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Australian Idol – Elimination Night – has Marty made a pact with the devil?

Surprisingly there was no fear and loathing on the set tonight of Australian Idol. Every one just appeared happy to have enough to fill in the long hour of tv.

They did the review of the Tarasai incident and then did the follow up of what happened backstage after the show with Tarasai giving Mark a good tongue lashing in a non sexual way of course.

How real reality is tv? Yes she did look angry and upset, but then Mark later reveals this spray occurred in his dressing room. Whereas I thought when it was being filmed it looked like Mark coming to find her. So Mark was this faked??? Did the producers go right Tarasai you stay in Mark’s dressing room and yell at him then stomp off down the hallway.

Also we need to get Sheridan Tyler weekly tv time, so we will have him in the background shots a few times.

Notwithstanding that I thought she did look genuine, and probably would have clawed back a few fans.

The Arias looked liked fun – especially they got to see Nicole Kidman, who bleaches her skin so no wonder she always looks so pale. I wonder if that is what Michael Jackson does as well.

Marty rocked on until the morning, while Matt sulked in a corner worrying about the negatives on his music career being an Idol might have. I think he needs a reality check he would not have been there if had not been on Idol. Talent scouts do not just rock up to school concerts to find talent. Except of course if it is Macdonald College, or Newtown School of Performing Arts.

Marty again whinged about the format of Idol. This time it was the group songs were damaging his voice. I think he needs to realise, as I have pointed out in previous post Australian Idol is about making money and advertising dollars, not about his limited music career.

How did he make top 4?? He must have made pact with the devil, it must have been a good one as he is the most mediocre contestant to make it this far. Has he promised to poison Sydney’s water supply or vote for John Howard? He makes Kate Daruggo look like she has talent and charisma. Soon he could be walking those opera house steps.

However, I think Matt Corby, and Carl Riseley will take out that honour this year. Though I could be wrong. Not unusual for me. In a previous post I say Dean Geyer and half a Veronica have split. NO still together. Last nights post I state Tamara Jaber (Kyle’s fiancee) has a non existent singing career, today she is signed to a US record label with former Idols Reigan Derry, and Hayley Aitken.

So don’t go putting that lazy $100 on centrebet at my predictions.

The group song was the dull Dragon song April Sun in Cuba . They had the whole of Australian and NZ music to choose from and the best they could do is that? Most of the Idol’s probably had not heard the original.

Bottom three was Marty, and Tarasai (unsurprisingly) and Natalie Gauci – clearly a touchdown does not sway the punters.

Marty was the first to be sent back to the sofa, with Tarasai being eliminated. Natalie is now the only girl left. Looking very ominous for an all male final.


1 poohbah { 10.30.07 at 11:04 am }

ooh didn’t natalie look daggers at tarasi and the everyone else when she was told she was in the bottom three, she looked really mean, some one should tell her that it is not a good look

2 disco queen { 10.30.07 at 11:35 am }

conspiracy theories:

1)Hillsong were voting en bloc for Tarasi with a plan to use her as a role model if she won. Idol found out and conspired to get her booted

2) Marty has a geeky friend who can hack into the voting system so that marty gets lots of votes for the price of one text.

3 Reality Raver { 10.30.07 at 2:45 pm }

Disco Queen I like your theory re: marty and one of his friends hacking system.

I cannot imagine his friends being able to vote for him much as they would all be on centrelink benefits..

Or someone has put a huge bet on him at 50 to 1 to win so it is worth their while to vote to keep him in.

Also it would be interesting to see the phone bill at the local council as doesn’t is father work there?

Not sure about the Hillsong theory re: tarasai always feel that church is a bit whitebread. But maybe they are trying to diversify…

Oh Poohbah agree how unhappy did Natalie look. You could see her think I stood on a piano and scored a touchdown for chrissake.