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So You Think You Can Dance Australia Gossip

TV week magazine that font of reality TV gossip again gave some good snippets on SYTYCD contestants.

Demi has broken up with her girlfriend Nikki.
We met both Nikki and Demi at the Melbourne auditions where Demi got through to the top 100, but Nikki through a tantrum in the toilet after being eliminated.

Demi’s brother Carlo confirmed the split saying “They are not together anymore”

He said they did not split because of the show, but he did give Nikki a talking to after she threw the tantrum.

“I said to her – you should be happy for the Sorono family and she said why can’t I be upset for myself?”

Carlo encouraged her to try out in Sydney, which she did and she then made it through to the top 40.

Even though Demi and Nikki have broken up, Carlo is still on good terms with her as she acts as his manager. “She gets me lots of gigs” he said “in a business sense, I respect her.”

Graeme girlfriend has moved to New York
For the girls or boys who think Graeme is a spunk, after March this year his girlfriend will have moved to New York on a ballet scholarship. His mum says “He is a bit upset, but they’re still close friends. She’s lovely.”

So he may become available shortly after that.

Anthony Ikin not the only one to have a famous sports person in their family.
Jack Chambers cousin is the sprint swimmer Jodie Henry, and she hopes he can go the whole way. I think he will come close, though he may need to build up some arm muscles for the lifts.
Him and Laura doing a disco routine would have been a calamity.

Jack wants to move to New York to perform in musical theatre.

Hiltons girlfriend: Hands off my man.
Hilton’s girlfriend of a year Jessica Stokes finds it difficult watching Hilton dance sexily with another woman (well she won’t have to anymore now he has been eliminated).
“It is very hard” Jess said. “At the live performance, I wanted to go up there and dance with him but I couldn’t.”

Jessica came close to making the top 20 herself.

While she does trust him she admits her boyfriend’s heart-throb status does bother her: “I know there’ll be lots of girls after him but he’s worth keeping – I’ll try my best!”

Maybe Hilton will be watching her dance sexily boys in next years season of SYTYCD Australia?


1 Anonymous { 02.25.08 at 11:03 pm }

Are we the first SYTYCD production to have an out lesbian as a contestant?

Well I know there are some people hoping Cat Deeley is one!

It is great that no one gives a rats, and in fact she is probably the most popular female on the show. Fantastic.

2 Anonymous { 02.26.08 at 10:20 am }

Thank God Bonnie decided to put her ‘puppies’ away last night.

Still traumatised from the airing they got on Sunday night.