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SYTYCD fans – Interesting poll on US blog.

Blogging SYTYCD the comprehensive SYTYCD fan blog in the US has an interesting poll on it at the moment.

It asks which routine was the best? The three routines with the lowest votes from lowest to highest is Marko and Stephanie, Camilla and Sermsah, and JD and Rhiannon.

So do different people vote on polls then phone vote?

I of course love the results as it was in line with my bottom three predictions from last night, which again got shattered once the results were read out.

By the way for those who want to know Demi and Jack garnered 50% of the vote, how popular are they?

The poll is still going if you want to vote here at

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1 Anonymous { 02.26.08 at 11:48 am }

I think at this point of the show, the viewers are more motivated to vote if their favourites are at risk of landing in the bottom 3.

Jack and Demi sure are likable and it was a big change to see Demi in heels and a dress. But come on, didn’t the US SYTYCD already played this b-girl dancing in heels story with Sara (who has jazz/ballet training but the show chose to label her as a b-girl)? The Jack/Demi Samba was high energy, but was it better than Hok/Jaimie’s? That one got trashed by the judges.