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So You Think You Can Dance – Final 16

  • Tonight Mary Murphy from the US version of the show So You Think You Can Dance was a guest judge, and she was just fabulous. It was like a breath of fresh air had blown in and brought some freshness to the show and the judging panel.

    We need to organise for her to be kidnapped and send back Matt Lee and Bonnie Lythgoe instead. Well Bonnie was talking about a reconciliation with Nigel.

    A few quick comments on the show:

  • Natalie Bassingthwaite either had a wig on, or hair extensions. Was she trying to channel the wonderful Cat Deeley, but she just looked like Jennifer Hawkins not so pretty twin sister (Picture of Jen in this link) ;
  • Bonnie and Jason Coleman were competing with each other to see who could show the most cleavage, and which is the most tanned and freckly;
  • Bonnie needs to learn how to speak in soundbites, she repeats herself. Take some lessons off Jason;
  • Matt Lee needs to gain some tv presence – insipid an adjective I would use to describe him; and
  • Natalie continued to look like a zombie when she read from the autocue.

Now I know Australia was one of the first places to embrace fusion food, but this fusion dancing is doing my head in. Tonight we had Indy jazz, Contemporary Disco, Soul Swing, and Bollywood Hip Hop . WTF?????

First dancers for the night were Demi and Jack dancing a jazz routine by Kelly Aykers. However she told them it was Indy jazz, no idea what it is. Even jazz dancer Jack looked confused.

They danced to a pop/punk/rockabilly tune which was quite frenetic. Just another whinge Natalie is inconsistent in telling the audience what the music is called.

I really wanted to like it, but it was a bit stilted in parts. Also points must be given to Jack for keeping his hat on throughout the routine.

Mary Murphy said ” Demi I didn’t feel you were really quite on it at times – not hitting is as hard as Jack was.”

“Loved the energy and excitement”

Jack received the Mary M seal of approval.

“Jack dude you are hitting out there for me – the whole package.”

Matt Lee said “Demi – a little bit hard” and “Jack a bit cheesy, but hit it great”

Bonnie gibbered “You work well together” and “Sexy, fun and great”

Jason said “Routine was hard”, and “Demi got left behind – didn’t have jazz mojo

Next up were Vanessa and Henry dancing a contemporary disco routine by Sarah Boulter.

The pre dance filmage showed Henry showing up to rehearsals late, he apparently slept in. Bonnie after the dance took a swipe at him and Jason asked how late he was and it was revealed he was 5 minutes late. You could almost feel the audience rolling their eyes. Bonnie if you are going to get tough get tough on the dancing. Lucky for State Rail the lateness was not caused by them, as they really don’t need anymore bad PR.

Vanessa and Henry looked fabulous, even though Henry looked like he had been attacked by a hair straightener, and I quite enjoyed the routine. However there were all these contemporary routine moves, but where was the disco? There might have been a little bit of disco beat in the music….

Mary M concurred “Bit bizarre, didn’t see much disco – fusion for me not quite working.

“Just left feeling – don’t know what I am feeling – fun to watch brought me joy – but will it be memorable?”

Mary M then gave Henry the seal of approval “Henry one of the strongest dancers here”

Matt Lee “Vanessa – comfortable and nice” and “Henry – versatility you brought it”

Bonnie blabbered about Henry’s lateness.

Jason “Henry for the 3rd week in a row has stolen the routine”, “Nothing disco this is a reflection for Sarah” and “Vanessa not good enough.”

Camilla and Sermsah danced a contemporary routine choreographed by Shannon and Simon from Project Moda.

The dance was based on an asian fight scene. Camilla in her pre-routine film said ” I feel I am stepping up to the mark.” and “I don’t think partnership is quite reaching where it could”.

I think her and Marko really want to swap partners.

It was an intriguing routine, and actually had an understandable story to it which ended in her stabbing him in the end. Sermsah looked much more comfortable this week, however Camilla again outdanced him.

Mary M said “More stage presence then I have seen tonight”, and “Very strong from both of you” and then she gave a small scream.

Matt Lee said “Real, and connected”.

Bonnie said “Great routine.” And then she gibbered to Sermsah in a slightly condescending manner.

Jason said “Didn’t get fight routine all the way through”, “Getting stronger each week”, and “Sermsah did a great job”.

Next was one of my faves Rhys and Jemma dancing the Pasa Doble choreographed by Jason Gilkison. Rhys was told he must be masculine (what gay wants to be told that on Mardi Gras week?).

Of course Rhys stepped up to the plate. It was a pretty good routine, but it was not flawless. One lift went pear shaped.

Mary M said “There’s one way I like my Pase Doble – and that’s how I like it done”. She then raved on about how good Jason Gilkison was and how he is world renown.

“Rhys strong, passionate, fiery – you young man are going places” and she has not even seen him in the children show The Fairies yet.

Matt Lee – “Engaging, real and dramatic”.

Bonnie – “Rhys – really fantastic” and “The top routine so far”

Jason – “Great dancing, great routine”

Next up was the Mark and Stephanie dancing a Krump routine choreographed by Travers Ross. Clearly the segment was edited by the producers to try and get her in the bottom three this week. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

We had Stephanie lying on the floor, Stephanie whinging about injuries, and then Marko said “It is harder and harder because having the same partner, it is harder to work together to pull each other through.” What? I thought having the same partner each week was meant to make it easier? What he was really saying was “Stephanie is a dog”.

The routine was meant to channel their inner guerrilla militia, it was not the complete train wreck it was going to be but it was not great.

Mary M “Said well you can tell just by what I am wearing (gold lame dress) at me that I am a Krumping specialist.”

Steph not hitting it hard, Marko a bit stronger”.

Matt Lee said to Mary Murphy “Can you come every week?” Oh yes please Matt, and while your at it watch and learn. It is called having a personality.

He also said “Steph faked it very well”

Bonnie said “You did try hard, and you did move forward Steph

Jason said “Big, fat, mess”, “Not quality”, “No unison” and “Steph not musical”, “Big fail”.

Popular couple Anthony Ikin and Laura danced a soul swing number by Michael Boyd (failed auditionee). Again this fusion dance was confusing, and it looked a bit like a lindy hop number.

Laura was dressed like an entertainer at a children’s party, and I thought her dancing was a bit awkward in parts.

Mary M was also confused by the dance genre saying “Not sure where the soul or swing was in that”

However she was positive about the dancing “Phenomenal dancers,” and “Anthony – so good – number did not showcase you”.

Matt Lee said “A little lacklustre”

Bonnie said “Got to put comedy into it?” Huh where was the comedy meant to go?

Jason was ambivalent about it ” Didn’t particularly show you off”, and “Sat in the middle for me”

We were still waiting to see if Mary Murphy would hand out a hot tamale train accolade but the only train we got in Rhiannon’s and JD’s routine was a trainwreck.

They were dancing a tango choreographed by Fabio Robles. Rhiannon sizzled in the beginning, then in the middle it all fell apart, and JD was the culprit.

Mary Murphy took the sympathetic approach “Started out well, but halfway through it was like a deer in headlights everything went wrong” and “I’ve been there I know what it feels like.”

Matt Lee agreed.

Rhiannon and JD were teary at this point.

Bonnie asked what happened? Rhiannon flicked the question to JD, and He said “He had a blank and froze up”.

Jason then continued to put the knife in by saying “JD should have been leading,” “You lost the step” and “You let her down”.

I thought the judges should have been looking at themselves. They were the ones who decided to get rid of Hilton instead of JD last week, when he did a shocking routine last week, and then he fronts up again and is a disaster.

Rhiannon should have been dancing with Hilton this week.

So don’t accuse him of letting her down. The judges let the viewing audience down. My poll overwhelming states that JD should have been eliminated last week. That tango was the judges fault.

By the way Rhiannon looked mad as she knows she is facing bottom three tomorrow, she just has to hope Stephanie is in there with her.

Last dance for the night was new pairing Graeme and Kate dancing Bollywood Hip Hop. The choreographer was Farah Shah.

Graeme was wondering if the Kate curse of her partner going home was going to be inflicted on him this week.

It was a dance with Kate dressed in a I Dream Of Jeannie costume. Was it memorable? No. Though Graeme did impress me tonight.

Mary M said “Liked the two of you – hot and sexy”, “You have the x factor” and “Can take the hot tamale train with it” I have to say I thought it was a half hearted hot tamale train – and she thought she better say her trademark line once on the show.

My predictions for bottom three this week are:

JD and Rhiannon;

Marko and Steph; and
Kate and Graeme.


1 Anonymous { 03.03.08 at 11:54 am }

Sorry, but you forgot the most startling moment in the show, the point where Mary Murphy declared her ignorance with astonishing bravado with the phrase, “I’m not sure exactly what Bollywood is but…” -Excuse me? And you are in the media why?

2 Anonymous { 03.03.08 at 2:40 pm }

I also couldn’t believe how Mary just declared that she didn’t know what Bollywood was! It really drove home the point that she’s just another loud, arrogant, ignorant American. You don’t need to yell, honey – the microphone is right in front of you. I hope she’s not on again after tonight’s episode. She’s totally giving me the shits.

3 Onadrought { 03.03.08 at 8:07 pm }

Too avant garde. Mary Murphy just didn’t get some of the dances and neither did I. What the heck is Soul Swing or Comtemporary Disco? Just stick to the crowd pleasers, jive, tango, disco, contemporary. So what if others have done the same sort of dance in a previous week, it’s great to see different dancers do the same kind of dance then we can really compare them.
So, we are more avant garde than the yanks, but I hate to say it, their dancers and choreographers are better. Just think of Benji, Pasha, Benji’s sister and cousin, Sabra, and many more. Some of the dances in the US version and the dancers in them were truly memorable. Eg Pasha in the west-coast swing that Benji choreographed. Sabra’s leaps. Heidi’s bench dance with Travis. And on and on. Who are we going to remember from Oz series? Yet to see a really memorable dance, although I did like Kassy’s last week and disappointed she has gone as I think she was versatile and also great in lifts and I like seeing lifts.
The boys are better than the girls.
Kate is the best girl, however will be bottom 3 again.I think it’s her age. Awful to be old at 29.
Demi is weak. Fantastic at her genre, but technically weak in others. So is Stephanie. Either one should go.
JD should go. Should have gone last week. Hilton should not have gone. We missed some good dancing with Hilton and Kassy beeing kicked off.
In an effort to boost Nat’s appeal, are the producers trying to turn her into Cat Deely with the hair extensions and the glamourous frock?

4 Reality Raver { 03.03.08 at 8:11 pm }

Yes I did miss her ignorance regarding Bollywood. Sorry. I think I was so used to her looking confused about all our genres throughout the evening I was probably used to it by then.

Agree with you Onadrought no memorable dances as yet. In the US series you could watch some of those dance routines over and over again eg Lacey’s and Danny’s samba. Now that was a samba…

5 Anonymous { 03.04.08 at 10:10 am }

Oh God, who cares if Mary Murphy doesn’t know what Bollywood is, I know what it is, but what the hell is Bollywood Hip hop, or swing soul, or swap, or any other of these weird fusion dances an the show, most of the people watching this (Australians) have no idea what it is either, but they’re not ignorant right, because only American’s are. Anyway, I’m glad Mary was here to shed some seriously needed criticism on this show, they are getting off way too easy, like last weeks foxtrot with hardly any foxtrot in it. Yeesh!

6 Reality Raver { 03.04.08 at 12:01 pm }

Well if the judges don’t like the fusion dance styles, apparently Bonnie said on Nova interview that she was not keen on them either.

So who is making them up the Producers or the choreographers themselves. Anyway it needs to be stopped.