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Information on American Idol Top 24

The American Idol media juggernaut has gone into overdrive with the announcement of the top 24. It is amazing how so much information can been found out about these people.

LA Times Blog has a good little article that summarises each contestent.

Josiah Leming the 18 year old who lived out of a car did not make it to the top 24. I think he should of compared to some of the more bland male singers that got through. There has been much debate about his rejection.

However apparently all is not lost as it is rumoured he will appear on the Ellen De Generes show which will generate a lot of publicity. If he can tone down his whininess he should do well.

Full story at TV Crunch

The Carly Smithson the Irish singer is also getting a lot of negative press due to the fact she has previously had millions of dollars spent on producing a flop album for her. As the attached article states “Isn’t Idol about undiscovered talent, she has had plenty of chances”.
Article here it also states that why has Idol not revealed the record contract in the show?