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Reality Tidbits – miscellaneous

Girls still phoning for Farmer Wants a Wife

In a Herald Sun article it states there has been hundred’s of phone calls to the Channel 9 switchboard with woman wanting to put themselves forward for the boys that were on the series one of Farmers Wants a Wife.

Apparently Jon is very popular with approx 100 women making inquiries.

Ricky-Lee appears to be winning the scrag fight between her and Diva Kate D’Arrugo

Ricki-Lee has overseas interest. Ricki-Lee former Idol contestant signed a major record deal in the United Kingdom. Coulter has also signed a deal to release her album, Brand New Day, in Japan.

Dance label Ministry of Sound will release the album in the UK and Europe – a major coup for an independent Australian artist.

When Ricki-Lee left the Young Diva’s there was a bit of sour grapes from young Kate. It seems Ricki-Lee has made the correct decision to go it alone on an independent label, and a remix of one of her songs may be in the European dance clubs shortly.

Picture of Natalie Gauci ex

In today’s daily telegraph there is a picture of Natalie Gauci and her ex boyfriend who broke up with her during Idol.

Apparently she is still hoping for a reconciliation and suggested he meet up with her in India.

He looks quite cute.