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Reality Tidibits – Australian So You Think You Can Dance Part 2

The publicity machine for Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance continues, however today the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance’s (the performers union) were urging DANCERS to boycott the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance because of union claims Network Ten is forcing them to sign an “illegal” contract.

The article in the Sunday Telegraph.

A couple of the clauses the union has a problem with are:

  • A specification that performers must be aged between 18 and 36, and a ban on membership of the MEAA or any other performing arts union or guild; and
  • Excluding dancers from working for anybody other than Network Ten for a year after the screening of the competition’s final episode.

This last clause does seem a little harsh. Maybe they are going to do a post show tour but I cannot see it lasting for a year.

This year apparently the savvier Idol finalist had lawyers looking at the contracts, to try and make them more in their favour.

It would be interesting to know any changes were allowed to their contracts.

Interesting to see in the photo accompanying the article Csaba Szirmai, and Eliza Campagna, two dancers who have been on Dancing With The Stars. It looks like they have made the final 20.