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Onadrought’s Biggest Loser Update

Well, it’s been another juicy week in the Whitehouse and I am not talking about the goings-on between Michael and Sheridan. Those hoping for a bit of action between the loved-up pair, will be disappointed (and that’s not because Michael doesn’t eat “sushi”), as “the most annoying person in Australia” (Cosi’s words), was sent packing. As he said, “this is a weightloss show, not a dating a show”, and Sheridan was on her way, much to the consternation of team mate Nicole, who must have been the only one in the team who didn’t get the utter shits in Sheridan’s presence. As Nicola said her vote was for personality and strategy. (Nicola, you’re on the Biggest Loser, not Big Brother).

Cosi, I disagree with you (just a little bit). The most annoying person in Australia…….is JJ, and lo and behold, he’s back! Supposedly, Bob and Jillian chose him to replace Steven, but I reckon the producers put a word in their ear, as JJ certainly knows how to stir the pot. God forbid, if he ends up winning, I hate that guy.

Another loser, given their marching orders this week, and I mean loser as in dickhead, was John. What a fuckwit! I mean, 100s of thousands of desperate Aussies would have given their right arm (well, actually thier guts,their bedonkadonk butts and their man boobs) to be on this show, but John threw it all away, cause the sooky little boy that he is, he just didn’t want to obey orders. What a mockery that makes of anyone that has tried out for that show.

There have been comments around the water cooler this week as there have been every season, about AJ Rochester’s right to host the show. Already some of the girls are thinner than her. She needs to get in there with the losers and get on that treadmill herself.

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1 Reality Raver { 03.07.08 at 9:00 pm }

Onadrought thanks for posting on the Biggest Loser as I am not watching the show.

However re: your AJ Rochester comment about her size. Some people would think it is good that the women on tv sterotype has been busted on this show, rather then the Catriona Rowntree model of lots of bones sticking out with fake tits.

I think the issue for AJ may be clothing, maybe she may need to ask Trinny and Susannah for advice when they are out here.

Also I thought you would not be so harsh on an old school friend.