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America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 9 – Episode 3

After promoting loudly that this cycle was the green cycle America’s Next Top Model seems to have gone quiet on the whole issue.

Yes they still drive around in the claustrophobic green winniebago which runs on bio diesel. They are meant to limit their showers to 10 mins. The girls are not allowed to smoke – wouldn’t it have been more environmentally friendly if they had told them not to eat meat. Cows probably produce more CO2 then a few cigarettes. However I will leave that for the climate change experts to debate.

I did notice the girls drinking out of plastic water bottles at the model house. Which I thought this was very strange for a green episode, considering there has been a consensus that it is better to drink tap water rather the detrimental effects all those millions of plastic bottles being placed in landfill.

Anyway bugger the environment it was make over time for the girls and they were off to Jessica Simpson’s bestie Ken Paves salon.

However before they got there Tyra had showed them the before and after shots of what she had chosen for them to have done with their hair. Most of the after shots looked like mugshots.

Particularly Bianca’s who looked suspiciously like Divine Brown of the infamous Hugh Grant BJ fame. More info on that scandal click here. In fact Bianca quite aptly said “I look like a street walker.”

The shock was that Ebony hair was a wig glued on. It was taken off to reveal very short hair. They kindly gave her a weave of long black hair ala Naomi Campbell.

Bianca’s hair was to go hookers blonde, however on closer inspection her hair was so badly damaged from perms and hair tints, the only solution was to shave it off. She had a complete meltdown, however I thought she looked 10 times better. They also gave her a wig as well, but that was not great.

Chantel also got hair extensions which I did not like it was too much hair.

Heather got lucky and basically received only minor changes to her long chestnut brown locks.

Saleisha was given a high fashion look of what was a cross between a bob and bowl hair cut, her curls had gone and it was dead straight. This was to try and see if she would be marketable outside the catalogue look.

After the make up there was a Cover Girl challenge. Nigel Barker, photographer and ANTM judge, his gorgeous wife Crissy Barker, and Brent Poer from Cover Girl were the judges.

Cover Girl were launching a new interactive tool on their website where you can upload your photo and then try and match make up with it. It sounds great.

The winner of the challenge would have there photo uploaded on the Cover Girl website and also they would shoot a video telling people how to use this new tool.

They had 5 mins to make themselves up and create a Cover Girl look, then find a dress that was hanging up for them. All very rushed. The girls who knew how to use make up were always going to have the advantage in this one.

Victoria flopped out very early. Sarah the supposed plus size model won the challenge going with a wing tipped eye shape.

Everyone was just glad that Saleisha did not win the challenge.

The next day there was Tyra Mail – Do you want to be Deflowered? All the girls appropriately tittered. No they were not going to be going to visit Hugh Hefner at the playboy mansion but were going to be artfully posed dressed as different types of flora.

Jay Manuel was again photography director at the shoot. He also was showing nipples through his jumper, was it cold, was he thinking of his new boyfriend or were they just
nipple rings? Either way it was slightly off putting.

Heather had to dress up as weeds as she said ” Everyone looks like a princess, and I look like a witch”. Not that it mattered she took some fabulous photos.

Victoria who for most of the episode was wishy washy about whether she wanted to be a model cracked me up when she said she looked like ” Princess Leia who had wrestled with a cactus”.

Chantel, dressed as baby’s breath had a shocking shoot where both the photographer, and Jay were yelling out conflicting instructions. Chantel cried, and said if they had shut up she would have been able to do it by herself. NOT.

It was judgement day – with the usual panel of Twiggy, the hilarious Miss Jay, Nigel Barker, Tyra and special guest judge the photographer from the shoot.

Victoria and Twiggy had their usual argument when Twiggy said it was apt Victoria got to do cactus as she was so prickly.

Victoria said “But I am not prickly”. All the judges then laid into her. It was not going to be a good night for her.

Saleisha for the first time this cycle got some criticism which she obviously did not like nor was she used to.

Heather was given the thumbs up, as was Jenah, and Sarah. However they were concerned that Sarah was losing weight which was not a good thing for her as she was more marketable as a plus sized model. As usual we needed a “feel good” message and Tyra of course provided it. She said wasn’t it great for once to be thinking it was a negative thing that they were concerned she was losing weight which was unusual for this industry.

Chantel was criticised as well. But she managed to survive not being bottom 2, this honour was to go to Victoria, and Saleisha.

Saleisha cried with relief when Tyra gave her the picture, with a non-plussed Victoria being eliminated.