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Carly Simon Reveals song "Your So Vain" is not about Warren Beatty, but is about Simon Cowell

In breaking news Carly Simon has decided to dedicate her ’70’s anthem ‘Your So Vain’ to Simon Cowell after his comments in the media this week.

The millionaire music mogul Simon Cowell believes that he doesn‘t need to bother with cheesy chat-up lines – because he can just smile and the ladies just come running.

It was always rumoured the song was about noted lothario Warren Beatty, however it appears Mr Cowell has well and truly taken over the mantle as biggest ego in Hollywood.

Simon who is currently on vacation in Barbados with his long term girlfriend Teri Seymour, and his mother also says “I don’t need to use chat up lines I just look at a girl and smile, and if she responds that means she’s interested.”

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