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First Pictures of Australian Next Top Model Contestants

The Daily Terror has the first picture of the final 13 Australia’s Next Top Model Contestants, who are currently living in a mansion at Port Hacking Sydney.

The camera’s may be rolling, however we will not get to see the final 13 contestants until April on Fox 8.

It is good to hear there are already some diva type behaviour occurring on screen. Samantha Downie a 20 year old from Melbourne describes herself as “a bitch who hates pretentious people” and Demelza Reveley from Wollongong whose idol is US Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

The other contestants are Alexandra Girdwood, Leiden Kronemberger, Kristy Coulcher,(all from Sydney) and Alamela Rowan, Belinda Hodge, Caris Eves, Alyce Crawford, Emma O’Sullivan, Jamie Lee, Kamila Markowska and Rebecca Jobson.

The girl at the back of the photo in the blue tights and the leotard who looks like she has dropped in from the Olivia Newton-John Physical video shoot must be wondering what she got herself into.

Apparently Queensland is the fugly state this year with no final 13 contestants from their. Obviously the blonde tanned look was not something the judges were looking for this year.
The Courier Mail has a big whinge about it before trying to claim two northern NSW contestants as their own.