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Bonnie and Nigel Lythgoe to reconcile???

Bonnie Lythgoe a judge in So You Think You Can Dance Australia said in an article in the Sunday Telegraph, that her and her separated husband Nigel Lythgoe, the popular judge from the US version of the show may be reconciling.

Earlier this year they had separated after 33 years of marriage, and Nigel had even been seeing the Priscilla Presley, who I think looks like a Stepford Wife with all the surgery she has had.

Bonnie said she remained optimistic about their future together.
“I needed a new challenge and to not just be in Nigel’s shadow all the time,” Bonnie said.

“It was always the question on So You Think You Can Dance in America: is she doing it because she’s good or because she’s married to Nigel?”

Lythgoe denied she had left the US series – on which she worked as an audition judge and producer – as a result of the pair’s separation. “We get on pretty well and always worked well together.”

“Part of the reason we’ve gone our own ways is work commitments. He’s so involved with America, there was just not enough time for us and that was the problem.

“To be honest, me being out here has done us the world of good. He’s ringing me every day and it’s kind of knitted us back together.”

Well I hope it works out for them as they both seem like nice people.

Another newspaper appears to picked up the story so here is the link.