shauna tried, but Cedric was appalling, and when he went to the side to sit down I thought he had had a meltdown and had stopped dancing. However it was all part of the creative routine which meant he did not have to dance for 30 seconds.

Mad Mary was the speaker of truth when she told him how appalling it was and that he should be out of the show. The rest of the boys thought great this is the week to be in the bottom 3 because Cedric is sure to be there and they have told him that he is gooooonnnnnneee.

The irony was that Shauna and Cedric managed to avoid the bottom three. Was it because he mentioned God when he was talking to the judges, and the bible belt people voted to support him? He has to go next week.

Also Ricky and Faina must be fuming that they were the sacrificial lambs to enable his journey to continue.

Lacey (Benji’s sister) again proved how versatile she is with a nice quickstep with Cameron who looked hot without his mohawk. In fact Lacey reminded me of her cousin Heidi last night, in movement and facial movements. Again Benji was in the audience cheering his sister on. I thought Benji looked decidedly gay, but I presume he is not due to his deep religious convictions.

I was watching with trepidation the Anya & Danny hip-hop dance choreographed by Dan Karaty. Dan managed to choreograph the worst routine last year, which resulted in getting two poor dancers punted off the show. On that occasion it was the first time I had heard judges (Shane Sparks) be critical of the choreographer.

However the routine was great – Anya was like a sexy Morticia Adams. They surprisingly ended up in the bottom three, so maybe Dan is cursed.

Sabra and Domenic did a great Rumba with some interesting moves. Domenic for a breaker, who claims to be untrained for the second week in a row put in a great performance. Sabra is so tiny she make Cat Deeley look like a fat giantess. Needless to say Mary gave them the hot tamale train comment which appears to be this shows equivalent of a Mark Holden touchdown.

Lauren and Neil did a nice little Tango – Nigel thought Neil overacted it, I loved it and thought he was smouldering….

Then came the number of the night. Hok and Jamie dancing a Wade Robson (I think this year he has taken over from Mia as the best choreographer on the show) routine. It was mesmerising. Both dancers were just brilliant. One of the best routines I have seen in 2 seasons.

Then in the next came high drama and comedy all in the space of 2 minutes. The audience was told that Jesse had been taken to hospital that morning and would be unable to dance the Cha Cha with Pasha. Pasha was to dance the routine with Tony Meredith assistance.

She looked like a barely slimmer version of Devine. It was hilarious. Him trying to act as if he thought she was the sexiest thing he had seen. He should have won an Oscar for his performance.

If I could have voted I would have voted for him. Clearly America saw it the same way and he is safe for another week.

This week there was a bottom 4 girls as Jesse had to dance off with the others, and inevitably (possibly undeservedly because of the lameness of all the girls solos) she was turfed. My theory was because they thought she may collapse again. In my opinion all Jesse needed to do was eat a cheeseburger or two and all her medical issues would be resolved.

This week as the judges pointed out all the boys were great, and Jesus was the one to have to take the bullet that really should have gone to Cedric.

The show is hotting up, the dancing is better then last year, and I can hardly wait until next week to see it all again.