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Next Top Model Cycle 6 – Thailand

This was the second week models were in Thailand, and what a gig for the judging panel as they would have to just loll around the pool whilst waiting for the judgement days.

Last week Nnenna was booted off the show. I was surprised but not shocked but I am still wondering how Sarah is still surviving so long into this series. She is Miss Bland.

Thank god for Jade for putting in a bit of colour and personality into the series. Or maybe she knows by being controversial or bitchy depending on which way you want to look at it gets you more airtime.

So the episode opens with Jade calling Joanie two faced. “She says one nice thing and then one nasty thing”.

Also Danielle thinks kooky Furonda is choking (not on food obviously at it appears she does not eat) but is being psyched out of the competition.

There first challenge awaits, they are taken to a temple where Patra a thai classical dance teacher will teach them some traditional thai dance moves.

This looked extremely difficult, and through this Danielle was having a migraine and not feeling well. Also Joanie and Jade managed to keep their tiff going.

Jade saying she does not have an ounce of arrogance in her body. Is this what they call healthy self esteem these days?

Joanie accused Jade of always being on the defensive whereas Jade response wa “Joanie is trying to corrupt things for me”. Maybe Jade’s mum needs to come and defluff her again?

At around this point Danielle collapsed and needed to be taken to hospital and a drip stuck in her arm. The diagnosis was exhaustion, dehydration and food poisoning. She later discharged herself to ensure she could stay in the competition but lucky for her she got to miss the individual dance challenge that was going to be judged.

The girls doing their individual thai routines was always going to hilarious, nearly as good as the covergirl commercial!

The two best were Jade and Joanie. Sara was like a praying mantis doing a thai dance, however at least we got to see her. As she is so incredibly dull she gets no airtime. Then Furonda came on and promptly forgot everything she learnt but did this hilarious cross between belly dancing and hip hop. I thought it was great the audience was cracking up. It got the biggest round of applause.

The prize was dinner at a resturant with the editor of the Thai edition of Elle. Joanie won and chose to take Sara as she has never won a challenge. Sara was a bit miffed she was a charity case.

The following day it was the photo shoot. Danielle barely made it out of her bed and her stomach must have flipped when she saw she would have to have her photo taken on an elephant. Considering her illness she did very well.

Jade was stiff, and Furonda was not great either.

Joanie tried to be different and stood on the elephants leg which had Jay Manuel gushing at her originality. Though he did refrain from saying ” this is something Tyra would do”.

Sara who has been told previously that she needs to work on her poses, sees what Joanie has done and copies her badly. Joanie was peeved, and it did not really impress photoshoot director Jay Manuel either.

The next day was judgement day with the usual suspect judges who were looking pretty happy about their sojourn in Thailand.

The judging challenge was to show emotion through your body whilst having a mask on your face. The emotions were sensuality, despair, and compassion.

Time for the jugdement.

Furonda was first her best photo was great but the alot of her photos were bad.

Sara – told she was best at portraying emotions in the challenge, and they liked her photos but was told off for copying Joanie’s moves.

Joanie- great photos and judges loved her, but would like to see her look more like a model when she is in front of them.

Danielle- great photos also they were impressed she modelled through the pain.

Joanie was called first. She is definately coming good at the right end of the competition.

Then Sara which confused me when she she going to be eliminated?

Danielle was very relieved when her name was called, but told she has to work on softening her Arkansas accent.

The last two standing were Jade and Furonda. Furonda was eliminated, and Joanie looked pissed that Jade had survived another week.