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Anthony Callea to play a munchkin – Is it April Fools Day?

In today’s Daily Telegraph, there is a can this be true article, saying Anthony Callea will play a munchkin in the musical theatre production Wicked.

Wicked is based on the tale of the two witches of the Wizard of Oz so obviously there will be munchkins in the production. But does the pint sized singer really want to be type cast as a munchkin?

What next playing Dopey in Snow White and the seven dwarfs?


1 Anonymous { 01.21.08 at 12:19 pm }

Good for him, he’s lost out on roles before because of his height,or lack thereof… great if he can take advantage of it for once.

The audition notice mentioned that Boq is an ‘abnormally tall’ munchkin, by the way 😉

2 Reality Raver { 01.21.08 at 12:25 pm }

LOL – good point re: height.

What is an abnormally tall munchkin anyway? I am sure some Wizard of OZ fan’s website will have size of munchkins on it.

There is a probably a munchkin facebook site.

Apparently the show is sensational.

3 Sally { 01.21.08 at 12:31 pm }

Fantastic opportunity if its true. The Smellograph sourced their story from their sister paper in Melbourne where it actually said he had auditioned, not that he had the role yet. Boq is a great character and I saw him in RENT so I know he can act and we know that he can sing, so they would be mad not to cast him in one of the leads.
And your right its a fantastic show and will be the production of the year. Great work Anthony.

4 Taz { 01.22.08 at 11:38 am }

Wonder if it’s tue, or just the paper running with a rumor??

He’ll be a busy lad if it is the case, what with It Takes Two beginning next month, and I think I read somewhere that he was recording album 3 this year, too.

Good for him