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Dancing With The Stars – Scandal – Sunrise voters influencing results

Calling Hillsong can you come and interfere with the votes on Dancing With The Stars? Clearly it is ok for Sunrise to use their flock to keep the hopelessly untalented Mark Beretta on the show.

Again a very slow start to the show it really is not necessary to line up all the dancers and make rehearsed banal conversation. However it did make me realise that Ossie Ostrich really had been carrying Darryl for all those years.

The delightful Sonia Kruger added some frission with an interesting camera angle to her opening entrance down their stairs. Just as we were about to see whether she was going commando tonight she lost her shoe and the camera angle changed. Damn.

Corrine & Csaba were first up with the Salsa. Even prior to her being voted off tonight I thought this show is not going to help her career.

There are three reasons to go on this show:
1. To boost your profile and promote your self for further job opportunities;
2. To show a different aspect to your personality;
3. Or you are a Channel 7 ‘celebrity’ and therefore have no choice.

I can only guess it was number 1. Her occupation says comedian, but I really saw no sign of it in 3 episodes. She had no natural voter base, as her last gig was The Glasshouse on the ABC, and we all know those viewers have panic attacks if they see a commercial. I know there was an outcry when they axed the show, but maybe the ABC exec was right as she certainly does not make me laugh.

The unfortunate thing with their elimination is that we won’t get to see the lovely Csaba the hottest dancer on the show.

Bridie Carter and Craig did the Foxtrot. Even thinking about her makes me yawn. Bland, boring and beige. She seriously needs to find a personality and fast, maybe she was the reason I never watched McCleods Daughters. I will have to put up with her for awhile as she always scores highly on the dancing.

Just as I was about to slip into a coma Anh Do and Luda came on to dance the salsa. Now Corinne this is comedian, he used that camera to make us laugh enough to vote for him, and when the dance begins the showmanship continues. He gets my vote tonight. This show is going to sky rocket his profile. Memo to David Leckie let Anh Do compere next seasons and send Darryl to the place where all the old unfunny comedians go. I am sure he and Don Lane could have cuppa together there.

Elka Graham and Michael were dancing in a pre-record as Michael had some unmentioned family emergency. She revealed they had a facebook site but did not mention how many friends they had. Clearly not enough with her second week in the bottom two. She is gorgeous to look at, however Australia is not as enthralled with swimmers as we are led to believe. Prediction – She will be doing her last dance next week. She gets my vote for telling Darryl what a short arse he is.

Mark Beretta & Linda danced a very unco salsa.
Couple of things:
Men over 40 should not wax their chests, it is just disturbing.
Did we really need the 5 minute advertorial for Myers, which was disguised as a chat back stage.
Everytime I see Mark it just gives me flashbacks to The Master episodes, the show he compered which was axed after one episode. His charisma has not increased since then. Todd had taken the serum of truth when he said the routine was hideous. Maybe Todd wants him off the show as he wants to be the only ageing queen in the limelight.

The Sunrise Family is influencing the vote, as he was safe tonight with a score of a very low 18, but that is a story we won’t see on Today Tonight.

Jessica Rowe and Serghei did a respectable foxtrot. She actually looked great this week but maybe because all her flesh was covered. Dressed as a feline she even looked sultry at times. Her husband Peter Overton was not allowed to attend. Come on Channel 9 do you really think me seeing him in the audience is going to make me watch or not watch 60 minutes. Now I can understand why Channel 7 won’t let Bert Newton attend as he will upstage Darryl.

Patti Newton & Sandro danced the salsa. Again she was great and I thought it was fabulous that she took the opportunity to have a good grope of Sandro’s hot body. It must have been a refreshing change from the blubbery Bert. She can dance, and will be difficult to beat this series. I thought she was going to have a Tara Reid boob moment with the way her dress was moving. With her 40 years in show biz experience worse has probably happened to her.

David Hobson and Karina did the fox trot, it was entertaining and co-ordinated. However I thought David was trying to be too funny tonight I really like him when he is just himself.

James Courtney and Olya danced the Salsa. It was not the worst routine of the night. The poor things only had 4 hours of rehearsal time due to his racing commitments. Olya was clearly struggling as well, she looked panic stricken during the lifts. However clearly he is gaining a fan base, as he was safe for another week.

Bridie, Jessica, and Patti scored the highest with 30 and last was Mark Beretta with 18.

The show is looking tired from to many seasons in so few years. I doubt Channel 7 will change the formula as it is still rating very ighly. Some heavy duty editing would assist in making the show a bit snappier. Oh and a new compere would help.


1 bored { 10.10.07 at 1:49 pm }

I was just bored by the whole thing .. the whole thing is so dragged out that it was tediuous, almost as tedious as daryl himself

2 Reality Raver { 10.10.07 at 3:07 pm }

I agree with you bored. I feel a “Bone Darryl Somers” Facebook page coming on. Unfortunately I don’t think Channel 7 will schlep him until the huge ratings they are getting starts to slide.

Sunrise viewers again decided to support mediocrity by supporting a poll that asked whether Todd had been mean to Mark Beretta? Thousands of viewers again wasted their limited centrelink payments answering in the affirmative.

Apologies to all Centrelink clients who were not involved in this insanity.

For christ sake Mark if you have a problem with Todd settle it yourself and have a good old queen cat fight.

3 disco queen { 10.10.07 at 4:38 pm }

it won’t be a proper dance show until a couple is made to perfom ”the bump”

4 Onadrought { 10.10.07 at 6:43 pm }

I think Sunrise and Mark Beretta himself, thought they were going to do another Grant Denyar and be a dark horse in the dance department (well he is not a horse in any other dept going by what was not revealed in that very clingy outfit last night). Why is it that some Aussie men when they try to put on a dancing performance, try to channel gay men, forgetting that gay men are the best dancers of all? That is what he appears to be doing and it comes off like he is pretending to be in drag at some bucks night or something. Unfortunately I don’t think he will get kicked off for a while as for some reason or another very sadly, this type of mainstream (and sporty) bloke is very popular with the Aust public. Fortunately, we also see that an opera singer is too, so aussies are showing some aceptance of culture, though if Davis Hobson, hadn’t already been splashed all over commercial TV in It Takes Two, he wouldn’t be here. So basically it is showing Aussies awareness of crappy reality programmes, rather than opera singing. Anyway, I like David Hobson, and to me the package is elegance on the dance floor, kookiness off, far more diverse and interesting than the terribly ,mainstream Beretts. Again, how sad that more people rang in for the Todd versus Berrets phone poll, than they did about the Iraq War.

5 Reality Raver { 10.10.07 at 7:53 pm }

Disco Queen – LOL re: The Bump, now that Csaba’s been knocked out I’d volunteer to do the Bump with him.

I am sure Patti would be able to remember the original version, wasn’t that her and Bert’s wedding dance?

Ondrought – insightful comments as usual. I did not notice the limited package of Mark Berretta, as I was still recovering from seeing the Manly player on the Foxtel TV fuck up. Believe me that guy has nothing to be embarassed about.

However to be fair he was wearing black and that is meant to be slimming