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American Idol – Top 10 Females – ’70’s night

It was the girls turn tonight to get down and funky with the ’70’s night, however disappointingly I thought there was not one standout performance.

The highlights of the evening were:

  • Asia’H Epperson’s biggest missed note in Idol history or at least this season;
  • Kady Malloy’s funky black dress with coloured stones on it; and
  • Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell’s banter.

What is with Ryan Seacrest and his three day growth like George Michael, it is not going to kill those gay rumours. Just shave.

The pre song video was the same as the guys the girls had to reveal something about themselves that the viewer would not know.

First up was Carly Smithson who revealed she worked in an Irish pub – from huge record contract to pulling beers that is a big come down, no wonder she was desperate to come on Idol.

She sang “Crazy on You” by Heart (again apologies if I get the songs wrong as they are not announcing them in Australia as they must have edited it out).

She looked so much sexier this week in the black dress and boots compared to the frumpy sack she wore previously. Also she appeared to be over her flu.

Her voice is great, and it was a great rock song however she just does not make me want to pick up the phone and vote for her.

Randy Jackson said “Over hit some notes”, “Alright”

Paula Abdul said “Amazing singer”

Simon Cowell said ” Much better performance”, “Don’t think you have connected with the right song”.

Syesha Mercado reveal was that she had done a lot of commercials, and it was great to see one, this girl just wants to be famous. Though if Idol falls through she can always fall back on her baby crying impersonation as it was pretty good.

She looked sizzling hot with a colourful scarf in her hair, but the hottnest faded once she started singing bland “Me and Mrs Jones”. Again it was sung well, but I just did not connect with it.

Randy said “Soft bits I did not like”, and “Didn’t mind the end”

Simon said “Bit of indulgence – song not written for a girl”, “Not a clever choice.” Why didn’t he say the same thing last night to Michael Johns woeful rendition of Stevie Nicks singing a Fleetwood Mac song.

Brooke White was up next and her cutsie pie image is starting to irritate, gosh I hope someone finds a soft porn photo of her soon.

She played the guitar and sang the iconic Carly Simon song “Your So Vain”. I thought she did pretty well with it, however at times I thought she looked to happy and bouncy for such bitter lyrics. She did look very comfortable up on stage.

Simon at the end of the song said “He did not like the way she is looking at me as she is singing that song” though in the end he did admit he “thought the song was about him”

Randy said “He liked the Carly Simon fit”, “Did not do anything different with it”.

Simon said “I absolutely loved it”

Then she beamed and said thank you about 10 squillion times and looked smug as her voting number was read out.

Oh if anyone cares her revelation was she was a beauty school dropout.

Ramiele Malubuy sang “Don’t Leave Me This Way”. I love this ’70’s disco tune, however she did not wow me. Her voice was not as flawless as it was last week. Also her clothes were dull, she needed something flashier for the song, not faded jeans and a singlet.

Randy said “Ok for me vocally”, “Song choice weird”

Simon said “Much better last week as she showed more personality and stood out.” “I have heard this song so many times at ghastly weddings” Clearly his girlfriend Teri Seymour won’t bother proposing to him on 29 Feb.

Ramiele said she had swapped song from ballad as she was worried about being called Lullaby instead of Mullabuy. Clearly she has been reading the Idol forums.

Kristy Lee Cook revealed she was a tomboy. She sang “Your No Good” by Linda Ronstadt. Her vocals were much better this week with a country twang, so she too has recovered from the dreaded flu. However I thought she was trying too hard to be sexy, and her “saddle sore” leg stance was off putting.

Randy said “100% improvement from last week”, “I liked it”

Simon said “Got real potential “, “Don’t know what type of singer you are”

Next was rock chick Amanda Overmeyer who revealed she was a book worm. She sang a Kansas number (never heard of them ) song really badly. I knew at some stage she would give us a train wreck, but I was disappointed it was at week 2. The Elvira hairstyle has to go.

She is in real danger of going home. On a positive note she sure knows how to dance.

Randy said “Wasn’t right song choice”, “Too much melody”, “Keep it bluesy/rock”.

Simon said “Everything felt contrived, felt not natural”, “Ugly song I couldn’t wait for it to finish.”

Seventeen year old Alaina Whittaker said she did not like different food touching each other on the plate. Obviously going for the obsessive compulsive vote.

She sang the iconic Olivia Newton-John song “Hopelessly Devoted To You”. Personally I think it is one of the more boring songs on the Grease soundtrack. She has a big voice but I just did not connect with the song.

Randy said “Not right song” “Verses really pitchy“, “Not my favourite”

Paula said “Real good job”

Simon said “I like you, however it is almost like your grandmother prepares you for the audition,” “Should make yourself looking less pageanty.” “I think you are the dark horse in the competition”.

In the Simon and Ryan banter, Simon managed to imply that Ryan wore dresses. No wonder he did not say thank you to him at the end of the show which he did with the other two judges.

Aleandrea Lushington showed us how to look young and funky, she has a great voice and a great sense of style. She sang a Bee Gees number. I thought it was a bit slow, but her ending was good. Maybe the lack of Bee Gee type harmonies did not do her any good.

Randy said ” So safe for you”, “Boring choice”

Paula said “I have never heard a female take on that song”

Simon said “Struggling right now – in tune, out of tune”, “Boring”.

Britany Spear impressionist, Kady Malloy was next, she revealed she actually sang opera. She looks a bit like Britany having that same slutty sexiness.

Her dress was hot with the coloured buttons on the black dress. She sang “Magic Man” by Heart.

Her voice was all over the shop but I hope she stays.

Randy said “Never found pitch”, “Didn’t work”

Simon said “I am struggling – all your film is good but not working on stage”, “1 million per cent wrong song”.

Last was Asia’H Epperson who said she was formally a cheerleader, so that explained her perkiness. She looked hideous with her hair straightened and an acid washed denim skirt.

She sang the classic song “All by Myself”. I thought she struggled with it, and in fact the first time she attacked the chorus she completely missed a note. A fact none of the judges mentioned. I think they must want her to stay in the competition or we were listening to two very different songs.

Randy said “Really good job due to degree of difficulty”

Paula said “You brought it home”
Simon said” One of the diva songs of all times, have to be one heck of a singer to pull it off, unfortunately you are not.”, “Song to big for you”

It is really difficult to know who will be eliminated as there were so many mediocre performances, I suspect Amanda Overmeyer, and Kady Malloy will be the two to go.


1 Anonymous { 02.29.08 at 10:37 am }

Given that the contestants had to choose their songs from a set list, you have to seriously question the producers’ view of what constituted quality 70s music.

Kansas? Foreigner? Heart (twice)? For fucks sake, this decade inroduced a some super rock/pop music genres from heavy rock (early ’70s), funk (early ’70s), glam (early-mid ’70s), prog rock (early-mid ’70s), punk (mid-late ’70s), country & southern rock, and even lower quality genres from the latter end of the decade, like disco and new wave. And instead what do we get to hear? Lame, MOR, suburban US, ‘rock’ radio fodder like Heart and Foreigner and some of the decade’s most ordinary pop songs.

2 Reality Raver { 02.29.08 at 11:30 am }

Agree Foreigner are mega lame.

Also I think the restricted song choice means it is difficult for some singers to show who they really are.

Would Bo Bice been runner up if he had been restricted to 50 songs per week?