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Australian Idol – Final 7 – The year they were born

With the Federal election date finally being called, I decided that tonight’s Idol may be a sign of what the upcoming campaign would be like. Would it be entertaining, provocative, and full of talent? Or would it be dull, uninspiring, and full of medocrity.

Unfortunately it was the latter.

The mission for tonight was to pick a song from the year you were born. Which was all ’80’s and a couple songs from 1990. I think if the Idol producers take a lesson from tonight is to not bother have a 80’s night this season.

The performances tonight were ordinary. You knew it was crap when Marcia “I dug it” Hines was joining in on the criticism. Was it the song choice or is it the performer? This years lot are making Lee Harding look talented, which is as hard as making George Dubya look smart.

The highlight of the evening for me was finding out Australian Idol merchandise is now in Happy Meals in Macdonalds. It is an improvement on Teenage Turtle Ninja Turtles and Shrek figurines.

First up was Ben McKenzie singing a song from 1990, Higher Ground by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which is in fact a Stevie Wonder cover from 1973. Which raises the issue of the rules for picking songs. If you can find anyone releasing a cover in the year you were born eg a band from Greenland releases a quirky version of a Beatles song like Eleanor Rigby, should you be allowed to sing it?

I don’t, Idol needs to beat the credibility stick (that probably is an oxymoron) and say only an original song from that year can be covered.

Ben was obviously trying to woo some of Matt Corby’s prolific voters to his camp(no pun intended) by doing the big stare down the camera, however the song just did not seem to suit his voice. Also the band seemed to over power him, it was like a mouse squeaking over the roar of a lion.

He did do better then most this evening with two judges liking it, Marcia, and Kyle, with Dicko and Mark finding it ordinary.

Marty Simpson sang from 1986 “Now We’are Getting Somewhere” by Crowded House. I loved the way during the song the cameraman panned to Lana sitting in the audience, just to imply they are indeed an item. I thought she was doing the HSC at the moment.

To show where his interests really lie he turned it into a reggae version, and a pretty lame one at that. The judges are always going on about showing your personality to the Idols, he needs to take the Scientology Test and ask them if he has a personality because I ain’t seeing signs of it.

Also the Government did not have to waste of taxpayers funds on the leaflet called ” Talk To Your Children About Drugs” when it would have been much more effective in just taking Marty into schools to show kids this is what happens when you indulge in to many drugs. I have seen people with lobotomies show more life.

He then had the predictable whinge about he needs to show case he is more comfortable singing his original songs. This is not Triple J Unearthed the whole point of the show is covers. It is the equivalent of wanting a pig on a spit at a Hare Krishna feast. I am hoping he is around for original night, as he will then have no excuses for a shite performance.

Natalie Gauci sang “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie from 1981. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard this mangled at karoke bars. It is even worse when a boyfriend/girlfriend do it as a serious number.

However I have to confess this song is in my top ten of guilty pleasures. Even though the judges panned it I loved it. It is so cheesy but in a good way. At one stage during the performance I deludedly said to my couch companion “ooh this may be a touchdown”, he looked at me like I needed to be committed. He may have been right.

The outfit she wore tonight was shocking. She needs to start screaming every time Sheridan Tyler comes near her. Dicko said that was the third outfit change of the night. Just hold on dear reader as I go off and start a “Sack Sheridan Tyler from Idol” Facebook Group…..

Back from that frivolity, next up was Carl Risley singing “Turn Your Love Around” by George Benson from 1982.

Carl’s girlfriend was in the audience, and Andrew G interviewed her. She confessed to them meeting pissed at the Melbourne Cup. I was very surprised at Andrew’s restraint by not asking any horn questions. She needed to take a tip from the Jacob Butlers savvier girlfriend, and get her hair done, and a bit of lippy would not have hurt. As there are over 1 million viewers looking at you and probably half are bitchy teenage girls, and the other half jaded 30 something female bloggers she was always going to cop a caning.

The positives about Carl are he shaves, he is not 17, and he looks good in a suit. Other then that his performance was dullsville. I have seen better entertainment at recent political fundraisers and that is a big call.

Matt Corby sang a Phil Collins from 1990 “Another Day In Paradise“. Which ever political party promises to ban Phil Collin songs from the airwaves has my vote. Even the mega talented Matt Corby could not do anything palatable with it and I was so bored I was wondering whether he styled his eyebrows. Yes I was focusing on the big issues!

I do think he is clever doing the old sit on the chair trick so people cannot see what a crap dancer he is, something that Daniel Mifsud should think about doing.

The judges were uncontrollably name dropping. Dicko mentioned Kevin Rudd. Is he thinking politics post Idol? Also Marcia dropped her daughters name Deni Hines in the same breath as Randy Crawford, saying they both had great careers from vibrato. As far as I am concerned her most recent career highlight was being a fame game question on Temptation last week. I live in fear we are going to see her perform on a Monday night show this year, something that Marcia insisted on in her contract renewal.

Tarasai (she who can get away with one name) sang a 1987 Aretha Franklin/George Michael duet “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me”. It was the best performance of the evening. Hitting the high notes great strutting about on stage, would I pick up the phone – No. She annoys me.

Dicko said ” You don’t over think things” Is he telling her she is thick?

However she will be safe for another week.

Daniel Mifsud got the coveted last spot to sing “Billie Jean” from Michael Jackson from 1983. As written previously he needs to take a leaf out of Matt Corby’s book and sit on a chair. Every time he dances he just looks like a dickhead, and completely uncool. Which is bizarre for a person who is desperate to show how cool he is.

How do you sing a song by someone whose voice has barely broken? By this time all the judges looked like they wanted to be put out of their misery, and could barely muster any enthusiasm for his tedious rendition.

After the fantastic performers from last year, this season has been extremely disappointing. Was the talent not out there, or did the judges give us a poor 24 contenders, with the ones who made the final 12 barely improving on their semi final wins.

Bottom three: Carl Risley, Marty Simpson and Daniel Mifsud. Marty to go.

This years Australian Idol will be crowned the weekend of the Federal election campaign, lets hope there will be a worthy winner on both of these occasions.


1 Alison { 10.15.07 at 12:56 pm }

hurrah, first ben let it slip and then mark .. the idols don’t always choose their own songs .. Ben was admanant that ”i didn’t choose that song”.

Had always wondered if they were actually given carte blanche evey week to sing whatever they wanted or if they’re given a short list and often forced to do something they don’t really like .. makes a mockery of the song choice theme always hammered by the judges

2 Reality Raver { 10.15.07 at 3:08 pm }

Yes I noticed that to. Is this simililar to the Quiz Show scandal, and the comp is fix??

They do appear to have researchers who give them lists I think. I presume the idols don’t have the time to find out the songs from that year.

Also maybe they guide them to what song they should sing. I agree if they are going to hammer them about song choice they should at least be able to hang themselves on their own pettard!

3 Tilly Devine { 10.15.07 at 4:02 pm }

Bad timing or a metaphor for how politics has become nothing more than a 1970s Merrylands Mall Talent contest?
Speakimg of MErrylands Mall (now Stockland Mall), i saw Mark Holden there when he was at the peak of his seductive powers, 1977 or 1978.
Seared forever in my memory.