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Aust So You Think You Can Dance – Interview with Bonnie Lythgoe

Just as I was pontificating when the Oz So You Think You Can Dance promotion machine would commence to try and push the American Idol media hogging out of the way – The Age has published an interview with Bonnie Lythgoe who is currently have a holiday in Thailand. Bonnie is one of the three judges on the up coming Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance.

A couple of interesting things she said:
1. The quality of dancing is good, and she thinks the Australian top 20 would give the US top 20 a run for their money.

2. Lythgoe has noticed a distinct difference in presentation between the US and Australian contenders. She said:

“The Americans are very forceful and really love themselves, and good or bad they will try and make you believe that you love them. Australians hold back. They’re not sure if they’re good enough as dancers and they’re very sensitive, and sometimes I have to push them. But they are hungry. It’s very refreshing to see your kind of dancers that are down-to-earth and honest and want it very badly.”

In other So You think You Can Dance News ebroadcast has biographies of the judges and the choreographers . It is a good article to whet the appetite with just over a week to go to showtime!

So You Think You Can Dance will commence on Sunday 3 February at 7.30pm