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America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 9 – Episode 5

It was to be the episode of Ebony – it started and ended with her.

Ebony at the beginning of the episode said she was sick of being criticised constantly. The judges have been particularly harsh and said they want to see a change in attitude in the previous episode.

(Reality Raver apologises for not doing a recap on last weeks episode, Ambreal and Janet were bottom two with Janet given the punt. The only other memorable highlight was Ambreal freaking out when going out onto the roof of the Omni Hotel.)

Ambreal was thinking the only way up was to seek some spiritual guidance and asked her daddy to prayer for her.

Heather, who is coming more and more out of shell each week, was concerned that she is only taking profile shots, and has been told she needs to do face on in photos.

However all this contemplating was interrupted by a knock on the door, and who should be there but Tyson Beckford model/actor. He was there to teach the girls how to be spokes models.

I don’t know who he is but obviously famous in the US as the girls were squealing and grinning like cheshire cats.

Though I am not sure about his teaching skills he was just telling the girls to be sultry, but then sex does sell. Thank god the editors spared us Sarah with the banana, it was bad enough watching Bianca manhandling the spout on a watering can.

The girls who were used to the drill by now, knew that their challenge would require some speaking.

Cue to having to do a Public Service Announcement for Keep A Child Alive a charity for children with HIV and AID’s in Africa. So a very worthy cause.

Elizabeth the representative from the charity would pick the winner of the group of girls who made up the best 30 second ad.

First up were Lisa, Chantel, and Bianca who did a see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil in their 30 second segment. Their problem was they mucked up the name of the charity. Not something that is going to endear them to the judge.

Next up were Heather, Jenah and Ambreal who did a holding up signs and reciting African AID’s stats at the camera.

Last were Saleisha, Ebony, and Sarah who did a sisterhood type message. There problem was mucking up the facts saying the charity did prevention as well as treatment other then that it was great.

So the most boring but correct ad of Heather, Jenah and Ambreal won. There prize was sponsored by Carol’s Daughter, a cosmetic company, two of the girls would get a $500 hamper, and one girl whose name was pulled out of the hat would get a photo shoot to promote the products.

Heather was the lucky one to win and to top it off the photoshoot was to be directed by Mary J Bilge.

This was just what the doctor ordered for Heather, a bit of one on one time with a good photographer to help her with her face forward posing. Matthew the photography thought she had a future in modelling.

In tonight’s episode there was an actual eating shot of the girls in the closet. Ok some of the girls were eating. Then again there was a segue of Ebony saying she was sick of it there and wanted to go back to her old life – whatever that was probably on minimum wage. The other girls thought she had lost her mind when she said she wanted to go home.

The next day it was the photoshoot, it was to be a high fashion editorial shoot about recycling (remember this is the green series).

Heather was first as aluminium cans – Jay thought she looked great shooting straight on.

Jay Manuel was disappointed with Ebony he said “Give something less severe,” “She looks trampish” and “lacklustre”.

Ambreal was paper and Jay again said ” she was boring”, “uninspiring” and “when did she forget how to model”.

It was judgement day with usual suspects of Nigel Barker, Miss Jay and Twiggy on the panel. Just an aside but Twiggy needs to watch the low tops as she has a wrinkly cleavage.

The special guest was Tyson Beckford who Tyra informs me is the most famous male model. Still not ringing any bells for me.

Saleisha photos were given the thumbs up by the judges, and they thought she was improving. Tyson liked what she did with her lips – in the photo that is.

Jenah in cardboard – looked fantastic and all the judges gushed over her best photo.

Ambreal – “looked dead in the eyes”

Lisa as plastic bottles the judges said it was like “modelling 101” but in contrast Jay Manuel had loved her at the shoot. Also Tyra kept on having a go at her about her hair, however they had made it over as short now it was growing out. Considering she has curly short hair it is always going to be difficult to contain at this length.

Bianca – “Body too stiff” but “face good” they loved the smile in the eyes look she had been practicing all week.

Sarah – in recycled garbage bags was getting a grilling from the judges about losing weight. She denied she had however a week 1 shot showed that she had. The judges think she needs to put on weight as they think she will be successful in the plus size niche market. Other then that they loved her shots.

Ebony shot was dreadful and her lip was snarled, it cannot have been her best shot. She got tears in her eyes at the judges criticism.

Heather again got the big thumbs up from the judges.

Saleisha was the first model given her photo so the judges thought her photo was the best this week, closely followed by Jenah and Heather.

Then it was down to a predictable bottom 2 Ambreal and Ebony. A big surprise for me was that Ebony was handed the photo, and Ambreal was to be eliminated. But wait there is more.

Ebony then tells Tyra she wants to go. Tyra then gives her a Tyrade, by saying the thing you don’t like about this show is the criticism, and not being told you are perfect. Then she said you can go and dismissed her like a school girl.

Ambreal could not believe her luck to have been given a reprieve and thanked God as all that praying must have saved her this week.

At the end of the show the producers cut in Ebony’s audition tape, with her pleading to Tyra please pick me I won’t let you down. I wonder if Ebony regrets leaving now she is back in her minimum wage job. You get the feeling even if she did she would not admit it.