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So You Think You Can Dance – Final 8

In an episode of this fabulous show where it is getting to the business end of proceedings I thought it all a bit disappointing. Probably the dullest dancing of the series thus far. Not sure whether it was the choreographers or the dancers. Maybe the highs from last weeks Samba just weren’t there.

Firstly a couple of things:
1. Hot – Dancing With the Stars boys take note, you can be a ballroom dancer and have chest hair. Pasha you looked hot.
2. Fun – Adam Shankman is so “beeping” gay, and he does not shut up, but I like him.
3. Weird – Adults in the VIP/choreographers area sucking on lollipops, people over 18 (make it 21 over there) should only be allowed to have these confections if they are at a rave. It just looked strange.

Cat again proved she can wear just about anything by wearing a blue number that looked like it had been covered in tinsel. We still saw a bit of last weeks Darling Buds of May outfit when the dancers were pulling what dances they were doing out of the hat. That was tres horrible.

I was wondering why Nigel looked good this week, and realised he was out of his usual dreadful beige and in a nice navy suit. Mary was again his sidekick, and I spent most of the show trying to work out if her boobs were real. They did not move however they could have had about 10 metres on Hollywood tape under that dress.

Adam Shankman director/choreographer was invited back to be guest judge after his lively performance last time. I really like him, however Nigel may not invite him back after he kept on gibbering on and taking Niges air time.

New partners tonight and they were to do two routines together.

First up were Danny and Sara with the Argentine tango. Sara looked great in a pole dancer type way in thigh high boots, the choreography was great, Danny was wonderful, but Sara did not do it for me. She was to stilted. The big moved termed the “human pretzel” felt like she was going to get stuck half way.

The judges however loved the move, and Adam went on to say Danny was the best dancer they have ever had on the show. That is debatable his brother Travis was pretty sensational as well.

Lauren and Domenic were up next Krumping. Now I know this is a new form of dance related to hip hop. As Nigel said it is meant to be 3 steps above it, I just found it a bit dull. Also a few mistakes Lauren fell but covered up, I did not notice that, however towards the end of the routine I thought Domenic had half dropped her in a lift. Maybe it was just a weird krumping move. I don’t think the Aust competitors in our show are gonna like this genre.

Lacey and Neil did a Latin Jazz number. Never heard of it they keep on mixing up the styles soon we will have the rumba tap or contemporary krumping. Neil is a real cutie however the shirt off look did nothing for me. I love both of these dancers, but again it all left me cold. Maybe the judges are right and Lacey looks out at the audience to much. Or maybe it is just the mixing of two types of dances. Certainly no sizzle in it.

Sabra and Pasha did a broadway number. Sabre was great and I barely looked at Pasha, not helped by Sarbre wearing a bright gold number compared to Pasha’s black. This when Pasha started flashing chest hair. So hot. Judges went gaga over routine. I thought good but not great.

Danny and Sara’s second number was hip-hop. It was a Shane Sparks number, and when I heard the opening riffs of Salt and Pepa’s Push It, I was like how good is this going to be. However, it was like a high school talent night complete with bad outfits, all they needed was a dose of acne to complete the picture. The judges also were underwhelmed.

Next Domenic and Lauren did the Rumba. Again forgettable. It seemed to me that Dom went in for the extra pash at the end sans tongue thank God, that would have been really gross. I suppose they had to think of their younger viewers. I think this time it could have been choreography, even though Nigel said they were dumbing down their routines for the contestants.

Also Nigel commented on how hot Lauren looked. I find this ickey when over 45 men perve a 20 year olds. It is the same as Mark Holden when he makes lewd remarks to the 16 year olds in Idol. I always feel like taking a bath to wash the slime off me.

Next Lacey and Neil dancing a Mia Michaels number which was a routine which reflect her dead father and herself meeting up again.

Judges were never going to be able to criticise it, as this is not The Chaser. I did think it was very good, as it did evoke a father with his daughter, however I did not think it was a stratospheric as the judges gushed. Mary clearly had something going on (as Nigel stated) as she cried and cried, with gunk running down and cheeks and nose. Clearly those big boobs of her are not packed with tissues as she had to wait until the ad break to get one.

Last partners dance was Sabre and Pasha with the quickstep. This was nice and bouncy, but it reminded me of their first routine of the night Broadway. This time I did look at Pasha and I thought he was good, as was Sabre as usual, her and Lacey are the strongest of the two girls left.

Next up the elimination show and Cat looked like she was going to a high school prom. How does she walk in those heels?

First up all of them had to do solos in the own dance style. I thought the only girl who stepped up to the plate was Sabre hers was sensational, whereas the others seemed lacklustre.

Whereas all the boys came out firing. Leaps and flips from Neil and Danny, and a bullfighting type no top just a cape routine from Pasha. Domenic had taken his cues from Fred Astaire who once danced with a lampshade, and Gene Kelly who had danced with cartoons, and came out with a plastic chair. I liked it but reminded me a bit of a busking routine at Circular Quay, and the showstopper before I pass the hat around is….. Also I think if you are dancing with a chair it should be a nice eames number not a kmart special.

It was no surprise that Lauren and Sara were in the bottom two with Sara being eliminated. I predict Lauren will go next week. I was surprised Neil was in the bottom two with Domenic. I love Pasha but he is not as good as Neil. Domenic bit the dust and he should be congratulated in getting this far.

I thought it was over the top the way Domenic was clutching on to Cat, and I could not tell whether she wanted to say stop manhandling me. I still think he has the touch of the stalker in him. How many of the female dancers will have to take out AVO’s on him after the show finishes?


1 Anonymous { 10.26.07 at 9:05 am }

If Reality Raver posts that question about Domenic as a poll, I will answer in the affirmative. He positively took the attention off Cat, she could’nt get further away from him, once she’d finished reading the auto-cue.

2 Reality Raver { 10.26.07 at 1:18 pm }

Absolutely it made my skin crawl. Maybe they don’t have stalking legislation in California. Maybe they need to psyche test these people as well in Las vegas to make sure the nutters are weeded out.

3 tilly devine { 10.26.07 at 8:04 pm }

Raver, i have a suggestion for topics:

1. Top 10 worst reality shows eg beauty and geek, that pirate one with Cameron Daddo, etc