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Farmer Wants a Wife – Episode five

Another week closer to the farmer’s picking their preferred love, so it was time for the boys to get down to the nitty gritty in this surprisingly entertaining show.

Craig the 27 year old dinky-di farmer from West Wyalong had selected Erin, a 24 year old billing officer and single mum, and Deanne a 25 year old medical receptionist.

It is a bit of a love triangle, Deanna likes Craig, Craig likes Erin, however I don’t think Erin is attracted to Deanna.

Last week Craig kissed them both as “He would not pick a girl he had not kissed.”

Deanna had her hopes after after the kiss, however after a discussion on the veranda she realised he had used his tongue loosely.

So she had to pull out the big guns – to cook a lamb roast as his mother makes it. She knows the way through to this boys heart his through his mum.

Considering one of his pre-requisites in a girl is to have someone cook for him it was not a bad strategy.

Erin cute 2 year old Lukas arrived on the farm to give Erin extra fire power. Erin had previously said if Craig and him did not get on with him, it was not going to happen for them.

Craig did appear to make an effort, and seemed surprisingly natural with him. However Erin seemed to make a quick decision about his positive interactions with her son. I would like to see it with the cameras off.

Deanna felt isolated and was in tears again about “feeling lonely” she is so desperate for this pretty third rate guy.

Craig with his dilemma who he chooses of course has to seek advice from his mummy.

She said it was his decision….. she stayed neutral for all of 2 seconds before voicing her opinion.

” One you will have a lot of fun with, the other is better suited to be a farmer’s wife”. My interpretation – Mum will still be able to have full influence in his life if he picks Deanna, Erin is far more assertive and won’t put up with her meddling.

At the time he said he was going to follow his heart.

However I bet in the end he will take his mums advice and go for Deanna, and not the one he likes Erin.

Next up were Chris 34 a farmer from Tamworth who picked Kim, a disability support worker, and Jocelyn a lawyer from Sydney.

Now Kim and Chris were definitely hitting it off, including Kim confessing to having gravel rash – something I really did not need to know about.

With Jocelyn clearly feeling like a third wheel decided to take her horse and ride of into the sunset. I still think this girl is older then 34.

When Jocelyn was leaving, Chris choked out “She was great company”, which I thought was a load of bollocks as he barely communicated with her when they had the weekend alone.

Chris and Kimberly are clearly going to continue their relationship once the cameras stop rolling. He is pulling out all stops to be romantic, with putting tea light candles around the room, and a bowl of strawberries and dipping chocolate.

I cynical part of me thought this may have been the producers idea.

Next up was Gus 32 year old from Warren who picked Julie and Brooke to be his farm companions. This lot have barely had any screen time, especially Julie I know nothing about her.

Gus apparently has emotional communication issues because he grew up in a all brothers household.

He likes Brooke the best, and she was sending out signals she liked him by doing his washing. I think Gloria Steinem would have puked at this point.

What is it with these woman it is 2007, and the best way to try and hook a man’s heart is the subservient route of cooking a dinner, or washing his clothes? They really need to take Jane Austen out of the HSC reading list and replace it with some feminist texts. Gosh I will even cop Germaine Greer, that attention seeking media slut. Put the Female Eunuch on the list, at least to remind Gen Y girls the battle that has been fought.

Anyway enough of the unshaven armpits feminist diatribe, Gus decided to confess his feelings for Brooke. Clearly he was having difficulty as his face was bright red. Brooke was quite enigmatic in her response. Basically after his confession there was just silence.

Later to the camera she confessed she thought he was ok.

Jon who had evicted his two girls last week, due to lack of interest, had invited Deborah a 28 accounts manager from Perth.

There was limited screen time for this pair. He took her fishing, he said they connected, and their was a bit of romance in front of the fireplace. The interesting thing was that it must not have been that cold to have a fire, as he was wearing a t shirt.

Then laconic Drew a 32 farmer from Mudgee who picked Tash and Susie as his two girls was still having his dilemma, between choosing between two great chicks.

He took Susie out for dinner, and told her she was his favourite at the moment, this also included some snogging on the couch.

Tash’s date was a visit to the wool shed.While they were sitting in the wool Tash decided to tackle the bull by the horns – to use some farming vernacular.

She said you know who you like, so just lay it on the line. This strategy only works if you are the one they like. Drew being a typical male did not know how to handle the situation and was just silent.

Tash kind of did not know when to shut up and kept on going on and on, like she was expecting him to leap on her. I felt a bit sorry for her, as obviously she did not know what had happened between Susie, and Drew.

Later alone before the camera she said she had felt a bit rejected.

When the girls left to head back to the big smoke, Drew gave them a bottle of wine each (nice touch), and Tash gave him two goldfish, one red, and one blonde, named after the two girls. That was classy.

May the best girl win there.

Last was spiritual Brad who had picked Jane and Melanie, but also had a mystery third woman he had met.

He had rejected Jane outright, who had a mega meltdown on last weeks episode about it.

It was now down to Mel and the mystery woman.

He took Mel out to dinner, where they were holding hands, however she was starting to look a tad uncomfortable, and was starting to have her doubts. Maybe she was starting to clue in that this guy has a slight screw loose, there should be a cap on how many personal development books a person can read.

If you want to see the full footage of the guy on their dates with their girls. Here is the link

Only recommended for people with unlimited internet usage, or a lot of time at work.

Next week is the penultimate episode where the farmers go to the city to knock on the door of the girls they wish to pursue, and then at the end Natalie G, the shows host puts them through a question and answer session.

This show is rating well with over 1.3 million viewers, so expect to see another series next year on Channel 9.

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1 Onadrought { 11.25.07 at 9:01 am }

There has been a rumour going around that in my absence I have been one of the contestants of Farmer Wants a Wife. Now whilst those farmers may know a thing or two about being in the bush, I actually prefer a city sLICKER. Actually, I have been away trying to be in something called Spaniard Wants a Wife, but droughts seem to be going on internationally as well.
I did not miss any of my usual shows whilst away as they have been so lacklustre this year, exception perhaps being So you think you can dance. Surprised about the Matt vs Nat result. Maybe Idol has done it’s dash this year and maybe we need some new ideas for some new reality shows. Couldn’t Reality Raver come up with a few good ideas that could be pitched to the networks.