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Matt Corby has he signed with Sony BMG or hasn’t he?

It would appear from a report in the today’s Daily Telegraph that Matt Corby has not as yet signed with Sony BMG.

The newspaper report said:

But a SonyBMG spokesman said it was decided not to rush Corby into the
Australian music industry.
“We have an arrangement with Matt that will give
him plenty of space to develop and find his own thing.
“Looking at a record
is way down the track. He will take his time and we will have another meeting
when he is ready to show us what he’s got,” the spokesman said.

Maybe they want to see what his music is like before they sign him. But what happens now – if he wants to can he sign with another label or have Sony BMG optioned him?

Or maybe Sony BMG want to see what his songs are like before stumping up the cash. Apparently Matt’s songs are more roots, and rock based rather then pop based.