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Regular Reader of Reality Ravings, Onadrought, has kindly written a blog on The Biggest Loser

Well, the Biggest Loser has been on for a couple of weeks yet as this show is just about fat people dieting and exercising, you have to wait for the bitching and slander to start before it gets really interesting.

This week saw the wrath of Michelle towards the red team for their booting out of JJ. I was surprised at Michelle’s response as she had already had run- ins with JJ, and being that he was so difficult (read repulsive) to be around, that it would be a no-brainer that he would be first to go. She criticised Rachel for only losing 3kg, yet JJ, a big burly bloke only lost about the same. And as one of the girls said, Michelle was only around him one hour a day, and they 24.

Now I know the game should be about strategy and that keeping a big burly guy in, may have been a wise move, I could not have watched it another minute if he stayed. His whiney voice, hirsute sweatiness, his “too bad, too sad”, his misogynism. He was one of those guys that pay out on women with no right to. It’s always, the fugly ones in pubs that you hear picking not so bad women apart, basically because they CAN’T GET ONE! (I am refering to, when eliminated, JJ said well’ there were several fat women that had been bullied all their lives for being fat, so were sore about it. Well der, JJ, aren’t you fat too?)

Even though he told Michelle not to get emotional with him, he did have issues, and one being he was recently dumped! No doubt he’d be a bad root too (shit shouldn’t have gone there, yucky just visualising it).Why did Cosi think JJ such a great mate? This only brings Cosi to that level.Now Michelle’s issue with Rachel, who in Michelle’s eyes as a young girl only pathetically lost 3 kgs. What is this show trying to encourage? A healthy weightloss is 1 kilo a week, no wonder previous losers pile on the weight once they leave boot camp.

Also what was that 6 hr torture session that Michelle made Sheriden endure? Note to viewers, do at your own risk! Granted Rachel said she wouldn’t mind leaving, maybe she’s not as obsessed with body image as the others and in her butch dykeness escapes society’s stereotyping of beauty. Lucky girl!

This week also saw the fall-out from the strategies used in choosing the teams. Moral of the story, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Young Sam showed insight in choosing the dark horses who turned out to be the biggest losers last weigh-in. And even though the red team are floundering (how pathetic was their lack of support when Sheriden had to do her 6 hours on the treadmill – who’d want friends like that?), the blue team are starting to show cracks with Mr Deep and Meaningful aka Sean starting to grate. That psuedo intensity would get on my nerves too. And another one that grates with that everything said in a dep and meaningful tone is Sheriden and don’t be surprised if she starts shitting her team too.


1 Onadrought { 02.19.08 at 6:03 pm }

Well, I am definitely going to give the Cabbage diet ago after the blue teams success. But can you imagine all the flatulance in the Whitehouse this week.
For those who missed it, in a challenge, Sean got to choose between cabbage all week, or unlabelled canned food all week for his team. Naturally he chose the cabbage and it seemed to work So apologies all arounnd me as I embark on this regime.

2 Reality Raver { 02.20.08 at 11:18 pm }

Have the work colleagues put in a formal complaint yet?

Don’t want to appear harsh, but maybe the cabbage diet may be why you are Onadrought