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Australian Idol – The Finale

The campaigns had finished, the votes had been counted, the crowds was cheering, and all of Australia wanted to know the result. Who was going to win the election whoops I meant Idol?

At least the bookmakers got the election right however they got it resoundingly wrong with Idol paying $2.35 for aNatalie Gauci’s victory compared to $1.57 for Matt Corby’s. I knew I should have put a lazy $50 on bet on her.

Channel 10 were continuing to trying to keep the money rolling in by enticing us to vote during the show by saying there was less then one percent between them. This must have been to pay for the extravagent fireworks display they were going to unleash. I wonder if we are the only Idol country who puts on a spectacular pyrotechnic display over our iconic harbour.

Tonight it was a contest between the wog’s and the white breads with the contrast apparent when the camera’s threw to the supporters parties. There was ethnic Melbourne compared to the anglosaxon shire(or as the Shire residents like to say – God’s country) in Sydney.

But first there were hours to fill before they would announce the winner, there were former Idols to perform, and other Channel 10 shows to plug, and of course the ubiquitous Final 12 performance medley’s to sit through.

Chris Murphy interviewing on the red carpet made a nice change from the blonde buxom women who usually are given the role.

Guy Sebastian must have thought he was on Rove answering his standard question “Who would you turn gay for?” when Guy revealed to Chris Murphy when he looked into Matt Corby’s eyes he felt a little attracted to him.

The one weird thing was Casey Donovan was there with her personal trainer Guy Leech, but they did not let her speak. Apparently she has lost 20 kgs with more to go.

Young Divas were the first to perform on the outside stage at the opera house with there new single a cover of Turn Me Loose. The dangerously close camera angles going up Emily Williams, and Paulini dresses which made James Mathison quip “The shows classification rating nearly was changed” If either girl had been going commando it would have been tears before bedtime.”

James was on fire tonight with witty one liner after another.

Damien Leith performed his new single, and he is continuing to build on his post Idol career with Andrew G revealing Damien’s tour has sold out.

He actually looked pretty cute in his glitter suit and skinny tie. Has he had his teeth done?

Channel 10 then did some flashbacks to some humorous (read really bad) contestants from the yesteryear’s of Idol. Though the only horrifying thing was Dicko’s mullet, and Mark Holden’s cow licks.

The much hyped up Divinyls were next up and for the viewers at home we got to watch it twice, as the first time the feed cut half way through and they went to an ad break. So once they returned they replayed it.

Chrissie Amphlett has shown how to avoid botox as you hit your middle years, just grow a fringe that goes to your nose so no one sees your forehead or eyes.

At this point Reality Raver must confess to being a huge Divinyls fan and have seen them in concert a few times. Loved the song, loved the singing, but her continuing to do the sultry sexy young pouty look whilst performing made me cringe a little. I think people should age disgracefully but she was taking it too far. Personally I think she should hire a movement coach to see how they can change that part of the performance for their upcoming tour.

I see they got around that problem in the Divinyls new singles video clip by just having animation.

Also if anyone can interpret her answer to Andrew G’s question of what advice would you give these two idols I would really appreciate it. I had presumed she was over the drug phase of her life by now. Even Andrew G looked confused, but as the consummate professional managed to segue it into a promotion for their new single.

Shannon Noll was up on stage next. He is probably the most successful former Idol, but I don’t understand, who does he appeal to? I thought his song was particularly ordinary.

Next up was the first time I had seen the Australian So You Think You Can Dance judges together on TV. Bonnie Lythgoe, Matt Lee, and Jason Coleman were saying our auditions had elicited some amazing dancers.

The final 20 for that show must now be finalised as they then did a dance on the outside stage. It was so exciting, and there seemed to be a great mix of dancers. The dance was just high energy with lots of different styles. Unfortunately we will have to wait until Feb to begin watching the series.

The Mum’s That Rock competition winner was on next. She was ok as she channelled Janice Joplin, however she will never get an invitation to join the Young Divas as she can actually remember the original versions of the songs they cover.

Natalie Bassingwaite, who is also host of the Australian version of SYTYCD, had her other hat on tonight as lead singer of the Rogue Traders.

She roared onto stage on a motorbike looking hot and started pouting and singing like Wendy James from the Brit pop-punk band Transvision Vamp. The song ended with kung fu fighters coming on stage and doing routines from a bad B grade ’70’s kung fu movie.

Then it was Natalie and Matt’s big moment, they arrived at the opera house in stretch porsche. Matt was wearing a blue velvet suit, and Natalie was wearing a dress that looked like Bjork’s infamous swan dress had been recycled. They clutched hands and they both looked like they were going to the prom together.

After getting badly groped by the crowd where I think Matt had every right to say “Don’t touch the hair man” they arrived at the top of steps, and it was time for the final 12’s first song of the night.

They sang Lionel Ritchie’s ” All Night Long”. When they first started singing it I thought what a strange song couldn’t they have picked something more modern, but all was revealed when Lionel Ritchie jumped onto the stage. I have got to confess it was cheesy, but I loved it. For once the superstar surprise promised, was a superstar surprise.

Lionel gave some great advice which Matt could well heed. “The positive things about these shows is that they let people know you are in the business, otherwise it is very difficult for people to know” Hopefully this will stop Matt whining about his musical credibility for awhile.

I wish Andrew G had taken the opportunity to ask when Lionel’s daughter Nicole’s baby is due.

Next was another Idol medley with Natalie and Matt changing outfits, Natalie still kept her $1 millon worth of diamonds on – clever girl.

One of the songs was Fat Boy’s Slim of “Praise You” I was wondering if this was some sort of comment on the Hillsong Church controversy which has been plaguing the show.

I noticed in the medley’s Tarasai barely got any singing solo time, have they sidelined her? She came fifth, and other people who finished lower then her like Brianna got more lines to sing. Interesting.

I was disturbed that I still found Carl Risley looking hot this evening, and good news for the female fans, apparently he was spotted out and about have a huge fight with his girlfriend.

Next there was a review of Natalie’s Idol journey which was great. It would be good if the SYTYCD producers take this idea out of Idol’s book and on the last show play the final two journey’s before they announce the winner. I found that very disappointing last week in the american SYTYCD finale not seeing Danny’s and Sabra’s journey for the last time.

Then they did the grandparents couldn’t make it video, but then lo and behold they turn up on stage trick, which I really did not see the point of.

Natalie then did a great rendition of “Man in the Mirror”.

Next we got to see Matt Corby’s journey which again was interesting. He did do some great songs. It was just his last month’s form slump that made me forget that.

Then his “mentor” Jarrod Clark came on stage. Now Jarrod looked like he had been imbibing alot of the green rooms free alcohol, and was very modest when asked whether he had shown Matt how to play and perform. Also kissed him and did a weird gesture over his face with his hand. They clearly used to go to the same hairdresser or is that lanky layer look becoming fashionable for men. I really hope Matt does not start some sort of trend.

Also the other trend I hope he does not start is the red tights look, it showed off his lunch box or as the french might say his “petite dejuener” if you get my drift.

Matt then sang Bittersweet Symphony very nicely.

Then another final 12 performance where again Tarasai was sidelined, and Carl looked hot.

Then James announced the winner of the Mazda and that was a shock Holly who won, maybe voters had felt sorry for her as James said ” You must have impressed on the one episode you were on”

Then it was time to announce the winner, and it was a shocked Natalie Gauci. Everyone stood up and applauded and Marcia stood there with her hand out as if she was anointing the new messiah. Marcia then predictably burst into tears.

Natalie kept her composure and sang her new single “Here I Am” which will be on sale from tomorrow, and then there was the usual lovefest of stage before the credits rolled it was all over for another year.


1 Onadrought { 11.26.07 at 4:44 pm }

Reality Raver, get with the programme, Damien Leith had his teeth fixed a year ago, I believe a dentist offered to do it for free. I don’t even follow the goss, so I don’t know how I accumulate this kind of useless information. Damien is a nice guy, but must he throw his signature falsetto into every song? There’s quite a bit of a an extended boring bit of screeching in the song he was singing.
Lional Richie was a well-kept secret and a great feel-good moment.
I suspected Natalie would win, though it was a bit of an anti-climax and Matt did look disappointed, I guess cause he had been hyped to win since the beginning. Carl Risley is very telegenic as Mark would say, and Marcia is a clever cookie by supporting him all along, to the surprise of the other judges and many a viewer. Holly looked like a bit of a freak last night.
And that’s about all I can say about a not very inspiring bunch of people.
p.s I have always found Natalie Bassingwaithe a try-hard and not very believable Deborah Harry clone.

2 Reality Raver { 11.27.07 at 10:36 am }

Onadrought good to have you back.

I had a sneaky suspicion that he may have had them done, but had not really thought about it until the other night.

I may go see him at the metro on thurs night to get a close up look.

I agree re: Holly, I thought she looked like she really did not want to be there, until she won the car.