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Dancing With the Stars aka The Truman Show

Has Dancing With the Stars morphed into The Truman Show? However The Truman Show was a bit subtler in its plugs then this show.

There were the usual 2-3 Myer plugs, then half of Australia had appeared to have released a CD this week.

David Hobson with his new CD “The Promise” Chong Lim the DWTS conductor produced it. Therefore it got two plugs during the show.

Then Jimmy one of the show singers had the CD he produced with the Choir of Hard Knocks plugged. He needed to be prompted by Darryl about who was actually singing on the album, had he actually listened to it?

Then the Young Beavers whoops I meant Young Divas(sorry aiming jokes at Darryl Somers level) had there new album and single plugged.

They also got to sing 2 songs on the show. Well almost 2 songs. The first song went for about 30 seconds and the second song Channel 7 cut it off to go to the ad break. They would not have done that to previous guests Delta, and Tina Arena. Clearly this posse are stilling trying to gain credibility in the entertainment industry.

Sonya kept on getting her plugs mixed up and promoted two shows that are not on Channel Seven. One was Summer Heights High, and the other was a mention of Bert’s dull show, and congratulations Sonia for making it sound as lame as it is.

Tonight it was two dances each.

First up was Bridie and Craig doing the Tango.

Bridie revealed she preferred to play a character, as she felt to exposed dancing as Bridie. Therefore Esmerelda made another appearance. Esmerelda seems as bland and boring as Bridie.

I did love her pant suit, it looked great, and they danced it well. But her false modesty is almost Tarasai like. At least Tarasai was feisty.

Of course all the judges loved it. Helen tonight was wearing a bright red shirt with sheer circle pattern, and what wasn’t sheer was sequins. There was far to much going on especially for a post menopausal woman no matter how well preserved.

They ended up scoring a high 36.

Next up were Anh Do and Luda dancing the Rhumba. At least he provides some comic relief in this show. Luda looked like she had escaped from a harem but she did look great.

I thought the routine was sensual, and quite well danced. The judges hated it scoring it 21. I got the feeling the judges are aiming for a Bridie, and David final. As previous weeks routines that were worse then this were scored higher.

David Hobson and Karina were next with the waltz. It was quite evocative, winter in Paris and for once I did not need to be told what the “story” was behind the dance.

They scored a high 38.

Is Karina Helen Keller reincarnated? I have never heard her speak.

Patti Newton and Sandro danced the jived. Which Patti basically mucked up, forgot steps and out of time, and then towards the end looked pooped. As Patti was stuffing it Sandro started dancing more and more desperately arms flapping, legs kicking, it was almost comedic.

However they scored a high 28. How was this routine 7 points better then Anh Do’s? If there was an ICAC for reality TV this episode would have been sent there for scrutiny.

Then the show moved into Disco night. This necessitated Darryl to change into a blue velvet suit that just emphasised his middle aged spread.

Bridie and Craig got into the boogie fever first. Apparently she was not channelling Esmerelda this time, but the Solid Gold dancers. It is a pity she did not act out the the Hot Gossip Dancers, from the Kenny Everett Video Show that might have sexed it up a bit. If you are nostalgic for some Hot Gossip sauciness this link takes you to some of their dances on You Tube

The lift Craig did with Bridie made her look like a cadaver. They scored 28, which is low for them.

Anh Do and Luda danced a more light hearted routine, which was quite amusing including funky chicken moves. Where did the wardrobe get the afros on the show tonight, they looked so old and dilapidated as if they had been pulled out of archives.

They scored a respectable 27.

David Hobson and Karina came out in colour clashing costumes. Her in a bright yellow gold sequin mini dress, and him in purple. He was ok but he staggered around the stage when he lifted her.

Paul Mercurio gave it a 10! Whereas Todd was closer to the mark with a five. They scored 29.

Patti and Sandro was last. They dance to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, and the beginning she was lip synching it just like every drag queen in Sydney does. In fact with the blonde acrylic wig she did look like an ageing transvestite.

Again her routine lacked energy, but I liked the lifts which Todd hated. they scored a low 21.

It was obvious that Patti, and Anh Do were going to be bottom two, with Patti and Sandro being eliminated.

With only two more episodes to go – yippee only two more lame show openings by Darryl do I have to sit through. Will they make Dancing With the Stars – Season 8? Gosh who would they get. Maybe Jeanette Howard will be at a loose end next year. Candice Falzone would be a definite possibility, but just make sure all the male dancers are gay. Or maybe Ben Cousins could revive his career on it.

I predict Bridie, and David will get through to the final with David to win.