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America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 9 – Episode 2

The episode opens with the audience being shown what the girls do in their spare time. Clearly they don’t eat so other entertainment must be found like practising your catwalk.

Bianca the bold, and brassy black chick from Queens was telling Kimberley that her walk was good when it was awful.

Bianca said ” She was just being competitive“.

Other girls were giving Heather, the contestant with Aspergers who looks like a brunette version of Uma Thurman, a make over. Needless to say they made her look a cross between a tranny and a hooker, quite an achievement.

However it was time to go to their first task, so into the claustrophobic eco bus they climb.

They are taken to a ‘haunted’ house were Miss Jay greets them, and tells them they are in a fashion madhouse.

Clearly last week’s butch look for Miss Jay was an aberration, and he was kitted out in a nurses uniform. The universe felt normal again.

The task for today was for the girls to wear a straight jacket with high heels and catwalk, and Miss Jay would critique them.

Heather who has trouble with her walk normally was always going to have trouble with this task. Saleisha probably had the best walk, but apparently she has had prior modelling experience, which I think is making the girls jealous.

This jealously boiled over when Bianca and Saleisha had a huge catfight back at the house.

By the end of the series Bianca will have fought with everyone!

The next day the girls were taken to see Roy Campbell fashion producer (gay – are there any straight guys in fashion apart from Wayne Cooper, and Alex Perry?) and Colleen Quen a designer who would be showing for the first time in Paris shortly.

The girls were going to have to model her couture gowns and the person who she judged to bring the spirit of the dress she would be inviting the winner to be one of her models at her show in Paris.

The girls at this point got very excited.

Some of the girls were great like Ambreal, however Victoria looked petrified. The winner of the challenge was Saleisha, which of course went down like a lead balloon with Bianca.

Their photo shoot this week was called “Learning the Ropes of High Fashion” The girs were to wear beautiful evening gowns whilst hanging from a rope rock climbing.

Jay Manuel was the fashion director. I really like this guy he gives constructive criticism without being bitchy.

The elimination was going to be based on these photos.

This weeks judges were the usual Twiggy, Miss J, their leader Tyra, Nigel Barker, and special guest Roy Campbell.

Tyra did this fake french accent which was just embarrassing. However they then got down to critiquing the girls.

Heather – did great the shots were amazing. You know as soon as their is some sort of catwalk elimination she will go, however she is stunning when photographed.

Ebony – still to stiff. This girl has to be anorexic she has bones sticking out everywhere.
Kimberley – Disappointing photos.
Saleisha – liked the photos, however she looks like the girl-next- door.
Bianca – looked angry.
Jenah – Big tick they loved.
Lisa – her legs are amazing.

The bottom 2 were Bianca, and Kimberley.

Bianca – the judges did not like the photos. Kimberly they see a gorgeous girl, however only a pretty girl in the photos.

Kimberley was eliminated. So Bianca gets to fight on and in the house for another week.