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So You Think You Can Dance – Final 6

Just as the American So You Think You Can Dance is about to finish. The Australian one is just beginning.

This weekend the auditions hit Sydney, and this will be the city they will expect to give them a lot of talent.

I have decided I already like Bonnie Lythgoe, after an article I read in the Sun Herald. She was full and frank about her separation from head honcho Nigel Lythgoe.

To summarise what she said, as I interpreted it:

  • When she was a judge on Season 1 she felt she could not be herself and was stifled;
  • Nigel is a workaholic and it was good to be out of his shadow;
  • She auditioned for the Australian show and won it herself (not sure about that claim);
  • Nigel is admiring the new independent Bonnie; and calls her five times a day.

You go girl I now bequeath you are the No 1 member of the “I am no longer an invisible wife” club, what a way to make plastic Priscilla Presley worried. Last item I read was that Nigel and Priscilla had been making out in a restaurant. I don’t mean to be ageist but that is just wrong.

The first part of tonight’s episode was filler where they showed more audition pieces that supposedly had not been shown before. The gay tap dancing cowboy was a highlight. However it does raise the issue of whether TV shows such as this and Idol should exploit people auditioning who have obvious mental health issues.

Frank was one such case. He claimed to be a geneticist, and the highlight of his life was Anna-Nicole coming to his 25th birthday party.

Then he went onto say he still spoke to her. Obviously was more then just kooky. I don’t see any value in havingpeople like this shown for their so called comic value. The producers are just mocking them.

To give the judges credit they did handle the situation sensitively. If Simon Cowell, or Mark Holden had been in the same scenario I think it would have been ugly.

Cat Deeley wore a sequin mini number, but appeared to be channelling Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan with some very bad roots. These had disappeared by the elimination episode.

The guest judge tonight was Debbie Allen, who I thought would again be trying to plug her Debbie Allen Dance Academy, however I only heard it once. Maybe she did not want to be trapped handing out another scholarship like the one to Cedric.

Lacey & Pasha were paired up to do a Hip Hop number with Lacey a mannequin. It was so controlled. I thought they both did a brilliant job and it was my second favourite dance of the night. I think Lacey is going to be hard to beat.

Danny & Laura did a Mia Michaels contemporary number. Which as usual was to a high standard, however I did not think it showed off Danny’s dancing enough. The dance was to a Celine Dion number with a lot of running around it ended in a titanicesque moment with them leaning over a balcony.

Neil & Sabre dance the best routine of the night with a Jazz number. It was oh so ’80’s, and reminded me of a sexed up Thomas Dolby video clip. When Neil did that plange over Sabre on the table my stomach dropped. It was soooooo sexy and intense.

Neil flew under the radar with me for most of the series but once he stopped partnering Lauren I thought he has been hot, hot, hot.

Lacey & Pasha second dance was the smooth waltz. I call this the death dance, as most people get eliminated after these routines, as there is no pizazz type moves that make people pick up the phone to vote. Yes it was lovely and they looked fabulous together. The song ended with their heads together, I surprised Lacey did not attempt to try and go for the snog! Pasha is so gorgeous.

Danny & Lauren danced a disco number, again I did not think it showed off Danny’s talent. It was a fun number, but I have seen better disco this season. Lauren annoys me as her facial expression never changes throughout the routine. If she does not win she should go for some sort of toothpaste endorsement as her teeth are so blindingly white.

Last up were Neil and Sabre dancing the Pase Doble. Neil was like a gothic matador in black leather pants, and Sabre was in a fire engine read flamenco type outfit. Needless to say she looked wonderful.

The ending was sensational when she fell down his body to the floor. Her gymnastic training has meant she has done some wonderful original moves this season.

The elimination episode showed Lil C and his posse do some krumping straight from South Central ‘hood. To me it is all poses mainly to do with crotch grabbing and pulling to big jeans up. I think I prefer traditional hip hop more.

First girl into the finale was Lacey, and first boy was Danny, ironic that last year her brother was the winner, and Danny’s brother was the runner-up.

Then they did this weird clear the studio thing as the show was not live, and they did not want who had won leaked. So when Lauren was told she was eliminated it was only the gaffer clapping. So in a difficult moment for Lauren there were no fans able to cheer for her and boost her ego.

Again the same was for Pasha. Clearly he was a favourite with the ladies, whilst Mary was bawling, Cat was mauling him. You go girl.

Final four are Lacey, Sabre, Neil, and Danny. It is interesting this year as I don’t think there is not clear winner as Benji was last year. If I had to make a bet I would say Lacey, but if I was voting I would be voting for Neil.


1 Anonymous { 11.02.07 at 11:11 am }

Cat’s mauling of Pasha bordered on the obscene. As soon as he could break free he sought refuge in the arms of one of the contestants – Lacey I think. Guess keeping close to Cat may have presented him with a better immediate term strategy though. Cause clearly Mary was feeling the need to give him some one-on-one ‘consoling’ once the cameras were off. A key outtake though is that Pasha won’t be short of ‘quality box’ for some years to come.

2 Reality Raver { 11.03.07 at 3:21 pm }

yes much different from when Domenic was clutching at her. Cat could not wait to get away.

3 Anonymous { 11.05.07 at 7:30 pm }

Neil has slunk under my radar too this season, however, I could part with Pasha my star, because I just know he’s going to be great in the future. And Neil, my goodness! Neil! What a man. My choice is Neil & Sabra. xx

4 Reality Raver { 11.05.07 at 9:26 pm }

I agree re: your final two. I cannot wait until the show is over this week so I can start googling them to find out more about them.