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Matt Corby Calls Paparazzi Paedophiles

Today in the Sunday Telegraph Matt Corby claimed the paparazzi were breaking child protection laws as he tried to change after surfing at Bondi Beach recently.

Matt whined he and Marty Simpson were being followed by the paps and as he was about to get changed in the open (whatever happened to the Bondi dressing sheds?) they were going to take photos of him.

He called the police to see if it was illegal for them to take photos of him because he was under 18. Memo to Matt the NSW Police are trying to deal with real crimes, including real child abuse, not some “It was my only afternoon off, I deserve some privacy.”

Look love if you want to have a rock star moment with the paps, don’t ring the police just punch them out for christ sake. Channel a bit of Heath Ledger or Jude Law they know how to deal with them.