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So You Think You Can Dance – The top 20 revealed

This will not be a full review of the show tonight due to illness, but really the $250,000 question is who is in the top 20.

However first just a couple of comments about the episode:

  • We got to see about 10 seconds of the solos the dancers did prior to their final judgement, very frustrating;
  • Bob Hawke, our crying ex Prime Minister has a lot to answer for as just about every guy cried tonight except Anthony Ikin, but then his brother is a footballer, and it would have been difficult going drinking with his bros mates if he had had a blub – clearly he will be gunning for the butch male vote, so he can expect only three from Sydney.
  • The editing of the final 20 reveal was poor there was no suspense you basically knew who was going to get in.
  • However there were two guys who got in who they did not even bother telling the audience their names as they were facing the judges, and they had been barely seen in the previous episodes.
  • To much emotion not enough dancing, however Demi from Melbourne produced the most touching scene when she told her sister in sign language she had gotten through to the top 20. Ok I am feverish I got tears in my eyes; and
  • Finally some great dancers got through.

The Top 20 Girls are: The Top 20 boys are:

Laura – dancer; Khaly – hip hop

Jemma – Ballroom; Sermsah – aboriginal traditional

Kate – dancer (but barely saw her) Rhys – dancer

Stephanie – Ballroom; Hilton – contemporary

Vanessa – ballet Jack – dancer (he has had limited tv time)

Camilla – jazz; Graeme – ballroom (barely saw him)

Kassie – dancer; Henry – ballroom

Demi – Hip Hop Anthony – aerobics/gymnastics

Rhiannon – dancer a bit hip hop; JD – hip hop

Courtney – contemporary; Marko – dancer (barely seen him)

At this stage it is first names only, the official website is yet to be updated.

Now it time for the usual debate of how some dancers are more known to the viewing audience then others.

Just a couple of mentions from the dancers who did not get in:

Csaba from Dancing With The Stars was rejected at the final post (he did not look real happy about it), my theory is that they did not want to put through a “name” that the audience already knew.

Stephanie T from Perth this was the one surprise for me I thought she would get in, so off to the Moulin Rouge for her.

Michael the choreographer from Sydney did not get through, as they were concerned he was more a choreographer rather then a dancer, again I think he was a great dancer but not sure the audience would have warmed to him.

The judges were clearly ticking boxes to ensure a mix of people both in styles and personality got through.

Tomorrow I will google to find My Space pages and find more about out final 20. However if there is someone bored on night shift out there feel free to send in the links!

Bring on Sunday it is going to be great.


1 kibiku { 02.11.08 at 10:14 pm }

Wow! This is really quick update!

2 Reality Raver { 02.11.08 at 10:19 pm }

Thanks, but since Channel ten haven’t posted the names thought it best to do so.

Also blogging for a US blog
so need to get it over there quickly.