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Reality Tidbits – Australian So You Think You Can Dance

The Daily Telegraph today (unfortunately it was not on their online version) wrote that there may be a Lacey and Hok type romance between two Australia So You Think You Can Dance contestants.

The article said:
Confidential understands two Adelaide recruits at the Sydney rehearsals of So You Think You Can Dance have been more interested in turning up the heat with each other this week.

The reality TV romance is currently being kept on the down-low (until ratings, of course) but set spies tell us the two have been white hot, on and off the dance floor.

While former E Street star turned judge and choreographer Kelley Abbey has been encouraging the troupers with the daily mantra “feel the joy in your dance” apparently this one couple have been feeling the joy with each other.”

It will be interesting to see how this couple fairs, and whether a public romance will be advantageous or detrimental when it comes to the voting fans.

In other SYTYCD news gossip website Defamer has an article from a spy who saw some contestants at Sydney airport.