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Come on Tarasai tells us what you really think

Tarasai yesterday made sure she made further enemies by venting about Natalie Gauci, Daniel Mifsud, and Marcia. article here

Fake Tarasai was calling Marcia fake, and also she was a hypocrite. Maybe we need the queen of fake Paris Hilton to adjudicate on this one.

Tarasai said that Marcia had come back stage to say she had always thought she was real, however the next day Marcia went on Dicko’s radio program and said she thought Tarasai was fake.

For most viewers we have always known Marcia’s ” I really dug it act” even after someone had murdered a Whitney number was fake. She just never had the guts to give a genuine critique of the Idol’s performances. After five seasons of putting up with her lameness I have had enough.

I propose sack Marcia and bring in mini me Tarasai. At least she will be the fountain of truth.

Also it would be a way of the Producers of Idol, to say thank you for Tarasai actually bringing some zing back into this seasons lacklustre show.


1 Fifi { 11.01.07 at 5:01 pm }

Absolutely, Get rid of Marcia, let her go full-time with all the charity work she does. What a load of boring crap Oz Idol has become. I too will vote Marty now, as a protest. Oh and I’m not watching anymore, just going to get my updates from here.
The show has lost all cred, because of Dicko’s vindictiveness and Marcias obesquiousness.
Don’t take it personally Tarasai, you will probably have a longer career from this.

2 Reality Raver { 11.01.07 at 11:53 pm }

I agree I think Dicko has lost a bit of his mojo. I think he is spreading himself to thin.

Idol, the radio show, plus the american gig, he just does not have the comic depth. Also needs to get out of the polo shirts. Looks like he is about to drinking at the Oaks at Neutral Bay.