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American Idol – Nigel Lythgoe interview on how they are going to improve the show.

On an American website Buddy TV there is an article with Nigel Lythgoe on how what they are going to do to improve the show, and therefore the ratings for Season 7 on American Idol.

Nigel who does a great job as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance is also a producer on American Idol.

The show will be shown on Fox 8 here from January at the ‘same’ time it is shown in the States.

This year for the first time in American Idol allowed contestants to audition with instruments, however they are still undecided if they will let them play them on the show.

I hope they do as this will make it much more interesting, and the first year they did this in Australian Idol it was a rating bonanza. Did not work so great this year however.

He also states they will cut back on the guest judges and edit so the audience is able to get to know the contestants better.

Someone was telling me that it is free to vote for American Idol, which I find interesting. Can anyone confirm that this is still true? Does that mean fans and family just keep on repeatedly voting for the same person. Therefore when they say they have had 20 million votes some people may have voted over a thousand times?

Currently I am undecided if it is a good or bad thing. However I am looking forward to the new season of American Idol – Simon Cowell just cracks me up.