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Have I been living in Sydney far to long?

As I was perusing post from an an American Idol Blog regarding his prediction for the 2008 American Idol season my jaw hit the floor when I read they predicted an openly gay American Idol contestant!!

In six seasons they have not had one???

I am just jaded because of the high gay population in Sydney that a gay final 12 contestant is not out of the ordinary. I had already assumed that there had been one in Australian Idol, however on thinking about it maybe I was wrong.

Yes Anthony Callea is gay, however he never came out until years later after being outed by helicopter weatherman Vic Larrusso. But rumours had been certainly circulating during that season of Idol.

Courtney Act the drag queen made final 12, but only got through when he was cross dressing, did not even make it to the final 100 dressed as a guy. Ok maybe this can be classed as a novelty act.

Which raises the issue of whether there has been an out and proud final 12 contestant in Australian Idol. I had always assumed there had been.

I had assumed this years Ben McKenzie was but was too young to know or cope with the issue if he came out. But no one really cared did they?

Are their other gay final 12 contestants I am missing?