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Clashes already in the Australian Next Top Model Household

The Herald Sun today reports there have already been clashes in the Australian Next Top Model household which began filming this week in Sydney.

Apparently the girls have split into two groups one louder then the other.

Samantha Downie, 20, of Rowville is loving living in the house with the other girls. “It’s like one big slumber party,” she said.

“There are two groups, one is more loud. I’m definitely in the loud group but we’re not bitchy, but I can be a bitch.”

Belinda Hodge 17, of Ballan on the other hand is struggling to live with the girls. “I am the only child left at home so I’m not used to living with a whole heap of girls,” she said.

“It’s driving me insane. “I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy.”

With 13 girls living together how can there not be bitching.