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More Mad Mary and Nasty Nigel Interview

As seen in a previous post there was an interview online the Australian TV Week website with Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe to promote the So You Think You Can Dance Finale.

I later discovered sneaky TV Week had not put all of the interview on line, and the full article was in the hard copy of the magazine.

Nigel’s interview highlights include:

  • The top four were his favourites;
  • There are now more guys watching the show then previously, not for the perv factor but for the athleticism;
  • He will be guest judge for one episode on the Australian version of the show;
  • It is harder for a girl to win the show because of teenage girls are the core group of voters;
  • Pasha surprised him as a dancer, as did Domenic the breakdancer.
  • He was delighted by Sabra, who has this huge magnetism, even though she is not the best technical dancer they have had. But she has the most magic he has seen.
  • Danny is now a consummate performer as well as brilliant technician.
  • He think Lauren peaked to late in the competition; and
  • If Dave “Sex” Soller shows up at the next years audition it will be the first time in Nigel’s life that he is going to say no to sex!

Mary Murphy in summary:

  • Adored Danny, and also thought Sabra had this amazing presence and the ability to spread joy through her eyes that connects with viewers at home.
  • Favourite choreographer – all had their great moments, but week after week always seems to have something really beautiful and fun, it would be Tyce DiOrio.
  • Standard improved this year, and she expects to see more professional dancers next season because of the prize money.


1 Anonymous { 11.20.07 at 7:43 pm }

mary and nigel you left out neil haskell…….in my view he was the best. they were all excellent but neil just has it. whatch and see he is going to work more then the others.

2 Reality Raver { 11.20.07 at 9:55 pm }

I definately agree with you. He was my favourite, because of his performing abilities. Ok and his looks.

I did not start taking notice of him until midway after he and Lauren split as a couple so I don’t know if it was lack of chemistry between them.