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Reality Ravers tips to Winning Australian Idol

In a week of much discussion on whether the Hillsong church has an undue influence on the voting patterns on Australian Idol, the issue has been raised on do some contestants in reality TV land have an unfair advantage before the competition begins?

An article in Crikey by Jane Nethercote again explored this issue about Hillsong and influence, but also highlighted that people like Fifi Box had Radio Station Triple M behind her, as did Grant Denyer with Sunrise and Channel 7 support to help him win Dancing With The Stars.

After much pondering these important matters, I came up with my own tips on how to win Australian Idol.

1. Don’t just get a town behind you, you will need at least a State or Territory, or go one better as did Damien Leith and get a country barracking for you.

2. Try to have some struggle street story to tell, be a single mum, have a chronic disease (this works better on Big Brother), a recent tragedy; or a disability. Please note this one backfired on Brianna this year when she announced after an abysmal performance on Rock night that she was deaf in one ear. The viewers at home after sitting through 2 minutes of torture had worked out already she was tone deaf so did not get any sympathy votes.

This strategy works best when the “yarn” is fed through a skillful PR person to the weekly gossip mags with nice photos.

3. Have something memorable about yourself think Guy Sebastian- the Fro, Damien Leith – the falsetto, and Matt Corby this year is covering this area well with the hair and the scarfs.

4. Have some friendship or mentor with a “famous” person. Kate Derrugo mentor was Vinetta Fields, and this year Daniel Mifsud is seeking advice from Jade McCrae. Who is getting the most out of this friendship is debatable. As Jade appears to be using Daniel’s 15 minutes of fame to plug her just released new album. Considering she has bagged out this years Idol competition it is the height of hypocrisy that the publicists continue to dripfeed photos of the pair of them to the daily newspapers. By the way Daniel your hair looks so much better short.

If the mainstream media is so concerned about the effect of Hillsong on Idol, maybe they should examine why this church is attracting so many young people to its flock, when other main religions are in decline.


1 Tilly Devine { 10.06.07 at 6:37 pm }

My suggestion is to always have an ageing but cute in an elderly way mum or Granny in teh audience who cries on cue when you hit that top note of the ballad.
Brings the house down every time.

2 Tilly Devine { 10.08.07 at 12:27 am }

Oh and another one…have a personal relationship with you”God”…mention himne frequently and if possible make regular trips to Hillsong to give praise for your “gift”