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Channel Ten circumventing writers strike by buying more reality TV shows

Channel Ten have bought the hit US television show How to Look Good Naked which will screen on Australian televisions later this year.

Network Ten has secured the reality show, which promises to teach women of all shapes and sizes how to go from “self-loathing to self-loving” without the use of extreme dieting or cosmetic surgery.

Hosted by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s Carson Kressley, the show has been a ratings winner in the US.

It is a take off of the UK show of the same name, which is seen on the Lifestyle channel here. I must confess the UK show is strangely compelling.

The only query I have is both US and UK compere’s are gay – so why do women need gay guys to affirm to them that there bodies are ok no matter what shape?

With the affable and witty Carson in control I am sure it will be riveting watching.