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Australian Idol – The final showdown

It was always going to be a huge night for Matt Corby and Natalie Gauci, but first we had to have them and Dicko go through the walk of shame for comments they had made to the media this week.

Andrew G and James Mathison dressed in Reservoir Dogs type outfits were the ones to give them the interrogation regarding their comments which hit all major metropolitan newspapers. At least the razor was not used like it was in the Tarantino flick to elicit their confessions or contrition.

Dicko was first up. I wrote about his media foot in mouth in a previous post called Dicko Speaks The Fountain of Truth. To summarise he thought the final two were bland and boring.

Tonight that article was projected up giant size on the backwall of the studio stage. With a please explain from Andrew and James.

Dicko who had huge bags under his eyes”Said he cannot remember saying it”, however he did confess to agreeing it was what he thought. ” He said it was not just them, but he thought the final 12 were a bit lightweight, and may find it difficult to stay in the limelight once they are starved of the oxygen of a weekly show.”

So this may have also explained the top 12’s trip to Granville MacDonalds to be taught how to flip burgers.

Next up was Matt Corby and Natalie Gauci’s huge faux pas of calling the winners single “Here I am” a dud. In today’s Sunday Telegraph an article outlined that both Matt and Natalie were not entirely overwhelmed by the song they will release if they win next week.

They both said they had been misquoted – rather unconvincingly mind you. It is a wonder they were not holding their butts after the arsekicking they would have got from both the Idol producers, and Sony BMG. Denis Handlin, head of BMG/Sony, must have choked on his cornflakes this morning when he read it.

Natalie and Matt need to go to Marketing 101 to learn always speak positively about the product you are spruiking.

Anyway after the 1 minute of humiliation it was time to hear the song that had caused all the kerfuffle.

Matt Corby was given the honour of opening the show with “Here I Am”, but first we had to sit through an overview of Matt’s short life.

In summary he has been performing all his life. Was bullied at school because he was in the choir (I thought that sort of thing did not occur at non-govt schools) so he quit, the choir not the school. Then he was in some Youth Community Band which toured around schools to try and instill some self esteem into the kiddies. They did not mention whether this band was christian affiliated, they probably wanted to avoid that as they did no want another week of Today Tonight stories on Hillsong stacking Idol.

After that he came back home, and was rejected by Newtown Performing Arts High School, and he received a scholarship back at his previous school. Matt has already indicated he is not going back to school so he can pursue a musical career.

Finally the song. Well these winner’s songs are always unisex anthems, but Matt really looked like he was not enjoying singing it, therefore it was really boring. Even he was falling asleep singing as at least half the time his eyes were closed.

Next up was Natalie Gauci with the story of her life. She too has been performing since very young, and had a semi impressive tv, and singing portfolio. This year she actually released a self funded EP and was invited to New York to perform it.

Natalie’s first song was “Apologise” by Timbaland. I had never heard of the song, and found it hitting both of Dicko’s descriptives of boring and bland.

The Confidence Coach then interviewed John Rowe, movement coach, Erina, voice coach, and John Foreman, musical director about this years Idol.

This girl is never going to take over from Parkinson. John Foreman said that Matt had had a semi nervous breakdown – well John called it a confidence crisis- midway through the series, but now he was starting to put together some good performances.

I wonder if this crisis came when he was bottom two that time with Ben.

John Rowe said “They needed to find their star quality” Which would indicate he thinks neither has achieved this yet.

Matt then sang a cover version of a cover version called “High and Dry” Apparently a British jazz singer Jamie Cullen covered this Radiohead song.

Carl Risley must have been wondering where wardrobe had been hiding Matt’s shirt, it was perfect crooner style. It was a black with a sequin open tie in a style like George Clooney wears in Ocean Eleven films.

Again I was completely underwhelmed by his performance it was beyond mediocre. And that movement coach must not be earning his money with Matt as he is always on that chair. To quote the great Iggy Pop “I’m Bored”.

When was this show going to pick up?

Well it started to with Natalie’s rendition of the fabulous Kate Bush song “Running Up that Hill” which she did a great job with.

I thought she looked good in black pant and a jacket, which would be perfect for the Dr Who party I have been invited to, I would be able to dress as a dalek, rather then breaking out the shammy’s to dress as that warrior princess Leila.

Matt Corby then sparked up with a good rendition of “Mines Eye” by Wolfmother, it was the only time all night there was any enthusiasm from him. Mark Holden loved it and gave it a standing ovation. His way of saying I want Matt to win.

Matt’s look confused reality raver for quite a few minutes. I had thought that Sheridan Tyler had hit new lows in the wardrobe department by slinging a pair of sunglasses around his neck, however Ravers sidekick pointed out that it was part of the design of the tshirt. Duh.

Andrew G and James announced a new concept, the Winners Journey Tour, which the winner will do throughout Australia to be joined by different final 12 contestants throughout. It starts on January 4 in Wollongong.

It was then Natalie’s turn to sing the winner’s song “Here I Am”. She did a much better job with it, and I quite liked it. Also she looks fantastic in red. The audience seemed much more enthusiastic about it.

Now they and us have to wait until next Sunday to find out the verdict.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been liking Matt less, and less, and I am trying to decide what he would hate more – winning and having to sing the winners anthem over and over to publicise it, or whether his ego would be crushed by not winning this season as everyone is expecting. So at this stage I have not decided how I will vote.


1 disco queen { 11.19.07 at 11:38 am }

Do you really vote? Methinks this blog is not therapy enough for you

2 poohbah { 11.19.07 at 11:40 am }

Matt: Boring until last song, which was pretty excellent.

The Gauc: Winner’s single and Kate Bush were excellent

Holden: His behaviour in standing for Matt but not Natalie was appalling. I suspect Mark is a closet queen with a penhanct for young virginal men

3 Reality Raver { 11.19.07 at 2:22 pm }

I just read a article in this week tv week. I will have to see if it is online with Matt Corby.

Apparently he had never wanted to go on idol, but decided when he saw Bobby Flynn that it was ok.

Wants to be in a band.

He, Ben, and Marty discussed leaving the show.

I am really thinking of voting for him just so he is idol and has to fulfill is contract and all that it entails.

How many time will he have to sing “here I am” ?

4 poohbah { 11.19.07 at 4:57 pm }

hehe .. wot a wonderful idea ..

5 Anonymous { 11.20.07 at 11:05 am }

Can’t see Matt making it. He’d even be too boring to front the footy grand finals next year. Looks like Sharon Noll’s got the AFL and NRL sewn up for 2008.