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Dancing With The Stars – Final Five

It was a day of feathers, short dresses, and favourites getting beaten and that was only Melbourne Cup.

Dancing With the Stars provided all of the above, but unfortunately this shows goes longer then five minutes, and you don’t win money, but if you do vote you could win a Nissan Munaro.

Sonia Kruger again struggled for chemistry with Darryl, but she did come to life when Carson Kreely turned up as a “guest” they showed what the show would be like with a decent comedic host with some lively repartee.

Carson had come for some post Cup frivolity and was definitely mooching about the male dancers. Babe you can do better the Sandro, if not fly up to Sydney now and hang out at the So You Think You Can Dance Auditions. He will just need to avoid the inevitable drag queens that show up at these castings.

Tina Arena was also on the show, singing “To Sir With Love” which I am sure she sung on Young Talent Time all those years back. I loved the outfit, but not sure about the voice. I thought I would like the comments from the Idol judges as my ear drums were almost blown. Tina was on flogging her new album of covers.

I wondered if she chatted with Patti Newton back stage, as Lauren Newton went out with Tina’s ex-husband after they split. Any ill feelings?

First up tonight was David Hobson and Corinna doing the Salsa. It seems all the contestants are now having to “tell a story” before and during the dance. This one involved cocktails, a backdrop rummaged from some old school play, and a dodgy telephone.

I did not think the salsa sizzled at all in fact I did not think there was much salsa in it at all. The judges were all in good moods, due to Melbourne Cup birdcage action so scored a reasonable 27.

Next was An Doh and Luda, who were in the bottom two last week. They were dancing the foxtrot tonight. An Doh was ok but I prefer his more comedic performances. Also he is the only one left who came into the competition without a wide fanbase. So he is doing well.

Darryl broke the show biz rule which is only ask a question you know the answer to when he put An Doh on the spot about his charities Day of Difference Day. It was not a good look for either of them. An Doh who had just been gushing about the good works of the charity looked like he had never heard of the event.

The judges gushed over seeing another side of An Doh and gave him 27.

Mark Beretta and Linda were doing the quickstep. They had been to Bahrain for the week so we had to put up with lots of sand up cracks jokes. Mel, Kochie and Monique were in the audience to cheer him on, and of course promote Sunrise.

I am prepared to be flamed for this however is Mel overrated? She never says anything either tonight nor on the Sunrise program (that was an ungratuitous plug as it gets so much publicity on Dancing with the stars). Her and Kochie are apparently doing Channel 7’s election coverage, we won’t expect any insightful analysis from them.

Judges again loved, “best performance yet” and gave it 31.

Bridie Carter and Craig danced the Samba. Bridie is the Matt Corby of this competition, the one everyone thinks is going to win. I hope not as I find her so lacking in personality., and humility a bit like Matt actually. Though I don’t think she belongs to any pentecostal groups.

Even though the judges adored her Samba where she was channelling the jungle queen, the way she moved and look reminded me of one of those people who had been raised by wolfs (or some other animal) for years in isolation.

I was alone in thinking that, as two of the judges gave her 10.

Patti Newton and Sandro were last with the foxtrot. Apparently they only had one day to prepare as Sandro had some heart issues. It showed, it was pretty dull. However as usual Patti got the extra senior points and were scored a high 28 for a very average routine.

Bottom two were Patti, and Mark Berretta. Everyone looked shocked when Mark was voted off, I was extremely happy with that result. Channel 9 Today show have probably spent big bucks voting for the other contestants to ensure he was gone, and the never ending plugs for Sunrise can stop.