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Australian Idol – Brit Pop Night

On a stronger episode of Australian Idol tonight again the issue was raised regarding who dresses the judges???

Mark Holden look like he was about to attend a Star Trek convention. Marcia was dressed as Caspar the Ghost, is Halloween coming up? And I cannot even speak about Dicko’s shirt.

Kyle, who in the past I have found odious, was most suitably dressed, and again came up with the best witty oneliners of the night.

Tonight I thought the Idol’s sorted themselves into the A and B list. Matt, Ben, and Tarasai basically said we are going to be top three, and the rest were just trying not to come last.

First up was Carl Risely with a Beatles number Can’t Buy Me Love. Now I know theoretically the Beatles are Brit Pop, however I did not think that was getting into the spirit of the evening. Couldn’t he have waited until ’60’s night to sing this?

Again it was the predictable swing number which Dicko called ‘snuff jazz’, but the other judges liked it. Carl certainly does not have the legs to go all the way in the comp, but he will certainly be around for a few more weeks.

Also I must confess he has me on a slow burn, early in the season I could not stand him, last week I was thinking he was kind of cute, and tonight I was having lascivious thoughts wondering what he would look like in his navy uniform. Then again perhaps he is the only male in in the show who is not a handclapping christian. Jacob does not count- as it would just become really boring having to constantly deal with his self-esteem issues.

Tarasai sang the Queen song, Somebody to Love.

Yes she did an amazing job, the high notes at the end were worth the touchdown she was given. However again she annoyed me with her comment at the beginning saying “This is a little story about myself” I am thought you did not write these lyrics, the fabulous Freddie Mercury did so please don’t claim it as your own. This was almost on par as Daniel Mifsud as I previously posted claiming the Kiss arrangement as his own

Previous criticisms of her have been she has not connected with the songs by the judges. She did a bit of overkill to any one that would listen “that song touched me”, and “I just so emotionally connected with that song” to make sure everyone knew she was feeling it. Again I thought a touch fake. However I do think it is the first genuinely deserved touchdown, and did mark her as a contender.

Marcia finally did the “hey girlfriend” thing for the first time this season, which has shown some restraint from her, as it has been a regular thing when addressing the darker skincontestants in previous seasons.

Ben Mckenzie was next with Oasis – Wonderwall. I just love this kid even though he is a member of some strange christian sect. I agreed with Marcia for once when she was gibbering about the light and shade in his voice. But please do they have to incessantly go on about his sexuality, I mean really Andrew G was the 12 inch joke really necessary?

Marty basically conceded defeat with a Kook song called naive. It was boring from start to finish. Dicko basically said to him it was time to go. I still don’t get why people think he is so talented.

Then Marty pulls out the tired old excuse, of not used to playing covers or singing without his guitar. Ten points to Andrew G for asking “Why are you here then?”

Jacob sang the Beatles “Let It Be” after we were introduced to his girlfriend, Channel 10 publicist which they decided not to mention, just in case the viewers thought he was getting an unfair advantage. Personally I think he needs all the help he can get.

Dicko verbalised my thoughts – why did he pick a Beatles song, when for the past 4 weeks he has been channelling ’90’s brit pop bands. This was his opportunity to really put his mark on the competition, but he turned it into a 2cH moment.

Daniel Mifsud sang “Message In a Bottle” by The Police. Last week I just started to like him, but after tonight performance I am back to my original opinion that he is bland. Kyle is right – he ticks all the boxes but there is something he does not like. I think maybe there is a bit of arrogance there. He thought once he had deigned to audition for Idol that it was all going to be plain sailing to the Opera House. Maybe he is just not as talented as he thinks he is.

His good friend Jade McCrae could teach him some dance moves, this would also be a good chance for her to publicise her new album again through a show she disparages.

Natalie Gauci sang Amy Winehouse – Rehab. She finally got the look right tonight she looked hot, and apparently the no wheat diet is working. Might give it a go myself.

However turned a sultry rebellious song into a cutsie Lesley Gore “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To” type song, or as Mark Holden said Disneyfied it. It needed attitude. Amy Winehouse would have leapt from the audience onto the stage with a blood filled hypodermic screaming in disgust if she had to listen to that cover of her hit song.

Matt Corby sang Bittersweet Symphony by Verve. Which is brave choice as it is an iconic song for a lot of people. He did a good job, but again did it deserve a touchdown? He did not evoke the emotion in me as the original does, but the audience went into a frenzy.

I revised my position from last week saying that he would have to be caught with a kilo of smack to lose the competition. I think he would have be caught with a kilo of smack whilst poisoning Sydney’s water supply to lose.

Speaking of losing – where has John “Kermie” Foreman been this season. He has a much lower profile this year, and you barely sight him on camera. The guitarist on steroids gets more screen time. I wonder if this is his request or it is the egos of the judges who did this. If some idiots can start a I want to shag Dicko Facebook page, I think I will start a Bring Back Kermie Facebook site.

Bottom three this week will be Marty, Jacob, and Daniel. Marty to go.


1 Onadrought { 10.08.07 at 12:42 pm }

Seems like you Raver are agreeing with a few things I have said over the weeks. Eg, Daniel has something unappealing which Dicko mentioned (I mentioned this weeks ago). Also, that Carl grows on you and probably has the most sex appeal of the lot of them. Though I am getting sick of him always doing swing. Show some versatilty Carl or you’ll never get a touchdown.
Tarasai- so unlikeable that I cannot “give her props” (what is that stupid expression that they’ve knicked from American Idol? I mean Marcia can get away with using it, but come on Kyle, we do not use that expression over here. I know you’ve been hanging out in the States due to your tragic, wannabee ooh ah I lost my bra girlfriend giving it a go over there as all else has failed over here, but this does not excuse you from using balck slang.
Undoubtedly Tarasi can sing, but she has no likeabilty. They asked her to sing what she has experienced. Now, me with a name like onadrought I could get away with singing this song, and she too if he has had some love angst, but to sing such a huge, frustrated number over some not so nice comments during Idol, just shows what a vapid girl she is.
I couldn’t get over some of the poor song choices considering that this could have been one of the best nights ever. There is so much to choose from and consdering that this was Jacobs favourite genre, why did he pick such an oldie? And Natalie, I agree with Dicko, poor song choice, it’s supposed to be grungy, dirty, not smiley. Again there is so much she could have picked from and was she just going for the votes considering that it is a hit at the moment. Also, she just has something suburban about her, like I can’t find Vaness Amorosi believable as a rock chick as she has the same suburban thing. Could be that the image of Natalie working at her parent’s milkbar has stuck with me? Anyway Raver, let me know how the wheat free diet goes.
Have you noticed that Daniel Misfud and Matt Corby do the same hand action when they sing? Is it something they picked up at Hillsong?

2 Fifi { 10.09.07 at 11:34 am }

upertspotYes just a few points to add here, The judges again show no desire to capitulate to an honest marking criteria.
The personality comment about Tarisai was completely untrue as Kylie Minogue, Naomi Cambell, and even Elle McPherson have absolutley no personality. Vital contributions to society? the Gold Hotpants, the tantrum with the maid & the moby and Elle’s shiny underwear. No pre-rec’s for fabulous personality there. None whatsoever.

Secondly, to be kind, it is obvious Natalie has a hidden agenda to dip out of the comp early and land a gig in the stage musicals genre. That was a jaw-dropping piece of utter turgidity that gives me involuntarily shudders. She’s got a big career ahead of her on reruns of Cats.

Lastly, just because you can only sing covers does not exempt you from a musical education.
Where the f%#@k was the Clash? Elvis Costello, Blur? Radiohead? Jarvis Cockers big hit that William Shatner covered? Pulp? I mean really, if you are after Votes, do the Sex Pistols.
Oh and yes, spot on Reality Raver about the dreadful garbs – dread judges.

3 Onadrought { 10.10.07 at 6:55 pm }

You don’t need personality to be famous, think Paris Hilton, however, history has shown that likeabilty counts alot with who wins Idol . Exception was tuckshop arms Kate Derug, I do not now how that one happened. So that is why Misfud is in bottom 3 week after week, and Tarasia won’t win. Gee Daniel Misfud would be scratchy in bed!