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Australian Idol – and now there is two

Tonight amid high tension, the 70’s porn fashions continued with Matt Corby wearing a sequined t-shirt, Delta wearing a black sequined(clearly THE fashion trend for summer) mui mui, and Marcia mimicking Sonya McMahon’s side split dress that she wore to the White House in 1971.

All three Idols had the I have come this far I want to go all the way nerves going but before the viewers could hear the verdict the Channel 10 producers had an hour of tv to fill.

Enter Delta Goodrem singing her new single “Believe Again”. It was like a cross between Jewel and Stevie Nicks in her black sequined mui mui, what was that all about, does Sheridan Tyler have stylistic control over everyone who comes on the show? So this was Delta’s new and sexy image? She is only 23 but she dresses like a 40 year old.

Then in the middle of the song all these women in white come onto the stage to sway and sing together. It was like a very bad take off of the Robert Palmer film clip of “Addicted to Love”. It was all pretty cringe worthy, and it did not make me want to buy the album it is like she has morphed into Celine Dion.

Next up is the confidence chick asking banal questions of the idols. What I want to know is who did she sleep with to get her own segment on the show?

Then a new trying to be humorous but it so wasn’t was Mark Holden going back stage with a camera calling it Idol Exposed. The only exposed bit was a shot of Marcia’s broad shoulders in her sequined dress from last night, which was horrifying.

After a few more fillers on came Marcia to sing a song from her new album a cover version of the REM single “Everybody Hurts”. It was not a great rendition of the song, not helped by the Hillsong backup singers.

Half way through I decided I preferred Kyles rendition of Just A Gigolo from last week.

The most nauseating moment was when she turned to sing to the Idol’s with that look that said now kids this is how you sing with emotion.

Natalie just sat there with a fixed smile showing her newly whitened teeth, and Carl just looked totally bored because it was not a swing number.

Though it should have given Carl Risley comfort to know that you can make a career out of singing covers.

And then drumroll of suspense. Natalie Gauci was first through. For a moment I thought sweet irony maybe Matt will not make it to the Opera House, however predictably Carl was eliminated.



1 poohabh { 11.13.07 at 6:17 pm }

i find corby so annoying that i very nearly voted for natalie last night .. in a first as i have never voted for anyone in any reality tv show, fortunately sense prevailed and i didn’t vote so natalie’s fate will be left to the family who were jumping up and down like 3-year olds (apologies minty) .. and you’re right dad does look gay

2 Reality Raver { 11.13.07 at 10:15 pm }

Natalie’s father needs to come out in the next week, as it may help her garner the all important pink dollar.

There will be no backlash in her fan base, as all the homophobic hillsongers are already voting for Matt Corby.