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So You Think You Can Dance – sound bites.

Courtney say “Marko was my First Love”

Just before you all start adjusting your gaydars, Courtney revealed they met at The Johnny Young Talent School when they were eight and dated in high school.

Courtney’s spoke to NW about it. “We were each other’s first girl and boyfriend” she says. “He is such a beautiful person and an amazing dancer. He is the funniest one there – he’s hilarious!”

Daily Telegraph has an interview with Hilton and Kassy.
Hilton reiterates that viewers need to vote for their favourite dancers, otherwise they will be eliminated. He sounds like he felt he was a bit hard done by, and to be honest I think he was.
Article here

On the subject of voting TV Tonight says that he won’t vote until the voting is free. Is it free in the US?

Matt Lee and Kassy Lee related?????
BYSYTYCD the US SYTYCD blogging site has a little vignette about rumours circulating that Matt Lee, the judge, and Kassy Lee are brother and sister.

I think the rumours are false – if it was true the internet would have been going off, also Matt Lee would lose any remaining credibility.

Daily Tele article on the freshness of SYTYCD compared to Australian Idol – for the fanatics only.
article here.

When are Channel 10 going to come clean regarding the Sabra visit in April???
Guest judge, choreographer or dancer. Apparently she is coming here with Cameron. So maybe they will just be special dancers on the show? Possibly at the final?

We also need to pressure Channel 10 to screen the US of SYTYCD at the same time it is screening over there. American Idol is screened on Fox 8 like this and it is fantastic as you can link into the blogs in the US.