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American Idol – Omaha auditions

Tonight American Idol headed into corn country – Omaha Nebraska, but where was Paula Abdul?

Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell had to hold the fort until she turned up.

Paula was a no show as apparently her plane was late. But somehow I was not buying that excuse, as she appeared to be struggling the whole show. There was the hiccups the barely able to speak, and her sanity was in question when she said yes to the amusing but very terrible former female wrestler Sarah Whitaker aka Lady Morgue.

If Paula was wanting to put to rest the alcohol or pill rumours that do the rounds on the internet, this episode did not assist.

One of the first auditioners to be shown was Chris Bernheisal a 24 year old who could only be described as enthusiastic. He had presents for the judges, and photos of himself with Kelly Clarkson.

To keep the Kelly Clarkson theme going he then sang “Since You’ve Been Gone”.

He said what he liked about Idol was about “It gave people a second chance at their dream”. For him the second chance was not going to happen as his voice was very ordinary.

Chris however was not going to be deterred he then asked to audition as a red carpet interviewer for the American Idol final.

Not doing much better the judges smirked as they told him to contact the local Fox station and tell them that he is to report for them at the Idol final.

Chris was over the moon about this development, he did not seem to realise that Randy and Simon were snickering at him, but hell if he gets to do the red carpet who cares.

Jason Rich a 21 year old farmhand nearly blew his opportunity as he could not remember the words of his song. Obviously Simon and Randy were feeling benevolent by giving him a few chances and then a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Rachel Wilkes claim to fame prior to auditioning for American Idol is winning arm wrestling competitions. She did not look butch but she must be strong.

Ryan Seacrest had arm wrestling match (it was a draw), but Simon refused as he knew losing on camera would be bad for his image.

Her country voice got her through to Hollywood, however would be very surprised if she got further then that.

Samantha Sidley a pretty 22 year old obviously caught the judges in a bored patch. As she had to put up with Ryan coming into the judging panel, whilst Paula did the interviews outside. To be honest it did not add any value to the show. But it probably gave Randy and Simon a break from inhaling Paula’s alcohol fumes! (only joking).

With all the shenanigans going on Samantha sang nicely with a husky voice and got herself a ticket to Hollywood.

The heart string story this week was Angelica Puente, who currently lives with her grandmother as she was not getting on with her father. Apparently he was really strict, probably didn’t let her boyfriends stay over and smoke pot in her bedroom. But the whole vignette was about how much she loved him, and wanted to make him proud. Tears really flowed once her rendition of the “Power of Love” by Celine Dion got her through to Hollywood. I was surprised she got put through, but maybe it was poor pickings in Omaha.

Then rocker David Cook 24 who was inspired by former Idol success story Daughtry sang ‘Living on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi. Simon said ” a little worthy but good” and was given the green light to California.

Time for another comedic interlude with Johnny Escamilla who was correct when he described himself as weird. His gold glitter jacket was always going to be a hindrance in getting the judges to take him seriously.

His voice was not terrible, however he did a bizarre rendition of the Johnny O’Keefe classic “Shout”.

Simon crucified him by saying he hated everything “the jacket, the singing, the dancing”.

Last for the day was Leo Marlowe – as he said his mum said she raised a great homecoming queen it was just a pity it was not one of her daughters!

Could Leo be the first out gay person in the top 12 contestant? Well his voice was certainly showed that he could be, and as Leo said he was popular.

Simon reckons he is popular as well. Maybe he won’t be anymore once his friends hear some of the comments Simon has been making during the auditions. Tonights clanger was when he said “Friends are never glad when you do well.”

By the end of the day 19 people from Omaha were onto the next round in Hollywood.